[] Pyro 5:09. cruci 150 - 170 (Shieldbreaker) (c+) (sr+) (g3) (vid)

Hi guys!

Note: Thx for John_Smith, Ya1, mad_lee for their advices, testings and video. John_Smith managed to do 5:09 time with my build and with suggestions of mad_lee. I didn’t want him to do another video, so i just asked him to test it. Ya1 managed to do 4:56. Mine is the most defensive. His is more skill focused. Still my time is good. I closed the testings.

U know, i am not fan of speed running the crucible, but to be honest this lazy pyro do the job. I feel like, i am now Maya and John Smiths all it once. :stuck_out_tongue:

:damage_fire:Grimtools (5 mortar)

:damage_fire:Alternative version (6 mortar)

Lvling: EoR, or whatever u like. (Just fit for the fire devo.)

Gear: The more spirit u can get on items, the more DA u have, but it doesn’t matter. Ensure you get as much stun resist crafts on items, still u can go wihout. I did my first SR 75 with 12 Stun res.

Rings: U have 2 options.

  1. Dmg: Ruby set rings, wich is risky, cause u lost so much chaos resist, that u need to put back.
  2. Dmg, Life Leech, Debuff: Ice & Fire ring, proc gives a heal and dmg + Light’s Oath proc gives a debuff and dmg.
Stun res

This is my stun res after blacksmiths, not bad. I get max stun only on amulet.


There will be 2 sections.

  1. Drop down the mines, cast the 5 Mortar
  2. Proc, pyro for Phoenix / damage absorvation.
  3. Help the burning with Flashbang, BWC,
  4. Watch everything melts in seconds. Chuba, Reaper was 5 sec, Manifestation of Korvaak, the Eldritch Sun 10 sec.

I just look back when i was runing in circle around of my base and nothing was there. WUT?


I would say the same but no. :smiley:

  1. If u got the better maps. If u counter 2 anything, u are good same as Cruci. (More running)
  2. If u got the bugged map and eveyrbody counter u than just run in circle put down everything.

Dmg absorvation mechanics: I have not seen any of this, so i try to add some understanding. Ur Defence = Dmg absorvation come from 3 things, Blast Shield, Ascension, Phoenix. +1 Bat / Twing fangs.

This is the most important part, the longer u delay the proc any of this the longer u are safe. Hard part u always have to check what kind of Dmg absorvation are proced.

Defensive Rotation: Whenever u see Blast shield wait the 3 sec, if neccesary use Ascension, till Ascension up, Blast shield comes back. Beetween this u can proc anytime anywhere the Phoenix / Twing fangs. Phoenix helps u to delay the proc of Blast shield. Bwc helps u not die if u are waiting one of these.

Crucible: 5:14 5:09 John tested it last time with mad_lee’s changes, i didn’t want him to do another video.

Thx to John_Smith.


Yes i died here, since the map still bugged. (U spawn 3 meter forward.)

  • What about 6 mortar? (hammyhamster1)
    I tested again with Ya suggestion and it works, still more squishy than 5 one.

  • Why not max the big one?
    Ya1 gave me an idea so i tested the 6 mortar today and i realised, there is something wrong. I saw only 1 or nothing, so i invested the points elsewhere.

  • What about arcanist?
    Usless, the 20% fire RR for Gaurdians is huge. The flat RR to devastion usless, since u get that from BWC.

Conclusion: Pray to Z not nerf this set… If shieldbreaker IK, and Ulzuin is good, than this need to be.


Shieldbreaker,yup this set is tailored for them.Start to feel like John Smith,yes we all have grand delusions of greatness sometimes :wink: .

But seriously,solid build! I wouldn’t level SB with EoR though.Early leveling is hard to satisfy the energy demand.

I leveled my shieldbreaker with vire might and guardian + fiend proc. Lazy option definitely

Sounds like good idea,surprised about lack of Aegis.

