[] A Meme Or Not A Meme - Lightning Trickster [c+] [sr]

Foreword: Inspired by Mad_lee’s lightning trickster, I decided to make my own without SR set and watch how would it perform.
And it showed itself pretty nice, so far.


dps with buffs%procs active


  • Armor - Light’s Defender - pretty obvious choice, i think.
  • Gloves - for flat damage, pierce res and mod for PB.
  • Eye of Kaisan - for +1 to all skills.
  • Weapons - BiS here, for their flat lightning damage and RR.


Crucible - as always not fast, just to show the build’s performance.

SR - conquers SR65-66 which are the best to farm with it.

Special thanks to all Safarel Discord Community.

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Trickster is one of my favorite class combos. Really good job with this !

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Thanks :smiley:

nice one! !

That is… Surprisingly less effective than my version, I wonder why :slight_smile:

Good job nevertheless!

Thanks! I also wonder why is this so :slight_smile:
One of the reasons may be bad piloting&bad computer …

Actually I think it’s SR set being better for auto-attacker and small details like Elemental Storm vs. Revenant on a single rr class combination, maaaaybe lack of 1 point in Night’s Chill (we still deal a bit of Cold damage) and maybe lack of slow res?

Maybe this also, dunno actually :slight_smile:
And slow res can be capped with craft bonuses )

I tested your build in Crucible.

I think it’s too inconsistent to my taste. Grava is just awful, I need to kite. Also 169 require kiting and Sister Crimson is bad, three fools in 163 are slow, so does Maiden and Valdaran. If you are lucky, you can do very quick run.

I died against Grava on 170 and time will be around 7.30 if I was successful. My fastest complete run was 8 minutes exact, but also have 9 one time. So at least I can’t do sadly 3 runs in same buff duration.

Well, anyway, thank you much for testing build! Will look for how to improve it, if possible.
The main problems are killing speed&survavability, right?

I think the need to kite and surviving are problems, yes. Not sure about damage. Maybe will test version without Spear, with DG and Elemental Storm to see.One perk of this build is enough skills to for procing devotions.

If you do, I’ll be grateful :slight_smile:
Anyway, will test a slightly different devotion map by myself too.

@Nery If you want to try another Lightning Trickster, try mine, it’s pretty fun and Shattered set makes it very tanky.