[] Apocalypse Now: 7:20 Crucible, SR 65-66, Fire/Vitality no greens hybrid caster Defiler [g3][vid][c+][sr]

You smell that? Do you smell that?.. Napalm, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that. I love the smell of napalm in the morning. <…> Smelled like… victory.

credit for the picture and relevant quote idea goes to @Safarel


I felt the need to create a decent Defiler spec ever since Crate has reworked Clayrvoiant set and thus inadvertently destroyed my Soul Piano Defiler spec, a spec that was one of the very few working Defiler builds in the game.
And then @Valinov rolled out his aether Defiler (do check it out, it’s pretty cool) which turned out to be surprisingly good. So I was almost urged to produce something competitive out of this forsaken class.

The Build

<<<< GRIMTOOLS >>>>

*craft couple of items for energy regeneration and rest for %armor

**This is the endgame spec and it works the way it was designed to once you have all the items and copy all the devotions and skills at character level 100

Idea was to create a powerful caster that relies on two completely unrelated damage types. It was not an easy task given that there is very little item support for the Blightlord set that is the core of the build and Mark of Burning Shadows medal which is also key to build’s performance. Every other item is there to complement either damage and main skills or to patch holes in resists and stats that Defiler naturaly lacks.


Build is extremely resilient in Crucible, I haven’t died once in 10-15 runs with it, nor did John (who made about 5 runs with it with blessings/banner). But you have to keep an eye on your circuit breakers cooldown, i.e. watch your Blast Shield/Prismatic Diamond/Mark of Torment/Serenity cooldowns and play on a safer side when most of them are cooling down.
In Shattered Realm build can farm 65-66, but expect to die sometimes. Defiler is not well equiped for Shards: lack of cc-resists start to show.



Magical with Dying God proc up

Videos 7:20 run

John Smith’s 6:25 run

My 7:12 run

My 6:59 run

My 7:04 run

Shards 65-66 run with a very tough boss chunk at S66 and few deaths

Bonus video! John Smith’s 10:44 Crucible 150-170 Extra Spawn “naked” run (success rate of such run is ~20% if you are a decent pilot)

In Conclusion

Thanks to @Tararihen for that pic


nice :grinning::+1:

Still waiting for a build named “Tsar Bomba” from you Russian guys

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Good build Vietnam , I mean Mad Lee!

That’s crazy time for meme tier class. And 2 mixed damages, I need to change my guide selection, don’t pick more than one damage type :smile:

So Defiler have good option, tomorrow will update ny Saboteur with 100% Crucible clear rate and nice times, Warlock will support Trozan set, so there’s only one true Meme champion out there, Blastoff :man_shrugging:

Is that Rimetongue N&O Sabo? Is it almost as good as my Shattered N&O Sabo? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes, Rimetongue. Did 9 out of 9 successful runs including the one where I forgot to spawn Spirits and proc Ultos :sweat: Time also are good. Fastest is 7.05, all are under 7.40!

Not bad, but it seems like Shattered set is just too good for auto-attacking specs with no dedicated sets.

Yes SR is super good set and N&O makes sense, since it’s just 2 pieces set.

Still after I see under 8 minutes time consistently, changed everything else in defense. So if I use offensive setup I can cut a lot more, but not needed since Sabo is glassy class. Even John use Emyrion light route in and Crucible is harder now.

EDIT: Sorry for off topic!

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Truly amazing!
I tried this kind of mix for blightlord defiler before and I got only about 9min without banner, so I scrap it. Haven’t try 2 pieces festerblaze though.

Your Devo is also quite interesting. However I don’t think it’s good to bind wendigo Mark to bone harvest as the former doesn’t have CD. You can transmute your siphon souls to make its debuff permanent, bind wendigo to it, and bind DG to bone harvest. Or you can also scrap bone harvest, transmute siphon souls, put one point to Ill omen and bind wendigo to it. This way wendigo will spread like Ill omen.

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Thanks for that. I will try that out, however:

EDIT: I also don’t have any problems with life steal, Wendigo seems to be spreading quite a bit with BH and build never dies in Crucible.

  • I have 51% chance to proc Wendigo with BH which has ~2,2 seconds cooldown and a pretty huge AOE.
  • I tried transmuting SS and I didn’t like it, healing/little damage from Vitality version was actually noticable and cd is 4,3 seconds
  • Dropping BH is kinda meh option - it has decent enough damage for 2 points investment to clear some trash and to work as a proccer/life stealer

When grenado becomrs a top skill maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

@Nery you still don’t wanna choose more than 1 damage type. One mistake with how you build this and it’ll become the usual shit defiler we know, so props to mad_lee for making it work so well.

@thejabrixone wendigo ticks per second so you only need to proc it once. I agree with mad_lee here.

@mad_lee niiiiiiiiice. Never thought the amount of fire/vit items would be enough to do this.

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@mad_lee @x1x1x1x2: Hmmm, I see you guys’ point. Spreading wendigo’s mark may not be that important for this build as the trash die quite easily because of BWC insane AoE

It’s just with 51% chance and 2,2 seconds cd on BH that has huge aoe radius it spreads well enough

On a side note, in next patch, you may want to convert this to full fire :p. As thermite mine become reliable, this can be even better than alexgoldfish’s fire oppressor!

Pretty sure next patch everyone will play the most buffed class - sorc

Actually, full fire Defiler is a pretty miserable affair since it doesn’t have all the leechy stuff from Vitality. And this Defiler might be already better than Alex’s fire Opressor since his run is recorded with the heavy use of pharma.

It’s mainly because oppressor doesn’t have a good secondary damaging skill. It can have a better clear time if all GoE damage get converted to vitality via blood orb.

Amazing build. Really something, ML. Successful double dmg build, and DEFILER?

BTW if it can do naked Crucible it should do SR+ at least half the time, I think…

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RE and BWC are both less effective in SR tho last time I checked.

Naked Crucible was @John_Smith’s masochistic idea :slight_smile: (and it has 20% or so success rate)

In SR lack of cc-res starts to show. As you can see from SR 65-66 video, 1on1 any Nemesis is not a problem, but on some boss chunks they group up and it becomes very dificult to kite effeciently. I die on unlucky boss combination on Shard 66 there like three times.

Maybe if @Zantai considers adding some cc-res to Defiler thru dedicated gear or add trap res crafting bonus/potion it will have a better chance. Putting this build together was a huge pain because of how undersupported Defiler is and how it lacks basically every stat in the game.