[] Jogo - Mage Hunter Fire PRM, ~7:00 crucible, SR 71


Full SR 70 & 71
Full SR 65 & 66
Old version

Hi guys. I like PRM. I dont found the themes of builds fire PRM on this forum and fix this injustice.
Meet Jogo - Mage Hunter fire PRM!



vs Crucible

vs Shards 70-71


Fire PRM not bad skill, but lightning much stronger…

Thanks to omnitrio)


Is there a

This (10 chars)

Nice fire PRM and a good result with Cruci!

Fire PRM from FIROZO. Good job. I would move skill points around a bit, just like this. Less buttons to press, more racial damage.

Build updating :slight_smile:

how about seal of blades or seal of might on the weapon to cap pierce res and some more armor or physical res?

In my experience of game pierce resist more than 65 is not really needed.