[] Beginner's/budget Mage Hunter


Mage Hunter (Inquisitor+Arcanist) is one of the classes,that exists since AoM.Usually a caster build,which have some options,but not really anything at which class is best at,expect definitely Panneti Mage Hunter.So that’s idea of end game budget build,to create decent PRM caster,utilizing Arcanist as main class and Inquisitor as support.

Main Build

GRIM TOOLS LINK :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZypdbkV

Video from SoT run :arrow_right: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYNTPo16-Ek&feature=youtu.be


PRM :arrow_right: Our main damage dealer.It is casting spell,it scales with cast speed and deals mixed damage types.It’s important to put as many points in the main skill,distortion and Proliferation as possible.

Word of Pain :arrow_right: It’s used as devotion proc,also have modifier from item for -RR

Storm Box :arrow_right: Used as OA shreddeer,skill bonus from set

Judgment :arrow_right: Again Devotion proc,I don’t have enough skill points to utilize the excellent lightning damage of it

Inquisitor Seal :arrow_right: Our defensive main skill.Damage absorb is nice,also have offensive element

Words of Renewal :arrow_right: Our healing skill,defensive ability is also important,since the build doesn’t have many sources for it

Nullification :arrow_right: Good defensive skill,it purges enemies auras and can removed harmful effects like DoT

Mirror :arrow_right: Oh,shit button.Use in extreme dangers


Bind move to left mouse key and PRM to right.Cast Seal beneath your feet and spam Pannetis.Use Pain and Box to trigger devotions.They have duration and does’t require constant mashing.Heal with Renewal.


Main key is to cap all resistances,get 2.7k OA and 2.8k DA.The build is squishy,since PRM requires casting stand still,while build does’t have much sustain.Also this is build,which uses tri elemental damage and they are rare.Tri elemental means equal parts of lightning,cold and fire.Also you need physical resistance,which is Achilles heel for a lot of casters


Weapon :arrow_right: I used this from Coven rep.Valuable bonuses and cast speed.

Off-Hand :arrow_right: Farmed from Groble enemies,it’s good to have cast speed suffix,the cheapest is of celerity.

Amulet :arrow_right: Recipe is from Malmouth reputation.IS must have for this build.

Rings :arrow_right: Coven rep is the first,OA and DA are very good,Living ring is farmed in act 5,but also can be sold by Vinelton,Ancient Grove merchant

Medal :arrow_right: Crafted,recipe from Bysmiel reputation.The best medal for elemental PRM build

Relic :arrow_right: Vendetta is crafted,recipe from Malmouth resistance.+1 to Inquisitor skills.Best possible is Iskandra’s Balance

Belt :arrow_right: Crafted,recipe from Malmouth rep,it’s pretty decent belt,Arcanoweave blue is better,if you have it

Gloves and Legs :arrow_right: Eastern,pretty common blues,they have nice two parts set bonus as well.

Chest :arrow_right: Coven reputation faction item.Great
and cheap item,energy regen with +3 to main skill

Shoulders :arrow_right: Another blue item for basically set,that never have been used before :innocent:

Head :arrow_right: The other part of Paragon of Panneti set.Replacement is Fettan mask

Boots :arrow_right: Final March blues.If you don’t have therm,craft Stoneplate

Items that defines builds:

Best item end game and must have in order to push the build to next level is Mythical Spellgaze,which adds life steal and weapon damage.Also Invoker set,maybe Slathasar crest for aether version(not recommended).Also Farath cube opens cold PRM build possibility


Since build is squishy,I went for more defensive constellations and Blind Sage for tri elemental damage support.Level of progression to use them,route is without ANY detours

2.Bat,remove green
13.Blind Sage

Leveling Guide

Leveling MH has many options.My idea is to use Fireblast from component with combination with Olexra,later Trozan.Just freeze enemies with OFF and shoot fireblasts


GT for level 10 :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQdzeRZ

Start with Arcanist,push the mastery and start putting points in Olexra,then level Arcanist bar to 10.Put 1 point in following skills,Inner focus,Trozan,Iskandra,Overload,Mirror.When you find Searing Ember component,use the granted skill as main attack

Devotions,start as usual with Bat.


GT for level 30 :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWlQqJZ

Max OFF,at level 10 pick Inquisitor and work the mastery bar.Put few points in Storm box,for Defensive ability shred,Renewal for healing,Seal for defense.

You can use flintcore bolts from component to off hands and use Greater Fireblast :slight_smile:

Devotions:Go to Elemental storm,huge boost


GT for level 50 :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2ml9GmN

Video from Log fight in level 50 :arrow_right: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvGHlcesN8I&feature=youtu.be

Against bosses OFF is now useless,still can clear trash,but I want more damage,so change it to Trozan.Also key is Aura of Censure.Max it ASAP.Max also inner focus to use better off-hands and have chance to crit enenmies.Put many points in Maiven for damage absorb.

Items,please use Spectral bludgeon farmed form Steps of Torment.Converts TSS damage in pure cold.Sold by SoT vendor as well.

Devotions,take Giant blood proc and full Sailor’s guide constellation for movement speed.Next goal is Rumor for cold RR.


