[] Beginner's/budget Mage Hunter

He levels with Cold Damage and Trozans so the leveling devotions are different to the final spec devotions. The devotion tree in the post is for the final spec which is elemental Panetti.

Yes,sorry for that :sweat:

Pannetis are awful for leveling,consume lots of skill points without much return.Olexra and after that Trozan are better.Trozan can be turned in full cold easily,so that’s why I am leveling this way.

My next update will be with budget end game version of leveling concept.

You need to start taking :moneybag: donations so you can do something else than budget builds :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lol,I have Trickster with super expensive greens.But I spent all of my money on it,so now back to budget build territory :wink:

Pay to win :+1:

I know this is an old thread, but maybe someone could help me. I’m following this guide leveling my first character. Everything is good and smooth, currently lvl 56 in act 5 veteran. But I’ve huge problems with energy regeneration. It’s fine against bosses and heroes, but I run out of energy quite fast against thrash mobs. Any tips? Use fireball and 18/16 trozan. One ectoplasm in ring as well.

Hi Nery. I’m trying this build returning to the game after 2 years. Is still viable? I think it is but can you conferm me this?
Thank you for all the work!

Yes probably, although there some changes and probably needs updating.

Word of Pain is now even more potent for leveling. Panettis with Spellgaze helmet are as usual great option for monster build.

Thank you Nery!

Hello! I started this guide and realized it is extremely outdated now (1.1.8.) and was wondering if there was a similar build that actually uses PRM in it or if Nery can fill me in on some changes that may have occured because currently bosses are extremely difficult(which might be me).

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It’s outdated. But what exactly you’re looking for?

For end game build if you have the blueprint for the Spellgaze helmet, you can make spectacular cold or lightning/fire Mage Hunter. Or you can go aether Spellbinder, which have more accessible gear.

If you talk about leveling, you can follow similar route like mine or go with Pain. Leveling with Panneti is possible but doubt it will be easy.

But that is what my problem is. Somehow since I have played last the bosses and elites are way harder. Normal mobs have like 600 health and get one shot my OFF but bosses and elites have like 30k health… This is extremely time consuming and difficult for just maxing out OFF and having maximum 7 points in TSS till level 50… this damage is not good against bosses. That is why I asked for an updated leveling experience with the mage hunter that might be more geared towards current events. Now I could just be using TSS wrong but…its kind of hard to use it wrong. I guess what im asking is there a better route than what is strictly on this guide. Should i respec into pain? is that better? I dont know.

Imo if you use Trozan you need to max it eventually. It’s decent damaging skill. I don’t think you have much better options, although Rune of Haggard was buffed. You can try it if Trozan doesn’t feel satisfactory. Pain is AoE damage skill, won’t help you with bosses.

About guide I don’t plan to relevel this build and haven’t seen other Mage Hunter guides. So I can make suggestions on blind only, sorry.

Okay thank you

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Thanks for your build Nery! I quite enjoyed it.

Is there any specific reason you don’t use a Wendigo Eye in the medal slot? I feel that this medal adds more to the build than the Mark of the Shadow Queen. If I use the same gear but switch the medal, DPS jumps immediately from 46k to 57k:


This MI is a lot easier to farm if you go hostile with Barrowholm. In your guide, you mention Barrowholm as a must but you don’t seem to be using any faction gear or augment from Barrowholm?

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I think it is because build and guide is from 1.1.3 and wendigo eye modifiers to panetti was added in patch 1.1.7

Siding with barrowholm is like what you almost always do because they have good augments that can be used. If you nemesis with them, you can farm reaper but you can get his pants in crucible and shatter realm anyway :slight_smile:

The wendigo eye amulet is still pretty easy to farm I think.

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Ahh yes, that makes sense! I did not realize the MI was changed recently.

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By the looks of your pic, you should use some more components :slight_smile:

Ohh, I just took a pic with all the same items as Nery’s build to make the comparison relevant with the Wendigo Eye :). I didn’t bother to apply component/augments on those. I got lucky along the way and found a few upgrades for my “real” gear, those are not shown on the pic.

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One doubt, this guide is still valid for the leveling of the mage hunter? my idea is to reach this build:

I found that build interesting, but I haven’t found anything updated for leveling, I’m still learning the game and I’m trying several builds, until I find the one I feel like trying to do all the content of the game, or at least, as far as I can go hehe