[] Trozan Warlock ( SR 100, 6 min crucible, Callagadra, Crate, Ravager of Minds)

Hello everyone. Today I wanted to post my Trozan Sky Shard Warlock. It has already been done by Dmt and Monceaux already ( and others, but these are the most recent ones), but they are more hybrid focused, but mine is higher on the lightning side.

crafts for physique, you can do more physique/spirit dump depending on how comfortable you feel with your da

Primary stats

TSS tooltip

Look for phys res on the off-hand and stun res on the medal.

Use sigil/Trozan off cooldown and spam Chain Lightning in the meantime. Build can facetank quite a bit, but can also kite while defensive cooldowns are down. Use mirror to block huge bursts of damage.


Callagadra kill

Ravager of Minds Kill

Crate kill ( tough fight)

SR 100 Bosses

5:50 Crucible run

SR 80 Bosses

You can level as pure Arcanist early with Trozan’s and Flash Freeze and unlock Occultist later for resistance reduction and Blood of Dreeg. You can kill Rolderathis early if you wanna use his off-hand and level with it all the way until the end. You can also use a Spectral Bludgeon while leveling.

The build is relatively tanky despite it’s low health pool, if piloted properly and it also dishes a good amount of damage. Credits to @Dmt and @Monceaux whose builds I took inspiration from.

Don't worry I won't be posting a build per day. Until next time!!

I thought you were stepping in as the new duchy…


Thanks, now I don’t have to update and push mine :smiley:


Cool build, is it still viable? Can anyone tell me what route to take with devotions? I pretty much have all the gear available to make this from farming on my main on Xbox.

I also wonder is it still the same like ?

Nah, this one is a bit outdated, other builders have figured out a different variation with Cataclysm set that works better for Trozan builds ever since the buffs to that set. I would assume that Warlock would be no exception.

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