[] Pyrapyraboomboomboom! - Max DMG No-Green Pyran SB (crucible 4:50)

(just Ascension)

GT (no greens): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVbMxWE2 (crafted with some stun res and mostly physique)
Crucible 4:50: https://youtu.be/kNOYOfT3p3Q (3b/vb/no pharma/no setting up Mortars beforehand)

Mini-tweak by Mad_Lee: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNk6GXdZ

Inspired by Alexgoldfish’s crazy results here I decided to enter the Pyran competition once again with my old concept which I still think is best. Full elemental to fire is GREAT AND WORTH THE SHITTY RINGS! :imp:

What about Pyran. Near-death by thousand nerfs. Funny buffs to health regen are… funny. According to my tests that regen helps none whether is 500 or 600/2000 (I mean 2000 on Giant’s Blood and 600 off). Best to dump everything dmg and hope Blast Shield and Ghoul proc when you need them. Or perform crazy sidestep-kite kinda piloting and time these two and health pots for brief facetanking.

Anyway, build only for the brave of heart. Lacking in phys res, armor, resistances, everything. On top of that, mega piano. Peace out. Where’s my SR set? :wink:


There already have been other very decent Pyrans posted most notably Nandi’s and Afanasenkov’s (sorcerer) so I’ll keep it short.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV9zJpQZ (no-green, crafted half stun res, half physique)

https://youtu.be/vbeh7iZuwoU (CoD 3 blessings and a vanguard banner in 4:56, no setting up Mortars beforehand)

Despite very strong competition I still think this one is post-worthy as this is a different concept. It uses the seemingly lacking in stats Pyre rings and gets to the bottom of it - almost 100% elemental to fire (only 10%lightning is missing with top rolls). And it’s got 100% converted Seekers that contribute a lot especially when slow things like Zantarin or Moose don’t wanna get close to the Mortars.

It’s still a squish. But if you just wanna survive - no problem - just kite! Speedrunning this, on the other hand, is nerve wrecking becasue you can’t afford too much kiting and waiting for cooldows. I gave up with this result but I’m convinced that if I kept going I could hit as low as 4:40 with good mutators and nemesis combos (not fucking Zantarin, I lost 5 seconds on him in the vid) or some help from a better pilot.

I’m not sure about my devotion bindings. Would love some feedback from the community. Thanks!


Congrats,on the build!Piranbo,first blood.

I don’t know,how you could be unhappy with the time.It’s so good and this build requires some master piloting skills.

But you kinda should expect great times from this new set.Purifiers mortats with mish-mash items did well under 6 minutes and here’s full set.

I wasn’t complaining lol. Just wanted to say that crucible times can be finicky for Pyran. Something like SR, if you try enough times you’ll get there. And from the things I see it can do, it can do better than what I managed.

Also, I would not be underestimating purifiers here. This for example https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2M7AqQZ might do very well with Big One potentially shooting often due to faster rotation of Mortars (not sure, didn’t try).

Ya,Do you think this set can produce good times as Purifier?

Also in videos,you use the mobility to escape from troubles,but is Seal gonna help with survival?

I use mobility Vire to proc Seekers mostly. Displacement over pretty good fire runes is for escape. But it’s always good to have two.

Seal is never bad. You still gotta keep them in BwC range so long distance kiting is not recommended. And Seal would definitely increase the time you can facetank. And you gotta facetank becasue Mortars miss too much if they move.

Thanks for clarification!

I never played before Mortars and want to try.Since I suck as pilot,doubt that can survive as Sorc,SB is better,but why not Purifier?

About tanking part,the fact you need to stay closer makes it more difficult to survive,than kiting build like TSS,where you can avoid taking most of the hits.

But SB deals damage and have crit and OA and good RR,it’s really great.

The real potential with purifier aside from censure/seal is Kalastor. Anderos kalastor mod was recently buffed so it should be able to produce good times. Dunno if it will be as good as breaker but it will be good.

