[] Winter King 6:05. cruci 150 - 170 (Infiltrator) (c+) (sr+) (g3) (vid)

Hi Guys!

I want to test the winter king helm and winter king sword, soulrend, but this was better than i thought.


:damage_cold:SR spec
:damage_cold:Cruci spec Thx to Ya1!

Lvling: Word of renewel or anything that is cold.

Gear: Ensure you get stun resist crafts on items.

Rings: U have 3 options.

1: Purple alkamos rings.
2: Blue alkamos rings.
3: Band of the Ethernal Haunt and Nightscorn.

Crucible: 6:05 Thx to Ya1!

SR: U can do easly since my version is tankier, but the regen is awful, but u can tank most of the enemys except manifastation of korvaak. The worst nemesis are iron maiden and fabius since they don’t have to much energy attack. On that fight may be u can use some kite and think before spamming every thing.

  • Winter King or Soulrend?
    Definitely winter king is better since the RR.

  • Why not leviathan?
    The road to it is not good.

Winter king is better, I died with soulrend by 4 hereos in SR, wich it was easy with winter king. Soulrend need some buff, since winter king is out performance it. I would love to see the road to leviathan to be changed.


Cool build! :snowflake: pun intended

Q: why not blue alkamos rings?

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Thx, dunno fit for the build too.

What changes to soulrend you propose for this build?

Dunno make it dedicated for necromancer or add some nice RR to Spectral Binding. Still Soulrend is a physical weapon and Winter King is full cold so still be better.

Thx for mentioning me. This is a very good build. Actually it’s one of the best 2h builds, imo. Energy hungry though. On my setup for crucible with 70 (in gt, 80-90 in game) regen it still can get hairy on occasion. Btw it can do sub 6 easily, that vid is far from perfect. I didn’t have energy to grind it, I’m kinda burned out with crucible and GD in general.

It’s an interesting build because it doesn’t really have a main mastery. Both nightblade and inquisitor are taken as support masteries. What about RoH?

RoH is truly shit, except for da shred. I’m not sure if moving points to RoS wouldn’t yield more dmg. Biggest, crudest nerf in the history - no adjustments or balancing - just chop 30% off. Even at its best RoH builds were nowhere near today’s Mortars or Canisters.

Rings, I think double RoF&I or 1 F&I and 1 Haunt might be BiS. Or blue Alkamoses. Investing anything in RoH (I mean conversion) seems like a waste.

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I haven’t really looked into updating it much… but Shadow strike definitely performs better than RoH. It gives extra nuke power on bosses. Leave roh low point just for da shred

Very good build, especially for 2h. But I am sad too, about RoH. Before AoM people playing completely different build, added it to carry them.

In current state RoH builds, needs another skill to carry them :slight_smile:

RoH is shite but I wouldn’t go THAT far. Even with full conversions, cdr, mods and support SS is still one of the crappiest dmg skills in the game (as demonstrated on Dunefiend and Deathguard). And on Winter all conversion you have is from Alkamos rings, you got nothing for poison from NJE (or very little like Silver shoulders), no cdr except for NJE, etc. Even RoH is better. As reflected by crucible times.

we seriously need to demand/beg for a RoH buff

Well considering chillwhisper roh is under 6min clears that is an uphill battle

I thought chillwisper was about bladespirits

That Chilwhisper that 1-points RoH just for the debuff?

I think thats blade spirit doing the most work. He has 4 blade spirit fully buffed with all of the modifiers. Whereas offensive RoH mod is only pathetic +20 cold damage.

Very interesting though. I missed that build. Now I wanted to make a blade spirit build. Lol.

This one is a Blade Spirits build rather than RoH. No Starfury Emerald, no Alkamos Rings, almost everything is put into Spirits.

It is almost distrusting to see chillwhisper blade spirit build knowing what devs did to RoH…
here you get sick flat damage added, damage conversion which effectively tripling the damage. Then you also get adcth. RIP RoH

Like I said a couple times. All nerf (also buff) need to be tested. Otherwise it will just cripple the skill/mastery. RoH pre-nerf doesn’t even come close to today’s fastest clear time. It’s clunky, has 1.5sec setup, and not really enjoyable in campaign. It’s just need its nerf taken out, same as RoK. RoK nerf doesn’t even make any sense.

All this damn neverending game balancing. Poor crate, they should already working in GD2…

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