[] Beginners/budget DW cold melee Trickster

I recently bought Grim Dawn+MoM, and i started following this guide.
sorry to take back this 1 yold post, but i have few questions and maybe you can help:

  1. i saw all the leveling part, where you suggest a path to follow when it comes to skillpoints, but what about the gear you find? i’m kinda lost between all those stats you can find in any piece of equipment. should i focus only on HP and survivability? stack cold/pierce damage?

  2. why, even in the early, would you put 2 points in Pneumatic Burst and you will leave it at 2 till lvl100? this i just an example, i saw other skills on which you did the same and the question is “why won’t you just leave that skill at 1 and spend the second point somewhere else?” (dual blades for example increses cold damage, isn’t that better?

Hi and welcome to the game&forum!

I don’t remember much of my motivation of the choices, but will try to explain.

  1. Priority early on is to cover resistances and some minimal amounts of OA/DA. Damage rolls on the gear will increase dramatically with leveling. So after level 50 you can start paying more attention about % and flat cold damage. Also after normal you need to work on your physical resistance.

  2. Each point in Pneumatic Burst will increase healing but also your attack speed, which boosts your damage, since Savagery scales with attack speed. Dual Blades also is nice, if I am doing the build right now, probably will put few more points until 5/16.

But these decisions aren’t obligatory to follow anyway. It’s mostly some sketch about leveling a build.

Cold Trickster should work better than lightning. In terms of build, you can still get pointers from the leveling guide and budget build. Chillstrifes are easy to farm weapons, Level 82 blue rings are farmable and good, there are few MI items worth farming like +1 Nightblade belt (isn’t in the build), Ellena’s Necklace (slith quest), etc.

Hello !!! this build is still viable in current times. I’m looking for new challenges and I liked this one. Mainly to kill celestials.

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The same answer as the above response.

That being said, for celestials cold DW Trickster (especially if you don’t have premium gear) is really bad choice. I suggest to look for different class or at least to focus on different spec. Trickster can power pretty good vitality/bleed hybrid with Demonslayer set and few bleeding builds can be pretty good as well.

For cold melee I have killed Ravager/Mog with different builds but they’re Reaper and Infiltrator. If you want to play cold DW Trickster, your best bet is full Korba set.