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thats a bummer, I guess I have to drop clairvoyant warlock then, since i dont have a binder and I dont have time to play one . so I guess time to shift to a chaos warlock, I hope its more powerful than this op

nope, Aether AAR Warlock is definitely more powerful (much more powerful) than a Chaos one. It’s just less powerful than Spellbinder, but it’s also decent.

thanks lee. what is decent nowadays? I havent followed the game lately. I guess I have to look at some other build threads then too at its clear this op build, though strong may not be the min maxed version of aar aether warlock? .

also Chaos being weak? so is the black flame set bad? sigh so maybe looking at binders can help me improve my warlock. also i cant help but doubt some items being placed here like the offhand, belt, amulet and medal arent BIS. I got to see gtools and do my thing😅

In my book decent endgame build is any build that can consistently finish Crucible in under 7:30 minutes and do Shards 65-66. It’s also should be a build that’s relatively easy to assemble (so if it relies on double rare greens it’s not that good) and comfortable to pilot (not a grand piano or a build that doesn’t have enough mana sustain).

yep, Chaos is still the weakest element. Although I have recently did pretty solid Chaos AAR Mage Hunter and Chaos BWC Pyro.

Agree. crate seems to hate chaos damage of all or it could be because as a taken we aren’t fully capable to utilize void powers unlike aether which should come natural to us. Even with crazy high dps sheet on one of my chaos builds I still dont feel godlike.

I hear rumor that on 1.5 all enemies got a reduced chaos resistance

Im not sure which one is better in the damage department, the pulshing shard of the rr fused- tome of lies?

Pulshing shard for survivability, tome of lies for damage
For binder’s tome is a better solution due to oblivious +1 to necro

thank you.

I feel like essennce ammy plus pulshing shard adcth is too good and dps on paper is higher too. :sweat_smile: But we know rr is king in this game.

have u tried lightning AAR? I have a feeling its more powerful than aether

That’s an old story. Best AARs are with the conduit and either Codex or Fleshwarped. Dmg is enough to survive off scraps of adcth. Check out Roman’s binder (currently the fastest run) and my AARMAGEDDON. 4:45 on both.

like I said i dont have a binder. I feel like an inferior being playing with a warlock sigh… Time to move on I guess

not me, but @KoS9K made such magehunter, absurdly powerful & tankness
on stream we are play together, just for fun we are crossing our rays :damage_fire::damage_lightning:

I would love to say a GG rolled fleshwarped is better but sadly Codex is BIS now. Because even if you get that 2-3k more dps from fleshwarped, you die the first time step into a disruption pool, which codex basically makes it irrelevant.

is this how you summon Zantai the secret final boss? :rofl:

You get more than that but it’s hard to disagree that Codex is probably one of the most op non-set items for what it does. Fun fact: Codex and Clair helm were actually buffed two patches ago (when Anasteria helmet and Fleshwarped were nerfed).

Hello! I saw that the clairvoyant set did undergo some nerfs in Did someone already experience this build being nerfed so much, that it’s not viable anymore? I can’t confirm, I’m still gathering clairvoyant items. :slight_smile:

clairvoyant are still super-op set, nerf are almost non-sensitive

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You’re the best, thanks a lot! :+1:

I have pushed the AAR warlock concept pretty far from a damage pov, this is my current setup. It’s pretty glassy because that’s the way I love to play it, but the damage output is sensational, 3400%+ aether multiplier (inc. spirit bonus), 3500+ OA and about 160% crit multi on AAR, coupled with insane racial bonuses from components / augments / arcanist mastery are pure Nutella. Defensive stats in game are even better because of six craftable items. If you are a good pilot both gladiator crucible and semi-high SR shards (65-75) are perfectly doable without excessive stress.

I even tried spirit dumping but it felt like not worthy considering the defensive loss.

I consider Widow on AAR an absolute must for quick burst. CoF is an insane proccer for Revenant skeletons, pox is perfect for aetherfire. I removed seal of corruption from my setup because I didn’t need an extra activator for devotions and that component isn’t exceptional without the RR it used to have.

Since I use doom bolt to shorten MoE cooldown, I invested on it to its max cap and its very nice when you throw 2-3 (set proc) of it even if it disrupts the AAR channelling because you don’t have the feeling of wasting too much damage when compared to a 11/12 or 12/12 DB.

TLDR; AAR spellbinder still feels stronger (especially because it gets to more comfortable health levels with spectral binding and because of MoT), but not by a big margin atm.

What bonuses did you aim for crafted items? How is sustain without Ghoul and Bat? What about Callagadra and Crate with this build?