[] Iskandarian Royalty - Iskandra’s Tri-Elemental TSS Sorceress

The Build

(Cruci focus Setup)
With all permanent buff
DPS shown is Stormfire.

Alternative devo setup with blind sage and attak seru from @sir_spanksalot :
A bit slower clear time but should be more enjoyable in campaign with more Stun res.

Build Feature


  • Fucking insane cruci clear speed
  • Resilient caster
  • Full spellcaster gameplay
  • TSS doesn’t feel clunky because of high CDR


  • Run speed is not capped
  • Doesn’t work if you are below an arch
Build Overview

This is another approach and continuation from my previous Iskandra Mage Hunter. For the record, That iskandra MH is 30 sec slower now due to the nerf on aether > elemental conversion. It may be able to achieve its previous clear time with another adjustment, but I am just too lazy to revisit it.

Alright, thanks to Iskandra, demo, and arcanist revamp; you can now play TSS with its full potential in sorcerer. Sorcerer is just a better suit for CD based skill than MH because you are free to pick star pact. Basic demo support skills are used such as BWC and Blast shield. Thermite mines are given. Spirit dump technique is utilized, thanks to @mad_lee for always pestering me to try it. Huge Fucking OA, Huge Fucking Crit Damage, 49% CDR, and leeching TSS; ready to face the world.

On defense: 11.7 sec Mirror of Ereoctes, ghoul procs, massive life leech, 6.1 sec CD blast shield, softcap arcane will, 3.2k effective DA, and nullification.

Equipment Choices

Try to get maximum CDR (35% from gear), maximum Aether>Elemental conversion (for attak seru setup), and Craft all for additional %physique.

Core Items:
Iskandra’s Unification Set
Main Hand: Mythical Trozan’s Starkeeper. [BiS for any TSS build]

Supporting Items:
Rings 1: Allagast’ Stormgem. [For capping shattered star, really nice stats and res overall.]
Rings 2: Mythical Reign of Ice and Fire. [I just don’t see any better rings. This has a very good leeching proc and stats, also total speed for our slow running speed]
Pants: Mythical Arcane Harmony Leggings. [Good defensive pants with huge spirit and crucial skill disrupt resistance]
Boots: Mythical Footpads of the Gray Magi. [Good defensive boots with relevant skill bonus for sorcerer]
Gloves: Mythical Wyrmbone Handguards. [Relevant skill bonus. A good gloves to be considered in almost all Demo build.]
Belt: Mythical Phantom-Thread Girdle. [Just the best in slot for this build]
Medal: Mythical Mark of Calamitous Desire. [Very good stats and relevant skill bonus!]
Relic: Eternity. [Quicken your defensive procs and ability, make the run much smoother, get +Star pact as completion bonus]
Movement Rune: Use whatever you like. I use rune of Ultos’ Arrival at the moment.


Cruci Focus Setup: Ultos + Blind Sage with two different stackable RR!
Eldritch Fire > to Trozan’s Sky Shard
Arcane Bomb > to Blackwater Cocktail
Hand of Ultos > to Thermite Mine
Elemental Seeker > to Stormfire
Ghoulish Hunger > to whatever permanent buff

Alternative Setup: Blind Sage + Attak Seru with two different stackable RR from Spanks!
Eldritch Fire > to Thermite Mine
Arcane Bomb > to Blackwater Cocktail
Arcane Currents > to Trozan’s Sky Shard
Elemental Seeker > to Stormfire
Ghoulish Hunger > to whatever permanent buff


LMB: Stormfire
RMB: Point to Move
Mouse Scroll Up/Down: Flashbang
Keyboard 1: Movement Rune
Keyboard 2: Nullification
Keyboard 3: Trozan’s Sky Shard
Keyboard 4: Blackwater Cocktail
Keyboard 5: Thermite Mine
Keyboard 6: Mirror of Ereoctes

Standard procedure:
Movement rune in/out.
Summon 6 thermite mines below enemies
Hold stormfire button while mashing TSS and BWC button

Use Nullification for offense and defense, particulary for shielded enemy, clustered heroes, madqueen red aura, any hero mage, and nemesis.

Cast Mirror of Ereoctes when you are surrounded by multiple nemesis (more than 2). Just use it whenever you feels danger, you need to time it correctly though.

Kite if necessary.

Build Performance


  • For 170 Crucible on Cruci focus setup, video with 4 buff without banner:
    5:55 clear time. Yes, this is a NO BANNER run.
    Slowest it got is 6:20.

  • For 170 Crucible on Alt setup with Spanks’ Devo, video with 4 buff without banner:
    6:20 clear time
    Slowest it got is 6:50.

Shattered Realm:
Will be check later, but I think it should be good.

Enjoy this non Druid TSS… :wink:


I’m going to repeat myself once more…



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fuck it!!! WHO CARES???

