[] Beginners/budget DW cold melee Trickster

Regular Stormheart is ok, Mythical Lightning rod can be decent, faction scepter “Malmouth stormcaster” have nice mods but lacks attack speed so it will hurt dps and sustain a lot. Perhaps a good rolled Stormstrife can be substitute

Steal whatever you can! I am curious in playing the Rancor trickster and The “of Doom” build that Evil Baka proposed xD

How about Cold Reaper with new MI belt? https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYdx5rZ
more flat damage but less DA, crit and slow res. Good life steal. Perhaps Ellena necklace for more rr could be option

I have tried it on DW end game build.Cold conversion to Soul Harvest+Harbinger is huge.

I can never dislike a proper Trickster guide!

I love Tricksters too.And lightning is surprisingly good.

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What you think about these shoulders https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/8265 and using Lethal Assault? https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV1E4W7V I also changed medal which has health and armor bonus. I used no rolls on the shoulders btw

It’s good idea.I wanted faction shoulders,but even without rolls it’s worth it.

yup and they drop pretty frequently in Crown Hill

im new to this game and i wanna ask how do you

turn as example the boots and shoulder’s into rare items?

he uploads the char from his game files into Grim Tools.

otherwise you pick a normal item, then you add a rare prefix or suffix.

Alright but i don’t understand how to farm them efficiently, some like the swords got the option of ‘dropped from:’ i understand but how i farm or find the specific prefix and suffix for the level progress builds you told me about. Back to the shoulder’s so should i just check show common items on the lootfilter and hope to find these shoulders drop somewhere to put the prefix/suffix on them? I don’t understand the steps i need to do to get to these builds right now if it’s not dropped from someone.Do i just run around and hope for the best? because right now i start struggle in the Arkovian Foothills storyline but going back gives me litterly no xp. Sorry if i bother you

you do not need to copy 100% what is posted, try to combine the items that you find to cover resistances and stuff.

So far so good, what i do about the Devotion there is no Quill Path for me

Is there any use from Blade Spirits at one point?

Blade Spirits on cold auto attacker deserved no more and no less than one point. They deal some damage and can proc devotions, especially on crit.

Which devotion i should put on them? At the moment i have twin fangs (elemental storm on ABB; rushed crucible for devotion points), but i don`t see them triggering often and healing me.

And also a question - the guide says to switch to savagery somewhere between 30-50 level. How is savagery going to do some AOE damage?

And also - why not more points in Nightfall? Isn`t it a good skill?

Devotion procs: Currently you want auto attack on Rumor-Savagery. Shadow Strike can trigger RR devotion like Elemental Storm or Revenant or Amatok. Blade spirits have low attack speed and they’re unreliable triggering on attack devotion. They’re best used on Ultos. But if you have Bat, you can put them there. Still I recommend Devils on Bat and Spirits on Ultos.

Nightfall: If you level with or have Shadow Strike build, it’s good skill. Otherwise is one pointer only.

Savagery vs ABB: Usually leveling with pure auto attack is pain, but here’s Savagery is surprisingly good. Especially if you put Tsunami to it early on for offense or Bat for defense. AoE can be issue, yes. You can compensate by going Savagery for single target and Wind Devils for AoE.

Do Wind Devils do enough damage to kill somebody? So i have to invest in them heavily?

Whats with Savegery + all the skills in upper row in Nightblade? 4 skills x 20% chance to be used. Does it mean some of them will trigger 4 out of 5 attacks? (one is 165 degrees, other 360). Could that be enough for AoE?

To be honest, in current patch don’t know how effective are devils. But after initial levels when AoE skills like Inquisitor Words of pain melts the entire screen , later they became weaker and bosses take long time. Look in the video how quickly Log is killed. Single target damage is the strong part for Nightbalde based characters anyway. Plus if you want AoE you can add Tsunami on Savagery +Elemental Storm and Wind Devils. That’s enough in my mind.

As for WPS, in guides section there’s complete mechanics guide by Malawiglenn. But shortly Nightblade WPS are added to Savagery attacks. Weapon damage of them stacks multiplicative with Savagery WD. If you have 80% WPS that gives you 80% chance to empower further your attack using ONE of them. That’s major perk for using auto attack.

Nightblade WPS: Whirling death have biggest range, Execution is the highest single target WPS damage skill in the game.

Ok, thanks for all the advice. Will try all of the advices and report later.