[] Pretty Deese EoR Korvan Dunefiend Sentinel - What can be improved?

This here’s a run-of-the-mill, super obvious EoR Sentinel build using Korvan Dunefiend. In-game DPS against target dummy is around 300k, spikes a little higher with good crits (tested using Grim Internals). That’s deese, and the build can push SR 50 reliably, but it struggles a lot against 65 and I haven’t been able to clear 75 with it.


The shoulders don’t need specific affixes. They are mainly for the EoR skill bonus and are easily replaceable with any decent shoulders, like Deathguard, if you’re willing to not quite hardcap EoR.

Stats with all permanent buffs, Blood of Dreeg, and Ascension.

What would you suggest I do differently, if anything? I’d like to refine this build as much as possible and then submit it to the compendium.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62a1obx2 off the top of my head. Not ideal tuning for sure but there are improvements to note

  • you were missing murmur, crucial for RR

  • easily secures 200% AS with moderately above average rolls across numerous AS granting pieces.

  • 11% more crit damage, though this could be cranked higher … maybe

  • 200% more acid% and and overall ~40% increase in flat weapon acid damage.

  • more slow resistance

  • single affix MIs so the average forum goer won’t flip their shit and call GDstasher… oh wait they still do this over single affix greens :upside_down_face:

If you want to go nuts with MIs first stop will be 2x viloth rings.

Not sure where to toss the last few points. You already have enough active abilities for proccing everything. If you’re feeling aggressive you could rely on the -OA from pox and drop the ravager’s eye augment in favor of Dreeg’s Spinedust for even more oomph.

“but what about the health?” well there’s spare points, put it into health. Get better than baseline rolls on the MIs (+physique on one end even)

Obviously this is aimed at crucible what with meteors and yugol. Might as well plan around the buffs if that’s what the build is for.

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  1. Manticore and Revenant do not stack.
  2. Build in Murmur for huge -30RR buffing up the damage by quite a lot.
  3. Change some of the Devotion binding to figure out which one proc better.
  4. As i first saw the Set i thought of a Dervish version. You might check Nightblade out.

The stats look quite similar to my own sentinel used for farming 65-66 safely (though with completely different damage types and skills, mine is a fire vanquisher skater build), so I’m not sure why yours can struggle with it.

Besides the points already made by others on Manticore + Revenant, I feel that
(1) your build lacks Aether and Chaos overcap, though I also remember seeing somewhere that overcapping Chaos is not necessary (I’m still not sure why, I overcap it like 30-50 myself).
(2) Since EoR relies on attack speed, slow resistance should be quite important.
(3) if you have spare skill points, just put them all into Clarity of Purpose for additional OA and CC resists, it may save your life.

This is a possibility with a bit more vit->acid (shoulder), also Bat in the devotions, but no Yugol. A few more gear procs. Resists are still kind of tight for overcaps. Divine mandate instead of Path of three for crit and slow res. A bit less energy regen, though. If want more slow resist, then use different boots.

Grimtools Some spare points and not sure what to do for getting much more health other than putting points in Haven and or putting more into Occult base.