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Well, crate does like to give OA to elemental stuff (and aether)

  1. 86 weapon
  2. 7% rings
  3. 4%+90+44+44 +80 to set
  4. 94 gloves
  5. 135 belt
  6. 122 medal
  7. Augments of either 3%OA offence (with couple extra resistances) or 70 DA

It’s hard to not have OA! I’t be nice if other damage types got this kind of spoon-feeding. Nothing else needed. OA from Arcanist and demo mastery skills is just icing on the cake.

Nice Sorc, btw jabby.

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And @thejabrixone brings the hammer down!

This is the build with the most wows’. WoW that OA, wow that spirit. And the procs and bi-elemental -RR and that damage. Phew what a time for unbuffed Crucible, real monster build!

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Thanks Hamster!!
Yeah, elemental is the best damage type now since FG because so many new support from items. Also if you want to build a tri-elemental build, RR is tricky but your choices are immense and it’s fun to try and experimenting different setup for the same concept.

I think Aether is in a sad state though.

You mean unbannered, right? :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks Nery. Yeah, finally this build is done, now we move on to the next new concept.

Yes, unbannered of course :blush:

So next concept, you’re on fire. So fire build? In current GD for casters , you want either lightning or fire as single damage or some kind of mix between elemental damage types.

It’s either dark one from the one I linked to you guys, or that funny spam ABB hybrid. Haven’t got another new interesting ideas though.

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I have one but it’s gonna be shelved to time where I find some defense from somewhere. :smile: It’s Ludrigan Conjurer with 5 storm totems. It have over 100% crit with big lightning modifier. Definitely 6 minutes potential but not enough sustain. When I have opportunity will link GT.

Another cool concept is chaos Oblivion. But is cool on words and not in practice. Maybe Bramblevine Sentinel?

You use offhand right? Maybe use also savagery for sustain in between totem cast. Tenacity of the boar also provide a huge %health Regen, synergize well with BoD.

Bramblevine sentinel maybe good, but Everytime I theorycrafted a sentinel, the stats is always a dumpster. LoL.

I have quite limited classes to play with. Maybe it’s time to level another one. It’s funny, but elemental warlock (not TSS) seems good. I always want to make a successful fire sigil build.

Really like how TSS looks with this build in all it’s aspects :metal:

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Sick build! Glad you finally embraced the ways of the HUGE FUCKING SPIRIT ARCANISTS!

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Crazy oa. This build doesn’t need a banner.

Few questions/blind suggestions:

  • that right node in Seekers might be worth trading Raven for Spider. Gains from spirit and oa might be better.

  • what’s that Flashbang for? With this oa even 1% crit (+some %DoT) for 1 point from Elemental Balance over the cap might be worth it. I’d even consider moving points from BwC overcap there.

  • bind Seekers to BwC and Bomb to Stormfire. This way Seekers proc non stop whether you move, kite or scratch your head. And Bomb procs where you want it.

  • have you tried fitting Imp in there?

Thanks fluff!! I hope you also like the transmog!

Yeah. Love it. Arcanist got another cool trademark!
Now, who said that iskandra is mid tier? :smiling_imp:

Good point. Spider overall node is indeed better than Raven. It may not be too big of improvement if any though.

Fumble/impaired aim to be used in nemesis wave or hard hitting melee bosses.

Arcane bomb need more than 1 sec for it to be able to detonate. I like my bomb set before my nuke, so yeah.
Seeker is at 0.6 sec CD and attaching it to auto-attack or noCD skill make it summoned constantly without any interruption.
BTW again, BWC got about 50% or more for arcane bomb proc chance. It’s really good for spreading the bomb.

No, sorcerer lack a good fast multi-hitting skill.

Edit: BTW, about that crit damage. I actually have another setup with 3.8k OA and 90% crit damage, my 1st iteration of this build, but Ultos AoE RR and leech prove better here.

Regal :ok_hand:

Yeah, good things for testing. Irrc valinov mentioned that he sort of tested oblivion chaos but not concretely. Since the changes in the relic and some of the weapon base damage types, this might prove interesting.

I TC’d a Bramble GV thingy in this grasping vines thread which I’m confident you could make better, as you do good work. Just need to find some OA somehow… sighs at all the OA in the OP build here…

Move aside OA beggar! Give way to OA royalty!

Jabby, do you think iskandra set is the best TSS set out of the three?

As trozan set support 3 skills and iskandra only one and more to arcanist, I think both of them are on par. I prefer iskandra though because it’s more flexible and I like tri-element.

Haven’t tried allagast TSS again, stormbox is good but it’s nerfed harshly in the set and skill itself. Honestly, there’s too many Nerf in Inquisitor attacking skills. Also, aether is in a bad state.