[] Trozan's Comet - Trozan's Skybreach, Lightning/Cold Caster Druid

It was long ago. I was young and silly :laughing:


Giant’s blood works like Ghoul, Ghoul is affected by flat CDR. Prob I miss smth?

It is affected, see my edit above.

I use cataclysm set + trozan a long time ago. It’s good but not the best, especially now. Also the proc is nerfed to 2 sec CD which is stupid for a set that occupy all important slots

EDIT again: ghoul is not affected by flat CD

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It’s said that -x seconds doesn’t work on passive devotions. But It works (if Eternity works the same way as Aeons)

Look here
Ghoul was up on 1.16 and then on 1:34. With CDR from Venom and Exclusive it’s ~23s cd, and Aeons make it 18s


I see, interesting. It’s making flat CDR even more valuable then.

But I think for cruci setup, I am gonna stick with iskandra for now. Using eternity may let me replace my medal to a more offensive one, but there really nothing worth it to replace unlife here. Tried cyclone medal before but the increase damage is unnoticeable, clear time is the same while not being as comfortable. Eternity should be better for SR

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As a Trozan enthusiast myself I can confirm that Eternity is both more damage and more safety. Moreover, with Eternity you have a pretty amazing possibility to go for a massive Spirit dump. And yes, Eternity proc affects all devotions I think.

@thejabrixone The power of Iskandra’s amulet should not be undersestimated. 6% CDR is just massive by itself. With 50% cdr your mirror cd at 12-12 is ~9-10 seconds. It also gets reduced by Eternity proc. I just can’t see how Stormseer can even compete with CDR alone, not even mentioning massive OA and very handy pierce res (plus an item mod that can do serious damage).

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Hmmm, let’s see.
Eternity is easy to integrate in here, so it can be easily tested.

Iskandra amulet is not so easy:

  • damage from stormfire, cinderwind, and aetherfire is reduced
  • eternity + iskandra ammy means less burst damage.
  • belt need to be replaced with either arcanoweave or phantom thread, losing a lot of res as the results and less bat’s leech.
  • less bat’s leech means we need to be more active in managing mirror, which maybe some ppl can do.
  • point in overload and nullification will need to be shifted to MoE. In the end, OA will most likely be the same.

So in the end, the advantage is only 6% CDR with the cost of other damage. Will be interesting to test though and might become a really good study case. Will do it either tonight or tomorrow. 6 min without banner is already super massive though.


Damn you Russian community!!!
Eternity is indeed better. Run become much smoother while damage is still good. Iskandra relic damage seems unnoticeable for caster build. It seems to only worth it for auto-attack or spell auto-attack build.

New video with 4 buff no banner:

Frickin 5:50 clear time!

I never thought trozan druid can become my fastest build and let me breakthrough sub 6 minutes cruci run with no banner.

Some notes, point from nullification is taken for softcapping MoE. Don’t take any point in overload, it will make your run much slower.

Some notes again, iskandra amulet hasn’t been tested, too much adjustment needed for a mere 1 sec CD reduction for MoE. LoL

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So much for your strategy of avoiding nerfs by not using Banner :stuck_out_tongue:

(Really cool build btw)

Edit (whilst I’m here): @x1x1x1x2 how is your Conjurer setup doing? Cold/Lightning Sigil seemed kind of meh to me on paper…

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Damage is fucking awesome but the way I built it was too squishy. I needed to revise but I don’t have the drive to do it now. Or maybe I should

Better be careful not to burn yourself out on GD again too quickly :slight_smile:

Is the damage coming from the Sigils though, too? Wind Devils are obv. awesome, but even considering the crazy Trozan CDR the flat dmg on the former looks fairly low…

I had it equal, since I invested in both cold and lightning RR. Still devils should come on top for damage since it’s just the better skill and it’s easier to invest for its mods. Elemental sigil don’t have support outside trozan.

Yeah, the weakest link in sigil trozan is there are no support of it aside from trozan set. There are no relevant plus skills anywhere in any of cold item.

It still provide a nice sustain for warlock though…

What’s done is done. I will just move up to another build as long as I have a brain to think… :crazy_face:

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Found a solution for you. Send me your build and I will record 6.30 run with banner and aether cluster and you can say phew this build needs a buff :+1:

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Damn Nery, you still got quite a good run in your green trickster, reaper, and infiltrator… :smile:

Common thing is green full and DW melee :slight_smile:

I can’t play really with casters. So that’s why I need to record these videos :wink:

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I’m a little sad because more will be nerfed.

Nah. Just treat it as crate’s way to entertain GD regular’s. Lol

Better not make that Crucible timer even lower and not test Iskandra’s amulet then, I want it kept safe from the nerfs :grin:

sick results tho

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Highly doubt it, too much adjustment and sacrifice for a mere 1 sec CD reduction of MoE… :crazy_face:

Thanks madlee, I will need to test eternity for ludrigan druid also, as iskandra relic seems to be lackluster in this kind of build.