[] Winter King 6:05. cruci 150 - 170 (Infiltrator) (c+) (sr+) (g3) (vid)

Btw I wanted to ask, if you don’t use auto attack as filler, what’s the best way to sustain RoH Infiltrator?

I use bat on seal/storm box/WoP, with pierce to cold damage conversion you get pretty dope heal, you also have two healing skills from the classes

Thanks, I will try that. Undecided on weapons. I wanted to try different than Chillstrifes.

Mythical Crescent moon is of course very good since you can get chillsurge up very high then.
Also provide cdr and is craftable

Poor mad_lee, this fun build and most of the comments are about the poor nerfed to death cold rune

Tis’ a Nandi build. Plus RoH talks is not spamming in the topic. Please improve RoH :pleading_face:

yeah true, I need more coffee.

poor nandi, I have already forgotten about him xD

This is the “best” RoH infiltrator I can come up with btw https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZodBjBN

IMO pure RoH/Crescent/Chillspikes of old is dead. RoH is only good for support now. Not all that bad but costly support.

Chillwhisper got Spirits to carry the build. Winter King has Winter King. Can also stash some crazy Chillstrifes for a Silver Sentinel and get some melee in (I actually did 5 something lately on one such but it was an perfect run). But on its lonesome RoH is tragic now.

Why tragic? Because if you can’t kill 'em with two RoHs then you gotta kill 'em with three RoH’s. How many percent more time does it take? Solid support is needed to keep dps going between the runes.

30% lower damage in central means you need 43% more runes being casted i.e. you would need 4 runes if you earlier needed 2 since 43% < 50%. BUT I have neglected frostburn damage and other sources of damage. So yes, you would need 3 runes compared to 2 before.

I can’t believe the amount of nerfs RoH got. Removal / lowering of flat damage, lowering the number of extra projectiles and changing the breakpoints for those AND wooop wooop 30% lower damage in central. A perfect example on how you kill a skill and a build. RoH requires pretty much 4 things being maxed, i.e. a pretty big investment in terms of a main skill. It has been “left alone” for almost a year and then being reduced to #dedbiilds in a blink of an eye is beyond understanding on my behalf.

I can’t wait for them to remove piercing on AAR * sarcasm *