Sorc survivability is quite nuts actually! I pretty much facetank everything on mine in cruci. Lots of cdr with classic bshield/mirror combo and huge up time on behemoth/phoenix makes you super tanky. I prefer the sorc version too despite it being lower damage :stuck_out_tongue: 24/7 devastation is awesome

Doesn’t look like much, honestly… https://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVbkKGgZ :neutral_face: At least doesn’t look like it can support this concept of 100% ele to fire.

Care to show gt/link? Sorc is certainly flashier. And Mirror is golden, yes, I know that much after playing this shieldbreaker. But 60%rr… Even 3 Devastations won’t beat that!

I can smell the nerfs approaching, can you?

GJ, ya! Very interesting devo setup(seekers+torch). Although i still don’t know why my Pyran Sorcerer(post) can do only 5:50-5:55 runs(my calc) that is signifacant worse even to Ulzuin Sorcerer.(both in damage and survabillity)Anyway, thanks for sharing!

I smelled when i saw my 6:15 on my old PC. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya1 good one! I asked some ppl to try with mad lee changes my build but they didn’t have time. At least we can see sub 5 min. Thx too mention me. :smiley:

Ya, how works seeker? U place it and shoots?

Thx for sharing, here I go:
-you focus on burn too much. With Mortars things shouldn’t have time to burn. Glass gloves are a must.
-Also, you got some points wasted in Agonizing. Devastation gives you flat rr already. Trasmuted BwC is imo only good for debuffs - it’s dmg is negligible - so no need for Agonizing.
-Those points could find its way to Heavy Ordnance - even though you only got 30% lightning to fire, HO gives all important radius.
-My favorite place for Blast Shield is 10 or 14 which is where you get more max res.
-I don’t like that Entropic Coil. If you don’t love Pyre ring (tough love, true, it really got nothing except that conversion) use Light’s Oath for better Bat…
-where is your Bat? I conclude that you kite too much when not on Mirror/Blast Shield and you often get into situations that an be poetically described: “shit I’m low/and regen is slow” Also, your Hawk there is not finished, 3% oa always worth it (last node of Torch maybe).

No, it appears on target like Reap Spirit and returns to you, lives for 3 seconds with dmg aura and dies in a small explosion. Basically this devo gives you a very strong low radius damaging aura.

Bind it to any skill that ticks per second (I did to Vire with Volcanic Stride). Important to have enough cdr to to bring its cooldown to exactly 1s so that you can have 3 at all times.

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Thanks for you advices. But i prefer to use Ghoul instead of Bat . But anyway build works much better!

First off, nice work, @ya1!
Whilst I didn’t manage to read your post up until now, I was actually toying with a somewhat similar setup that - I was hoping - might also provide some more survivability/consistency.

This version of the Pyran SB averaged a clear time of ~5:13 with the best one being 5:01 (so close! God d***it!). I only did 6 runs total with this particular setup though). And I died on 170 once due to blinking away from Maiden so that tells you something about my piloting skills as well I guess :joy:

Otherwise it felt pretty sturdy.

In my opinion, @Nandi’s Idea of using the +health regen Conduit was actually pretty awesome (I tested numerous 6-Mortar- versions as well, and whilst they had an improved clearing time of about 10 seconds, their clearing rate dropped by about 60-70%. Which was a little too much for my taste/skill.

Thus, in additition to going for that I also tried to maximise the gained profit (both defensive- and offensively) from our ~95% lightning to fire conversion by

  1. going for an almost fully converted 24/16+12/12 Vindictive Flame+Ulzuins chosen (that AdctH might seem puny to some - but Shieldbreakers need heals. Desperately. And since I reduced VF’s cooldown to under a second because of that amulet anyways, this fits surprisingly well.
  2. going for Ultos to finally apply those 20%RR in a safe and non-suicidal wannabe-melee fashion like you have to do whilst only relying on the Viper devotion.

