SERIOUS SAM - Warlock, superboss killer (c+)(SR+)(g3)

Grava is not that hard for casters, but yeah, it’s a headache every time to fight him

3 runs. You should use Courageous Tincture on 160 and 170 wave. With it nems waves will be very smooth
Enjoy the music :wink:

The big update has come :sunglasses:



Everything + Warlock, huh? :face_with_monocle:

Now that’s a nice surprise!

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After this Warlock Rip :faction_undead: :zantai:

Fixed GT link. Some redundant skill points in TSS

No box - no everything + :crate:

Jesus no, I hate even the way to box



Looks really neat Dmt. It’s interesting that you use invoker rings just for stats. It can indeed cover up a lot of holes. Can’t see your Devo right now but I think it should be interesting. Nice to see that you can have very high both +%cold n lightning damage.

Though in the end, iskandra’s mage Hunter is still win… :smiling_imp: it’s a mage Hunter afterall…

Oh, you can’t can’t catch this mage mister Mage hunter, it will out kite you :grin:

Iskandra Trozan is weird somehow, but it’s surprisingly good. Still you’re supposed no to like it as much as the Druid. TSS Druid is the classic. It’s like comparing Star Wars 1-3 and 4-6, even you like the new trilogy you’re supposed to say it’s garbage and can’t match the classics :smile:

Really outstanding work, well done! - it is tough to believe there is now a strong Warlock build!

Despite that i will probably wait a few patches to see if it will get nerfed before i invest any time in that awesome looking build.

After all a commendation well deserved for anyone who makes a build which on its own gets target nerfed :sweat_smile:


Nice build, i have a legit question i am lvl 52 currently and obviously i do not have these legendary and will not for some time i guess, as it takes a long time to farm etc, so builds are meant for max level/endgame? If anyone knows of an easy Warlock build i can follow at my level with blues/greens i would appreciate it thanks.

Welcome to the forum!

Here’s topic of mine, budget Trozan Warlock. I had small problems leveling at the time, but will probably fix it and post it in the unknown future :blush: ⚔ Nery's beginner build collection


Sorry, can’t say about lvling, I haven’t leveled up Warlock from the beginning. This one is a test character

what skills do you put aether bomb and elemental storm devos on?

Widow to aether corruption
Storm to chain lightning from component

I’m curious, why choose to over-resist chaos rather than take pierce to 80?

Think I just answered my own question; it’s for Sharzul, isn’t it.

For Grava mostly

Update for