[] Chillwhisper Infiltrator ~6m cruci

Sorry if this one been posted before, but only whisper infil I remember was some snoozefest sr crawling variant :stuck_out_tongue: I never got around to trying chillwhisper as infil, but I came back to it since I was never truly happy with my apostate or reaper and boy am I glad I did. I did my best to tweak this thing for max damage, then threw on a bunch of racial damage, and damn it fucking flies. I was a bit unsure on some stuff so suggestions are welcome as usual :stuck_out_tongue:

Careful of Korvaak on 169, otherwise everything is easy. Don’t try to tank him along with the other clowns!

I’m off to work, but shall add more shit later for now enjoy the show!


Tomooo :smiley:

Nice build, stop hiding:P

infil in chillwhisper is my favorite build
maybe u already see this

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