I admit, however, that I have not personally tried either Seekers or RF. How big do you think the difference in damage between Ultos & Seekers might be @ya1? Since both RF and VM (the main alternative suppliers of Viper RR) seem to be kind of out of the question for this more defensive approach to the biuld, I wonder if the latter devotion is even a realistic option…

Edit: Oh yeah, those green pants in my GT are pretty specific, aren’t they? :sweat_smile: I just figured it would be a shame not to use them here - a pair of Arcane Harmony Leggings should do just fine too, though…

Like I said, I did 4:56 and then I gave up, knowing it’s not the best. If you watch the vid you’ll see many hiccups. Guys got stuck under the arch, didn’t aggro, Zantarin at 170 didn’t move in range (he alone cost me 5+ seconds). Speed running mortars is tedious. The further you are from spawn zones the bigger the chance someone doesn’t aggro. The closer you are chance is someone gets stuck under the arch. I estimate that if I hit that perfect run I could do 4:40 or better. I’m 95% sure this is the best optimized for damage setup that still has decent survivability. I’m only not sure about devotion bindings.

Ultos is never good for fire. It gives no %dmg. And now it was nerfed and there’s no reason to take it if you got Viper (carried by Vire). Its flat is small, and build has no weapon dmg to speak of. Seekers deal 1200 raw dmg per second and then 1500 every three seconds. When you convert and get their cooldown to 1s they’re borderline broken.

Regen. Without Behemoth all that flat from VF and conduit is not getting multiplied. You need %regen to fix those numbers. On the average, I got more regen than you without the conduit and the VF overcap.

Green. You can’t compare runs on a no-green and a green setup. No green racism here. But if I could fix res by handpicking affixes I could afford better gear (the boots). Then, I wouldn’t need Fervor and I could max all rr, too. Just one green would allow me to completely revamp the build.

Fervor is ok. Build doesn’t spam anything so charging Fervor once in a while has no effect on dps. Also, it has no offensive value so you only charge it when you need to facetank sth strong for a while. It’s defensive input, however, outvalues anything in the masteries you can spend those points in.

You need mobility here. Vire is a must. Also, with Volcanic Stride, Vire is one of the best proccers in the game as it carries 3.6s cd skill’s proc chance every second.

I absolutely agree with you here and am very sorry if my post came across as critique towards that :see_no_evil:

What I instead was and still am trying to do is to find a setup that has comfortable survivability whilst also having the best dmg-output it can achieve in addition to that. Which is mostly because I enjoy playing and farming with Mortars and can’t bother to play too stressful a build over longer periods of time - and also because I am a tryhard min/maxer on top of that :joy:

Anyhow, your feedback really helped me in exploring new directions with this build, so thank you for that!

In regards to your arguments:


This I took mainly for the OA (after changing from Ice & fire rings to 2x Pyre I wanted to get back to 3k. OCD is a terrible thing…) & the ranged RR as mentioned before (=survivability*).

Now that you mention the absolute numbers, however, it seems pretty crazy that the Seekers do more than double the damage Ultos does (~1337/sec vs. ~635/sec – I think). I was still used to taking it as off-dmg-RR like Manticore and didn’t quite take into account its recent changes. Having to rely on VM for Viper RR on the Seeker setups still hurts a little though.


On average, our setups seem to have actually both sat on a very even 1k health/sec (on average). Your suggestion of combining supermaxed VF with Behemoth did intrigue me though. Going that route even made me try to dip my toes into the cold waters of melee* :wink:


I understand your point and realise that I probably should have tested with pure-purple-setups if I truly wanted to join a buildtesting discourse that relies on comparability. Which I kind of want to – but I also enjoy finding and then wearing cool MIs way too much. It’s basically the only remaining thing of GD’s loot-hunt that I still get a kick out of :stuck_out_tongue:


I realise that VM with its three separate instances of DoT is an absolutely amazing devotion proccer that also happens to conveniently carry RR for this build.

However, the two main uses of VM are really kind of mutually exclusive: either you use it to run away from danger – or you use it to apply RR/devos, which actually increases the danger you are in due to the increased prioximity to the enemy.

This, and the fact that Pyran SBs have no shortage of if not greater then at least decent devo proccers, is the reason I used to exclude it – and any melee components – from my build completely; and I honestly still don’t really like using it.

But yeah. If you can manage to stay in melee range, you will absolutely do more dmg with Vire & Co. – which is kind of the crux of all mortar builds I guess, as they are frail as a leaf, yet always most powerful when an enemy is standing still right in front of your face :confused: