[] Shattered Blademaster for SR Farm - 12m 75-76 facetanking almost everything


Another build from me with SR75-76 farming in mind. The inspiration for this build came from the recent influx of Shattered Guardian based builds, specifically thejabrixone’s shattered guardian based acid dervish. I’ve been slapping the SR set on a lot of different setup, and finally this one showed some promise. This build is a direct upgrade of Stupid Dragon’s beginner’s forgotten blademaster, so beginner can use that as a stepping stone towards this build. However, the build requires the Shattered Guardian set to function well (for defense), so you either have to trade for that or push to SR60 (where the vendor will start selling everything) on your own.

Credit to Superfluff’s Belgothian BM, the build that heavily inspired me into making a blademaster. In fact, this character was repurposed from a belgo BM originally.

Video 4x SR75-76 runs (long vid, check description for relevant timestamps) (12m average per run):

3x Gladiator Crucible 150-170 (check description for relevant timestamps):

The Build

Obligatory stat pages with permanent buffs

GRIMTOOL (my own character)

GRIMTOOL (no green)

Do note that the green boots I used is not necessarily the BiS for that slot, just something I have in my stash.

Main stats
  • ~3500 OA & 160 DA shred, 2750 DA & 270 OA shred
  • 35-39% Physiscal Resistance (you can easily get 38%, getting a 5% phys res roll on the SR pieces is extremely easy)
  • 3000-3200 armor (depending on blacksmith roll)
  • 35% dodge, 24% deflect
  • 34% Fumble, 25% Impaired Aim, 25% Reduced enemy damage
  • 107% Pierce RR (enough to deal with most bosses)
  • Capped/close to cap Trap/Petrify/Freeze/Slow/CC resist
  • Multiple circuit breaker: Ghoul, Serenity, Shattered Guard, Prismatic Rage
  • Ok-ish damage, uncharacteristic of a Blademaster
  • Ok-ish overcapped resistance (poison/bleed/aether/chaos are not yet overcapped by at least 30%), which could be a problem for higher SR floor. Definitely not a problem for SR75-76.
Gameplay Extremely simple
  • Keep permanent buffs & Pneumatic Burst up
  • Spam RoS & War Cry on cd
  • Hold down Cadence button
  • Kite occasionally if you're out of defensive proc, which rarely happens
Shattered Realm 12m run average for SR75-76. The build can facetank multiple bosses if necessary, but you will have to watch out for Slathsarr & Grava's fumble pools (fuck those guys). Overall, build farms SR75-76 efficiently & safely. I have not tried pushing for higher SR as it is a huge time sink, so that might or might not come in the future.
Crucible Naked crucible run takes about 10m (not recorded). Buffed runs (3b/1vb) took 8m, which I'm not sure if it is the build limitation, or my own inexperienced piloting. The build is relatively safe, facetanking almost anything in Crucible.
Superbosses Maybe when I have time I'll get to this.

Refer to Stupid Dragon's Beginner's Forgotten Blademaster for a comprehensive beginner's guide to blademaster.

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