[] Trozan's Comet - Trozan's Skybreach, Lightning/Cold Caster Druid

It’s not like extra 6% CDR will affect your every skill and devotion, right???

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It’s enough. Long CD Devo I got is only Giants blood and with eternity, it only has 2 sec downtime, which can be easily covered by mirror if need to.

Like I said before, using iskandra will make me sacrifice conversion in belt also, making the bat’s leech less potent and make you need to rely more on Giants blood and mirror.

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On a serious note - there is something with CDR scaling at higher ranks, like 44% to 50% is a bigger step than 24% to 30% for some reason. I am not sure about that, but from my TSS experience, 50% CDR and 44% CDR feels like a huge difference in about everything. Faster TSS spam, faster Amatok devotion procs, lower Ghoul CD, etc. etc. I know that giving up that belt and Bat conversion seems like big loss, but maybe you can try to build without +1 to arcanist skills? Just leave that pretty green belt and move points around a bit?

best build ever. I follow your build at level 70+ and now everthing melt even 170 Crucible:)

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Why not switch abit and go for time dilation? Your mirror up time would be 90% and you’d be near invincible.

Edit: also ghoul and giant’s blood pretty much become 100% up time with constant -cdr from time dilation and eternity.

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I never use TD in all of my build because I am bad at skill rotations.

If you can do it, feel free experimenting… :slight_smile:

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I absolutely love time dilation on 2 pointer callidor’s tempest.You’ll prob need to swap to starfury emerald or Iskandra’s prism for the 6% CDR. All together you can get up to 50% CDR with good rolls.

Pop mirror, immediately time dilation and wait for first mirror to finish, pop mirror again, Your massive CDR would make time dilation have a CD for about 8 seconds, by the time second mirror runs out you are vulnerable for 2 seconds until time dilation is up again. Pop tempest and then mirror again, rinse repeat.You are ridiculously survivable because during that 2 second you got giants blood and ghoul which basically have no CD.

Kind of sucks if you mess it up, but insanely good once you get abit of practice going, you can basically ignore every single boss mechanic in the game except Gravathul’s ball.

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Yeah, I know all of that. FYI, I can’t even complete AoM cruci with ptiro’s classic clairvoyant spellbinder. I am really that bad in skill rotation.

When I use TD, I find myself too focusing on getting it right while forgetting killing enemies. I find that no TD and more procs are always better with my playstyle. Maybe TD is OK with me If I let it randomly procs with one of my skills, but that will defeat the whole purpose.

Also I will need to overhaul the itemization for it, and you are most likely need to Forgo ultos to get it, and aetherfire because you won’t have a good fire>lightning conversion. So less procs for a more defensive gameplay and potentially stronger TSS. Which means, traditional, usual trozan druid, that Pareto and a lot others has explored a lot.

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Sorry yeah what you say is very true.

Don’t be sorry :slight_smile:.
I love the discussion on how to approach one concept differently.

This thread just want to show that different itemization and approach for trozan can also work well.

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