[] Apocalypse Now: 7:20 Crucible, SR 65-66, Fire/Vitality no greens hybrid caster Defiler [g3][vid][c+][sr]

Have you considered dropping Lotus and the one point in Revenant and take Oklaine’s Lantern instead? Would give you 25% trap resist, and the rest of the stats aren’t bad either.

Very impressive build! I love seeing successful Defilers. I can’t help but like the class despite its weaknesses.

Thanks, @AdequateSubject!

Lantern suggestion is pretty cool, honestly didn’t notice it was an option. It will probably take 10-15 seconds of Crucible clear timers, but I doubt it’s going to help in SR. Losing 3% physical resist and some vitality resistance overcap might expose this Defiler in a way that it will stop being consistent in Crucible (when you have 14% total phys res, losing 3% will hurt).

I love the build. nicely done as usual. I don’t have time to play at the moment, but this is the kind of build that gives me the urge to level a class I don’t have :slight_smile: and +1 / <3 for the Fester use.

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Uncle Fester approves

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Pretty Fly (For a meme Guy)

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Build is still pretty solid in Crucible timer is now slower by 20-30 seconds due to Crucible being tougher than it was in when the build was created. However, Build can still farm Crucible in 7-8 minutes very consistently and still absolutely refuses to die.

Video of 7:20 Crucible run in