[] ZigZag Shieldbreaker

[] ZigZag Shieldbreaker


This is my take on the Vanquisher Set. A movement build with good RR and fire/burn damage:

Main ability: almost spammable Vire’s Might (hard capped)

Support ability: new FG Thermite Mines 2.0 (hard capped)


With toggles (no Deadly Aim)

Details on the build


LMB - Move to
RMB - Vire’s Might (Meteor Shower)
K1 - Displacement
K2 - Flashbang (Eldritch Fire)
K3 - Ascension
K4 - Thermite Mines

Note: Guardian of Empyrion (Elemental Storm)

Very easy gameplay. Flashbang everything for Eldritch Fire and DA shred, pull your Mines and start getting nausea from spamming Vire’s Might.


Alls mods possible for Thermite Mines + Vanquisher Set.
The Off-hand is obviously GDSTashed but any suffix/prefix would do it, as I chose ones that don’t impact component/augment management.


The obvious RR constellations for fire builds (Solael’s Witchblade and Rhowan’s Crown). And the godly god of godly procs, Meteor Shower.


The absence of stun resistance, but on Ascension, makes the build unsuitable for high shards. I did complete 45th Shard but didn’t try anything further. For a better Vanquisher build able to pass higher shards, I invite you to read 1x1x1x2 ’s excellent guide on his Vanquisher Templar.

This is a movement build, fun and visually pleasant to play. I hope you’ll like it!

Why not Zarthu book tho? that’s what makes VM really spammable.

The gimmick was to go all-in on Thermite Mines with V’sM as a secondary ability.
For a serious attempt at V’sM, I’ve already linked your build in the “details” section.

Damn, you just made me remember I lost the update on that build with the rollback.

This rollback will haunt us for a long time.

Pretty sure it will. I at least haven’t posted any new builds during that period and the update I need to make is just miniscule (and I have the Gt and pics) but some people posted multiple builds (I know you did) and that hurts. Not to mention the amount of info lost in PMs.

Vire’s transmuter doesn’t work with offhand :o

Thank you. I made the correction.