Help for TSS + Devastation Build

Hello, for a long time I’ve been lurking this site and this is my first topic here, so sorry if I have too many errors and mistakes.

So, for a while now I want to make a high CDR build with time dilation + eternity relic for a super short cooldown to all skill.
Because I am still new for theorycrafting a build and make it a reality, I really appreciate any help here.

Before I explained my build, first I want to thank for
@thejabrixone [] Iskandarian Royalty - Iskandra’s Tri-Elemental TSS Sorceress
(Inspired me to make tri-elemental build)
@dmt SERIOUS SAM - Warlock, superboss killer (c+)(SR+)(g3)
(Make me interested to try TSS)
@pareto [] The Whole Trozan – Lightning Skybreach Warlock & Druid
(Give really good information about TSS)

This is my current target build:

For the class selection, I use arcanist (obvious choice) and oathkeeper because I want to abuse ascension duration (with this build I have 10.2 second skill charge to TD, so 0.2 downtime if perfectly timed). But any other class recommendation is appreciated. I think maybe necromancer because mark of torment is good too, but I need some suggestions.

For the set, I use iskandra set because

  • I really like tri-elemental build
  • I like using TSS (cold and lightning) and devastation (aether and fire, the aether part will mostly converted)

For the pants and glove, I use eastern set to further support the TSS, because TSS will be my main skill.
For the relic, I use eternity because it further support my build theme (low CDR with - x second skill recharge time).
For the belt, I use phantom=tread because it has +1 to arcanist.
For the medal, I use mark of calamitous desires because it has +3 to star pact.

For the devotion, my obvious target is Aeon. Any help or recommendation for the path is once again really appreciated.

Hmmm, if you are going with templar, you will want to focus on fire instead, because oathkeeper only has fire RR.

Current build cannot work because you have very lack of RR and too low physique investment.
If you want to use iskandra set for TSS, you want a class that has tri-elemental RR, i.e. demolitionist, inquisitor, and shaman, (also occultist if you’re adventurous).

Don’t focus too much on immortality spell, focus on damage instead. Because tri-elemental is not really in line with aeon devo.
It maybe hard to play at first, but it will all be worth it in the end.

For warlock, it will be something like this, just crafted one quick:

LoL, it’s actually looks kinda good that I consider to level a warlock… :smile:

EDIT: I didn’t use devastation because I never really like that skill. If you want to use one, just siphon some points from Occultist mastery, CoF, or some overcap, then put it to devastation.

@thejabrixone Thank you very much for the answer! Maybe I’;; try that warlock.
I want to ask, why you don’t like devastation?Is it not a good skill?

devastation target area is too big and I don’t feel any damage coming from it. I never really like that skill, even its pre-nerf version in AoM.

BTW, if you are still new and don’t have many characters to play with, I don’t recomment warlock though. Build variation may not be as great as other synergistic class. Play sorcerer and mage hunter instead… :slight_smile:

Devastation also requires:

  1. Lots of skill mods to shine
  2. You to stand in the middle of it so that enemies will take the full brunt of the damage

It’s hard to do that with a squishy build