GT for level 70 :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrD3r62

Put more points in Trozan line,max defensive skills like Seal and Renewal.Also Deadly Aim is next priority

Items,many new faction gear is available,just look the sweat codex from Rovers rep and Legion boots :heart_eyes: Armor augments can be used,also look in GT about jewels and weapons augments,they can improve stats

Devotions:Rumor+Turtle for RR and defense.


I suggest to continue with Trozan path,which is faster than PRM.New faction gear,blue and purple items,to use.

Next on my list is budget end game version of cold TSS Mage Hunter,open for suggestions.

Choices,side with Outcast,Barrowholm is MUST,also Death’s’VIgil and not order.

End Game Build

Our end game final goal is one of the better caster around,PRM with Invoker set,by @mad_lee :arrow_right: https://forums.crateentertainment.com/t/1-1-1-2-expelliarmus-6-30m-crucible-150-170-0-greens-facetank-prm-mage-hunter-c-sr-vid-g3/48204

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How do you feel about 45k sheet DPS?

Asking because that’s the only thing that stopped me from posting a very similar concept one year ago. It was 39k back then though.

Yeah I tried something similar like this, but with Slathsarr’s Crest medal and Mythical Word of Inquisitor Abalon.

How was the PRM dps with Slathsarr? I think about 55-60k is optimistic, but possible?

40k sheet dps xD But it was of course aether Panetti. I have not touched since FG was out so perhaps I could do some improvements.

Can’t remember why I used Abalon. Probably because I did not find decent MI off-hand when I was playing it through.

EDIT: now I have checked again. I had two versions. One aether with Slathsarr and one Elemental with Abalon :stuck_out_tongue: both had around 40k dps. Reason for abalon was more efficient Twin Fangs.

But Mad_lee Panetti build has like 90k sheet dps. So 50% lower dps on budget build is kinda “expected” I guess.

Mad lee’s panetti optimizes lightning damage, plus invoker set with RR. All in all it has about 55-60% more RR than beginner version, which is like having two extra masteries. That’s the problem with beginner elemental PRM - it gets no condensed RR in devotions, getting Widow, Murmur and SWB isn’t exactly an option.

So all in all, we are talking about a factor of 2.3-2.5 higher damage output I guess.

More like x3.0+, but I haven’t done math on that. Gut feeling.

How much rr means for damage depends on initial resistance of mob but I guess since we are talking about lightning here, it is probably closer to x 3

I’m running a simple assumption that Nery’s build will put the elemental resistance of enemies you need to care about in the vicinity of 0, in which case x2 sheet dmh and -50% rr would result in x3.

Btw DPS is not that bad.In AoM,there was cold end game version posted with 45k DPS and even mine in the beginning was around 65k.Also Iskandra relic will push it a lot.Let’s not forget the massive crit damage.With Deaedly aim,I think crit for PRM is around 180%.RR from Censure,amulet mod and flat from storm is not that bad for tri-elemntal build.


Newb here, any chance someone could recommend some loot filter options for this build? Would be much appreciated! Am currently level 22 and loving the build so far.

You mean what items to keep?

At 22 I filter only white and select all yellow(magic).If they don’t fit,I sell them.With money you can buy potions and craft greens.

If you have over 1 million iron later or close,you can remove yellow and take only greens and above.

I mean more for the “damage/character” selections. I would like to filter items that are potential to equip, then once i go through those items i can simply pick up anything else for selling. Would rather not have to sort through every item to find potential upgrades.

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I got it,but if that’s your first build,you probably will need iron bits.Also I have to say,that in this build most of the damage comes from skill itself and devotions,you need gear to cover resistances.So until that,you can pick most of the items.

This build use elemental damage,cold primarily in leveling,if you want to sort d out damage and find tedious to pick and sell items.

Yeh i understand that, but i can simply hold alt and see everything else on the ground to collect for selling, just wanted a simpler way to be able to identify upgrades. Because a lot of the time when I kill an elite or get a big chest theres up to 10 drops etc and I’d like to be able to simply scan 2-3 items rather than all 10, just to save some time. Then pick up the other 7-8 for selling.

On another newbie note. As great as all these beginners guides are (I’ve been reading a lot of them), none seem to really say anything about which attributes to select and why. Would love to learn why at level 10 it’s got 6/1/2 and at 30 it has 20/5/5 etc.
What is the reasoning behind selecting those specific values?
Am a big arpg veteran and am very keen to learn to min max/optimise in this game also and a big aprt of that is understanding the chocies others make in gudies like these so i can better understand what choices I should make.

All my guides mention attribute allocation…

basically, get cunning and spirit for equipping gear and rest physique. Some builds you can get some more cunning into for some extra OA.

Attributes you can only respec with a certain potion btw so you have spend them smart

How can your build be adjusted if one picked Kymon’s Chosen instead of Death’s Vigil?

I don’t think is much problem.I choose Death vigil,cause they provide some items,I like during leveling,but nothing irreplaceable end game.

If you are hostile with Barrowholm,that’s big loss,cause build need the DA from Ravager eye.

My mage hunter is level 39 so Barrowholm isn’t in the picture yet. While looking at your devotion progression and inspecting your level 30 and 50 Grim Calc links I see that you don’t follow your devotion progression list. For example, you don’t have Lantern, Tortoise, Viper. You filled out Sailor’s guide at 50 but its not in your devotions list. At 30 you start Sailor’s guide right after Rhowan’s Crown, instead of populating Hawk. I’m a bit confused as to how to proceed.