[Feedback] Defiler's side of Blightlord's set needs buffs

So everybody knows how Defiler is one of the worst classes with worst synergy and itemization. It has been neglected by Crate for quite some time now.

Blightlord’s set is awesome though. However, main problem with it is that it caters more towards much more powerful classes that contain Oathkeeper in it: Vitality Oppressors or Fire Shieldbreakers. Recently I have made the impossible dual damage Defiler that actually doesn’t suck. It could could do Crucible consistently in 7-7:30 minute time in a previous patch. In current patch it performance fell off a bit.

I think Defiler’s side of the set deserves some love and here are my suggestions:

  • Add ~15-20% Vitality resistance to Thermite Mines. It will further promote the dual nature of the Blightlord.
  • Add some some trap/freeze resistance to one of the skills as a full set bonus. Defiler got none and got almost no sources for it (it can’t afford to use Chains of Oleron or Frozen Heart). Around 35-45% would help a lot. And it wouldn’t make Oathkeeper based Blightlords op since they already have access to a lot of cc-res in a form of Clarity of Purpose.
  • Add flat cooldown reduction to Siphon Souls. It has a rr mod from the set, cool, but very long cooldown prevents it from being used effectively. I think anywhere from 1,5 to 2,5 seconds would be fair.

Agree, it will be nice to see defiler’s buffs.
I also made and played with Blightlord (still not as good as mad_lee’s, but anyway) and even liked it.
See some cc resists (so needed for kiting casters) and maybe a bit of phys res on the set will suit well.