Why Warlock isn't the best class ? :)


It has heals.
It has great damage absorption.
It has in build enemies resist reduction.
It has cool spells.
It has pets!

But there are no other popular builds other than aether ray warlock. What am I missing?


Because other classes also tick all those boxes.


But not that good sustain in fight.

Multiplicative and only if taking Possession. Mage Hunter or Deceiver is the other better combination for it.

Unless for Aether or Chaos which require specific items.

Let’s see what sets Warlock can get, the Clairvoyant, Black Scorch, and Trozan. Aether AAR is good but Spellbinder AAR is better. Chaos AAR lack RR though the sustain is good from Sigil, the problem would be energy sustain (too dependent on scales). Last is Trozan, the lightning sigil just lack support, most go for Druid in this case.

Cold/Lightning Sigils + TSS
Lightning DB
Chaos DB
Chaos or Aether AAR

This isn’t even going into memes like the ones for Scion of Arcane Force e.g. Elemental Reaping Arc or Elemental Yugol Spinner. Warlock has it’s fair share of builds.

Cuz it’s not Warder…

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pretty simple, it’s because Blademaster is the best class :wink:

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Solving the health sustain puzzle typically takes many pieces, and while Blood of Dreeg can certainly be one it’s not necessarily the main piece.

Fair, but Warlock also has the smallest baseline health pool out of all classes, so it somewhat cancels out.

The only part of which that is nearly relevant for Warlock is -%elemental, but that’s simply not enough to justify Occultist as a supplementary class to elemental Arcanists in most cases.

I think it would be more correct to say that Arcanist has cool spells, which isn’t the same thing you know :wink:

Not an expert on pets but as far as I know pet warlocks are pretty mediocre compared to the three main pet classes. Alas.

Don’t know if popular or not but it’s one of the weaker ones. Warlock is most known for Trozan build and Chaos AAR build, to lesser extent Lightning Doom Bolt.

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This is a pretty complete answer. Those are all top Warlock builds that are very competitive in endgame.

There is also chaos DB, which has the highest score for Warlock in grimsheet.

These aren’t even memes, they are probably more functional than other classes’ cookie-cutters.
Reaping arc is ofc better cause of higher weapon damage.

I didn’t say memes can’t be good. Something being a meme doesn’t immediately imply “bad” to me, just weird or out there in concept, perhaps even unsupported or lacking direct item support. I’d argue that Elemental Reaping Arc/Yugol are less straightforward/mainstream or less recognised by players and builders than some of the other builds I listed.

Do you have a link for this build? When I crafted it I found it extremely underwhelming, even being below memetier.

It would need re-testing now that you mention it, only semi-recent builds I can find are from 1.1.7 and 1.1.8:

I can find months old comments from Crucible runners like @romanN1 that Valinov ran a version focused on Sigil stacking with the buffed Bonewall that was absurdly tanky. No GT or video/time for it though. Edit: Found it.

4:30 run by @banana_peel as well.

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Heres a meme warlock thats fun to play
vitality devastation and doom bolts


Imagine not linking rahzin warlock in all of that :frowning:


How meme is it? Looks like the concept could be good.

Or melee DW clairvoyant warlock


Looks great all around :+1: . As for more Vitality Warlocks, I once tried tooling Vitality PRM + Doom Bolt together: Warlock, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator. If it had something like 200-300% more Vitality damage I might have actually played it, otherwise it’s untested. I even took Gallows in devotion to try and squeeze more % Vitality damage out.

I did test off-hand + Conduit conversions in-game on a blank 100 though and they don’t screw up the Vitality damage depending on whether the orb or amulet are equipped first.

There’s also https://forums.crateentertainment.com/t/1-1-9-0-i-cant-believe-its-not-foi-chaos-acid-purge-warlock

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Warlocks forever!

Best class name in the game… :sunglasses:

Here’s a Vitality/Chaos AAR/Devastation/SoC Warlock I theorycrafted:

Build features:

  • 4/4 Black Scorch Covenant Set for Vitality/Chaos Damage support
  • 200% CS w/ Twin Fangs/Tip the Scales/SoC for Healing needs
  • Serenity proc w/ MoE for Circuit Breakers
  • 26/22 AAR w/ Tainted Power modifier for the Red Beam of Death
  • 100% Vitality Devastation from Gaze of Ungoliax to balance out the 1:2 Vitality/Chaos Damage split on AAR/SoC
  • Vitality/Chaos Meteor Shower
  • Spirit Dump for massive Damage boost!
  • 8% Undead/12% Aetherial/60%(!) Chthonic Racial Damage boost!
  • ~2800% Vitality Damage/~3000% Chaos Damage before Spirit Bonus
  • -103% Vitality RR/-95% Chaos RR

Scion of the Black Flame