[] Polyvalent Trozan Warlock

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Warlock is often outperformed by other classes but Trozan is one of those sets that make the class shine, so here is my take that has a little more focus on the sigils than usual, and provides a setup working for both Crucible and SR.
The build focuses on both lightning and cold, can complete 150-170 fairly safely thanks to the ridiculous CDR it has and the sustain provided by hardcapped sigils, and has a high success rate at farming SR65 or 75.


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Roman’s setup with more CD on Mirror but more DoT on TSS for crucible :
Roman’s Setup


Like any classic Trozan build, we have the whole Trozan set with 2 pieces of the Eastern Set.

Belt + Boots : Fill the holes in elemental, chaos and slow resistance, and hardcap the Sigils for extra damage and safety.

Relic : Eternity is there to effectively reduce the cooldown of Mirror, Nullification, Devastation, and sometimes get a double TSS/Sigil. Iskandra’s Balance works too for a more offensive approach.

Rings : Boost both our damage types and provide a nice damaging proc. Since the relic is crafted for a bonus to Shattered Star, you can use an Allagast ring to hardcap Shattered Star without the relic’s bonus.
Alternative choices :
Storm Gem of Allagast, Glyph of the Storm Witch, (Mythical) Starfire, the epic version of Anubar’s ring.

Off-Hand : Thunderstruck of Fallen Skies if the best combo for damage and survival thanks to the physical resistance.
The alternate setup uses Warding of Spellweaving, to overcap the aether resistance and grab a little more damage.

In general, aim for rolls with high CDR, you can get up to 51% to bring TSS to 1.1s CD and Sigil to 1s ; with Eternity, Mirror is practically on a 9s CD.


Nothing fancy, we focus on getting RR of all kinds, and add Blizzard for more meteors. The devotions to get there are chosen to get CC resistances and some casting speed so that we can cycle comfortably between our skills.


The build works well in SR without having to use cheap tricks like Camera Abuse, you can facetank enemies one by one or just kite them all (dangerous approach but we got CC res to help).
Here is a completed run with pretty terrible mutators (15% elemental resistance to enemies, -20% cast speed for me) :


Since I can’t record, I asked Roman to run it for me and he got a very good time (5:37)
GD FG Monceaux’s TSS Warlock vs Crucible (3+1) - YouTube


didn’t tried yet, I’ll fill that part later.

Thanks to @romanN1 for the help and the Crucible run, and the whole GD Discord for the support !


Looks good my dude. Take the 3 points in wendigo and put them into hawk, 3 points from candle can grab the 2 left nodes of amatok and then green oa node in middle. Fuck that 4 phys res and pittance of health/spirit when you can get 120 OA, 8 crit, 100 cold and 150 burn

I was working on getting my troz warlock polished and a video made. It is similar with more focus on seal, but I made some slightly different choices on gearing https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25lGX0N

Nice idea Tomo, that’s a better use of my points

I did consider that medal, Valinov, but I’m not comfortable adding another double rare :thinking:
And I’m not sure if the damage would be worth losing some CDR and RR

what would the performance be with “legit” MI’s ?

You’d lose some %damage (100% to 150% less I’d say ?) and overcap on aether resistance, so armour augments should be changed, you’d have to shift the attributes entirely to physique to compensate the lost DA meaning another 100% damage loss. The build should still be a 6min clearer but that needs testing

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Really glad to see this. Was literally just posting in an old TSS build by Pareto before I spotted this.

Random aside: I use GD Item Assistant for my loot hoarding tendencies, but I see a lot of people mentioning duping MI greens with GD Stash. Any chance I could get a PM on how this works or where to look to figure it out? I lean heavily towards legit farming and playstyle, but then again, I’ve painfully slogged through at least 100+ Grava’Thul kills searching for even a decent roll on pants with no luck, so any leg up helps.

Thanx :hugs:

@GoldfishHero [Tool] GD Stash HAIL MAMBA

Hi, i am very interested in your build. Can u give us a leveling guide based on your build? Which skills to prioritize?

I can help you with that :slightly_smiling_face: I have leveled Lock some time ago. You could start with Olexra+Fireblast from component, later change to Trozan, also Curse of Frailty and Vulnerability should be prioritize and Blood of Dreeg is nice heal. Here how my
character looked like during early leveling.

Very good weapon for leveling is Spectral Bludgeon, you can get it in Steps of Torment. Devotions, I went first fro Bat and Elemental Storm procs.

Good advice from Nery, I personally levelled with (Greater) Ice Spike to complement Trozan.
For the skills, at the beginning, I went for Trozan + Frozen Core, then toward Vulnerability for RR. You can them take Blood of Dreeg for the heal and Shattered Star for more damage. Once you got both, progress the arcanist bar to take Devastation and Star Pact.
Devotions-wise, as Nery said, use Bat to heal and Elemental Storm for RR, then go for Rumour (more RR), Ultos, and Widow (RR again). Once you have the full set (or at least the scepter/hat) you can rely on the sigils to heal and use the actual devotion path (-Bat, +Amatok).
The build can use some good Monster Infrequents. Nery mentioned the Spectral Bludgeon, the frostburn it adds on Trozan’s is very valuable early on, and fully converting the skill to cold damage makes sense once you have Rumour. Once you have dynamite and Rumour (you’ll need the RR), you can kill Rolderathis in that blocked area in the Flooded Passage, the off-hand he drops is the only one you’ll ever need.

By the way I’m adding to the main post a variation of the main setup, without rare affixes, it’s a little squishier but still good for SR.

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Replacement for rings? Double anubar is INSANE RNG DROP

EDIT: and no, I won’t be GDStashing it. I hate duping. Never did it and will never do

You have several good options

Allagast’s ring is the second best choice ;
Glyph of the Storm Witch, it has the pierce resistance we need and some aether to lightning conversion ;
Starfire, it’s a blue ring so easier to get, and it boosts both our damage types ;
Or the blue version of Anubar’s ring.

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Wow. Thanks for the guide.

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Thx for the answer!

is this build overall stronger or weaker as the Druid Dryad version?

Slightly stronger offensively than the Dryad, and a lot stronger defensively.
My dryad builds are mainly proofs of concept as those heal devotions remain inferior to leech options and cost a tier3 offensive devotion (like Spear, Leviathan, Korvaak). Still they work very well and hopefully will benefit from some buffs in 1.1.8.

Thx for the answer.

yeah. As a Caster in grim dawn its hard to find sustain. Leech with %weapon damage is so much better as random heal procs.
other wise some streamer - Alkaizerx - said you can go max hp and max hp regen and sustain will be good to. But with the good caster gear you will not get 16 000 hp :smiley: