► ◄ A man with a laser - AAR Clairvoyant Warlock

1.Build intro

Hi, I’m happy to introduce you to my warlock build, which I’ve been working on a lot. I hope you will like it)


This is a classical AAR Warlock based on Clairvoyant Set. Build became possible to create only in terms of new patch, that brings racial damage of fabrique of reality.



Don’t you turn your back on me, damn Aetherials! I want you to look at me when I kill you!

- He Who Must Not Be Named

Basic gameplay are very simple, you target laser on your prey - they dying.

For one who refuse to dying we collect all racial damage that we could obtain from any source (yes, Sanctified Bone and Purified Salt that we uses are for this purpose).

We are tanky enough to stand stall against almost all enemies (ADctH from offhand and amulet working extremely well), the only one what represent some dangerous against us is a the one who could disrupt our skills (teleport and burn they) and the one who deal massive physical damage (mirror-doombolt with hourglass - mirror, all as always)

3.Show us build already

► Grimtools - Click Me ◄

*Clairvoyance are active

@John_Smith was so kindly to record his Crucible run with this build

6:38 Crucible

4.Q & A

Q: Could this build kill Lokarr?
A: Yes, not facetanking 100% of time, but this are possible

Q: How it performs (damage & suitability) if we compared him with a spellbinder?
A: Well, we got pros & cons (more pros, actually)

  • way more phys. res
  • way more acid res
  • more consistent healing (blood of Dreeg)
  • more consistent shedding enemies OA (bloody pox - wasting vs blood boil)
  • more consistent -x% rr (CoF vs spectral wrath)


  • less health pool (no spectral binding)
  • no damage reduction (no ravenous earth - decoy)


Thanks Crate for creating such an incredible game
Thanks Zantai for arcanist buffs in

Thanks to all members of my discord community, especially:

  • @mad_lee, for endless hours of game balance talkings, polishing builds and creating new theorycrafts together
  • @John_Smith, for his masterpiece in creation build and in-game testing various concepts/controversial point
  • @DmT (aka Dementia), for her inspiration to all of us & for her great trozan warlock

Guys, you are the best

P.S. I must honorable mentioned a chaos AAR build made by @KoS9K that he made when we are theorecrafted this build

Chaos power

Nice build, the era of AAR has truly come upon us!

I did see in my notifications that I got a link here


But I can’t seem to find it :stuck_out_tongue:

Strange, I do not mentioned you. Maybe a false triggered

If you would have mentioned me I would have @ in the alert, but now it was the “chain”. Strange :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, i just re-check links, and link to DmT thread do not go to her thread but on your answer in her thread.
Sorry :hugs:
Already fixed

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Lovely build, everything min-maxed it seems. Except… Why Earth in belt and Leather in pants? I know build has very little armor, but still, 20% more absorption from Scaled Hide will result in about ~200 more flat physical absorb, worth it, imo.

Binders is the most nerfed class in the history of GD but they’re still 5 leagues above warlocks. You forgot about MoT. And Spectral incomparably better than CoF because 1) it has way more rr 2) you don’t have to cast it and break your AAR.

Not using Seal of Corruption on a warlock… 24% rr on your main debuff is low. Every last bit of rr counts. You can get comfortable levels of cc res from Maiven, you got of Kings boots, so no desperate need for Seal of Resonance.

Same with racial. I’d rather use Anathema. Or switch to Violent Decay belt and take Devastation. With Aeon it’s a shame not to take it.

Finally, AAR is your very best proccer. Now that it pierces it’s just as good or even better than Box of Elgoloth. Only EoR procs faster in this game. And you’re using it for Revenant while your Bat is on Pox (procs once in 4-5 seconds on the average against 1 enemy) and Widow on CoF (once in 3-4 seconds).

We need all hp that we could get from any source
You suggestion are cool, but not now, when we gnaw our teeth every little bit of hp
Maybe after buffs that PROBABLY add a Clairvoyant set some hp this would have more sense

Not now. We tested AAR warlock vs ARR binder head-to-head, all pros & cons from this testing

Every cast interrupts AAR, and AAR are strongly don’t like interrupts, first
We need every little bit of hp, to not be on-shouted on modifier that redusses our health + aura of suppression from Grava, second

sentence above about interrupts and AAR

Bat are almost unnecessary in this build and uses mostly for devotion points
And bat on pox - is classic

Thx for your reply but I strongly disagree with just about everything you said or did with this build. Pardon if my tone is confrontational.

Like I said, you didn’t mention MoT, so how is it all pros and cons? BTW 6:40 by John_Smith on a g5 build is really nothing to brag about.

Why Bloody Pox, then, with your da at 3k already? And why would you ever say warlocks are better than binders when warlocks need to pepper every new mob with CoF? A bit too much self promotion, man… keeps you from getting the facts straight.

Use better affixes then. Of the Oracle on the off-hand and Cleric’s on the boots.

Pox ticks once a second. AAR ticks every 0.3s (more than 3 times a second) and that’s only at 100% cast speed.

Same question: why Arcane Bomb on CoF?

Should I continue?

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we are do not forget about crazy da shred in crucible/shards

For me it’s more pleasant gameplay. Surely binders are better overall.

Good point. But i use that I got

Almost no difference to bind widow on cof or pox. As about ray - i personally don’t like this binding. You could use this, no problem

Again good point, but do this 2 point make huge difference? I suppose not

Yes, i like constructive critique.
None of us are perfect, so i glad that you put interest to this build, even if this interest are mostly negative

In theory, yeah. It’s 2 points and -1.3 energy regen for 16% vitality and some really minor flat to Spear of the Heavens. In practice you got energy sustain greatly over-invested in so it makes no difference.

Vulnerability is always worth a point. It’s -16 da shred for 1p. Cheap. In comparison 1p in BoD only gives you 9 oa.

Why you don’t like it? On AAR, Bomb procs immediately under the enemy you want gone. Not under a random ranged trash mob when you’re facetanking 3 nemeses.

I know because on my AAR binder (killed by Crate last patch) I had AAR taken by Bat (needed without Pulsing Shard) so had to bind the Bomb to Aether Corruption. It’s ok for crowds and sometimes even makes a nice little mine field but it’s not consistent. AAR is money in the bank. You shoot, it procs.

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Ok, i see a point. Already taken, thanks.
And thanks for “oracle” suffix, i will looking for it when i go in Valbury next time.
But still Clairvoyant requires a little love in terms of health onthis set’s pieces
Maybe I even wrote this in “Ideas & feedback” section.

Avada Kedavra :zantai: :damage_chaos:


Cool build! Love another build with forgotten class like Warlock. These lasers are deadly!

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I’m currently leveling a Warlock after checking this nicely done build. :slight_smile: I first started with Bloody Pox as a leveling skill until I hit level 50, then I switched to full AAR. I must say AAR is really fun to play and really powerful even without any twink gear. I’m really impressed by the skill overhaul by Crate.

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With the current patch for AAR is Warlock or Spellbinder the way to go ?

They are equal and choice are just matter of taste, somebody are more like 'binders, somebody (like me) - warlocks

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is binder better now in the latest patch for full aether?

yes, binder is much faster