[] Pyrapyraboomboomboom! - Max DMG No-Green Pyran SB (crucible 4:50)

Pyran is dead :rofl:

Pyran died and now is reborn as the Phoenix from the ashes :fire:

Well… yeah…:sweat_smile: I’m not sure how come but it seems it’s stronger than ever… :rofl: I just gave up on those regen-Behemoth shenanigans and did what it’s supposed to do: pure dmg.

Nice to know that the flavor is still there.

What will be the consistency with this current setup?



Yup, the flavor is definitely still there!
Hope pyran will still be a pyran. Love it! :joy:

Why not serenity with DA bonus?

I would personally run serenity + grey magi’s

EDIT: Seal of might is arguably better here. I’m not sure how consistent the build is from that video :rofl:

but adcth isn’t useful if you’re too dead to use it.

2nd EDIT: I’ve rewatched that video 5 times at 0.25 speed…I don’t understand how you got killed through resilience, blastshield, ascension, golemborn proc, AND ghoul. You weren’t even hit with HP reduction.

Is that common?

Much needed cc res. Hardcap to 2nd node of Mortars. OA scales great with this crit dmg. Besides, I don’t need points in oathkeeper, no need for Serenity.

Grey Magi are also there in my inventory of this toon. I did use them. I settled for Golems for the res mostly. I found this arrangement of gear, components and augments to be optimal.

It is. I had it before. But I settled of Blades. Adcth actually works in crowds even in minimal numbers. Vire heals me. That Korvaak nuke heals me (ok, honest, never used it but I’d would heal me if I did), Fiend and Stormfire also give some scraps of heal. All in all it’s x1000 better than whatever bullshit regen you can muster on Pyran. No ADCTH no GD for me.

That’s GD for you. Equals GET SR SET OR SHIT LIKE THIS WILL HAPPEN. No, not often but it doesn’t change how hilarious this is. Next run I did 4:50 and fullfacetanked two Reapers and something. TOTAL RNG.

Zantai insists on this TOTAL RNG approach with 1-1,000,000,000 DMG RANGE ON EVERY HIT, STACKABLE DEBUFFS ON EVERY HERO AND MUTATORS ARE SACRED so shit like that happens on the weaker defensive synergy classes with sets that haven’t yet gotten 12% phys res on completion. Especially when mutators don’t align.

Ugdengolem power! :facepunch:

I dunno man. I’ve done some naked runs on some pretty squishy characters. But yeah, I do tend to avoid mobs. I always dance around the periphery of enemies

Don’t tell me you dance around Ugdenbog Golems at 161 with 3 blessings…

So, I watched it myself, and I know exactly what happened:

First, I didn’t quit with these mutators because I was running for speed, and there were no offensive penalties. In SR climbs, for example, especially on hardcore, Afflicted and Brutal is auto Alt+F4 unless a proper meta tank.

Second, as you see in the vid, I waited till wendigo heroes die and their debuffs go before I jumped the golems. But the trash ghosts (Wendigo Marroweaters) also got an op lingering debuff (-26% res for 8 sec) which I didn’t see. It’s op but it should not have been a problem with Ulo’s Blessing.

But immediately after jumping the golems I caught 6 NEW DEBUFFS. That’s when I got shot for 10k. Resilience did proc, so did Ghoul and Blast Shield. But despite that, in less than 0.2s, I still got 2-shot for the remaining 6k.

Now, this is imo a game design flaw. Too much shit going on in the RNG department with debuffs, mutators, etc. Under no circumstances should these particular heroes hit for 10k with nothing but their own debuffs and a debuff from a trash mob. Secondly, Resilience, Ghoul and Blast Shield should not allow that a toon go down this easily by an Ugdengolem trio. Game got impossibly difficult for glass cannons, and the only way to play it and retain your sanity is with one of the top tier defensively synergistic tanks. Which is why I say RIP diversity.

BTW I knew I had my 3 circuit breakers ready to go so this is not a piloting error. Maybe a building error, though, as I bound Seekers to Vire which forces me to run over mobs for max dmg. But this was the best way to make my concept function. Anyway, Ugdenbog Golems, come on…

Hey, ya

I have noticed you are using restless remains when you have decent potential to stack some armor on a glassy build. Why not move some augments and one component to get something like this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNk6GXdZ?

Some OA is sacrificed, but it seems you already have plenty for bannered runs. But better armor and hp and overcaps might help this build a bit.

I didn’t use Restless. Wish I could afford such luxuries. Or Prismatic Diamond… Oh, you mean Haunted Earth?

You changed Haunted Earth to Sacred Plate and Osyr’s Wisdom to Arcanum Dust, right? Looks like a must-do from gt but in game that aether res is ok. But yeah, it looks more solid at the cost of some oa. Good catch.

Wouldn’t change much, though. I did some runs with 100% armor absorbtion. I even maxed Vindictive line on the old setup with Behemoth. You still have to kite like a maniac and play with 100% focus, and unlucky accidents still happen. Pyran is what it is.

BTW I think in this setup oa is at the sweet spot for 3b/vb crucible.

Yeah, I meant Haunted Earth.

I have never tried assembling Pyran, but it feels like there is a way to make it somewhat consistent if one was to sacrifice some of its offensive power. But I might be wrong tho, because on paper set looks glassy af.

No ugdenbog golem should be able to kill you under this, especially with golemborn + ascension.

I don’t understand it.

You took basically 2-3 hits after all those things had procced before you got killed.

Wtf is haunted earth

You underestimate those golem heroes, mate. They’ve killed me before on a much more tankier specs. Together with debuffs from Wraiths they can hit hard. Crucible 150-170 is just uber brutal.

hallowed ground lmao not haunted earth

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Maybe it’s because ya’s acid overcap is too low?

That’s the only thing I can think off which would’ve killed him.

I wished you had the incoming damage turned on for GI :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: That and* his low lightning res maybe

2nd EDIT: But it shouldn’t be low with buffs though. This is fucking confusing.

@ya1: I don’t think it’s a lack of DA which is getting you killed. 75 DA under the effects of the buffs you had wouldn’t really have made a big difference.

From my experience Acid overcap only matters in Shattered Realm.

That is more important.

But I think it’s just his physical resist and total hp. When you have low phys res RR debuff hits particulary hard. I think it’s a combination of DA debuff and phys RR debuff that killed him.

He had basically 40% phys res and 6-8k hp with about 2300 armor.