Ps I don’t lvled this guy. :smiley:

Yep i heard that vire is good.

I was a bit worn out with aegis from my beginner paladin and sentinel chars tbh :shield:

I was looking at something similar for a bit. Why didn’t you go for conduit with +1 mortar? Is the extra regen that critical for your play?

Also, maxing the Guardians would give them some very good damage (probably could get by without The Big One for points and only go 40 pts into Demo…maybe that is too squishy)

Looks to be strong, in any case.

  1. U need some hp regen or life leech still to defend yourself, so that’s why, it is importnat to delay the proc of blast shield, and hp regen helps.

  2. Based on my experience, 6 mortar will be usless, since the more u have the more u have to cast. (Even if 5, soemtimes i blink and there is only 3.) Further beetween mortars u still need cast things to do the job. I constantly casting Pyro to proc phoenix and flashbang to spread the mobs. Still with hp regen the build more tanky.

  3. Guardians don’t do nothing, so uslees to max out them, and they can’t die too. U can try to do some pseudo pet builds, if u want, but not on this.

U can still test the 6 mortar, but dunno. 5 still do the job.

I was curious on your take and thanks for the insight. I was just theorycrafting at the time, so no testing on my part. Although The Big One can slow Mortars down a bit sometimes, in my experience - which may be out-of-date.

Maybe i will. U give the idea, and i forgat the +1 mortar, but defenitly than u need push buttons like crazy.


I tested the 6 mortar, half of the time i see only 5 and more stressfull to play. Thx ur question, i will add to the discription.

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Nice build, Nandi!
I have to update my ulzuin’s inrto picture to patch.

Little advise, try to bind Bat to Vire, i suspect that cocktail is a bad bat’s activator.

bat cocktail anyone? the vampire’s version of shrimp cocktail

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Maybe Molotov wants to drink human blood :vampire:

I don’t have problem to proc, i will try, but vire for me is an escape mobility.

Thx to John_Smith added video, 5:14.


One question, why are you using Time Flux? I mean I know it’s for the spirit but it’s a ring that you don’t need anything from, not the res, not the skills, not even its main selling point - slow res (you got 75% overcap)

Also, investing in Big One without the Amplifier gun (the one with cdr) - when can get you Big One twice as often - is not that great imo.

Yeah, whilst fiddling around with different gear options for this build, finding the BiS ring options felt to be very difficult…
I actually really like 2x Ice & Fire rings, as they provide some much needed heals for this very glassy Shieldbreaker build (especially with the cold->fire conversion of both Warpfire and Pyran’s Vestments).
The Band of the Eternal Pyre seems pretty interesting too, as you can achieve 90%+ lightning->fire for a supermaxed Heavy Ordnance; toting two of those makes me feel very squishy though :confused:

For reference, my current setup(s) (heavily inspired by SirSpanksalots Blightlord SB build - kudos to that crazy pyromaniac):

Crucible spec
SR spec (still a lot more efficient in Crucible because Mortars but hey)

U got it, i didnt notice that. I changed the ring for Ice & Fire. I tried the gun with 6 mortar, but it was a fail for me. IMO is still with better piloting and for fun viable.

For rings, u can chose the 2 ruby rings for the spiral, or Ice & Fire ring, i changed the ring, so it dmg and heal too. I lose too much resist if chose the ruby set.

Don’t forget if u use 2 Ice & Fire ring u won’t get the 2 proc, rather the chance will be higher.

Oof, I can hear the nerf hammer coming. What a cannon!

I would recommend siphoning some points from Clarity of Purpose to overcaps such as Divine Mandate, Celestial Presence, Presence of Virtue, Blast Shield, Agonizing Flames. You have so much OA and DA shred that it really doesn’t scales that well at this point. But stuff like Divine Mandate/Celestial Presence/Agonizing Flames and (maybe, dunno how it scales here) Heavy Ordance is real damage.