[] Bone Harvest Death Knight (feedback appreciated)

This is a build that I wanted to do ever since I saw the Korvan 2h weapons… the real character is a work-in-progress but I’m going to share my thoughts and the intended final build here:

Bone Harvester (Grimtools)

I wanted to use Blood Knight set to get the Bone Harvest to Vitality damage modifiers and then chose more items to support Bone Harvest. Some items have been taken to fill some holes.

The actual character is currently level 96 and strolling through ultimate, which is the most basic thing I wanted to achieve.

Now I wanted to see if I did something fundamentally wrong, if there are ways to squeeze more damage out of this character or if you can offer any help in general.

I have basically taken the devotion setup from what mad_lee has used in his Bone Jovi build I think.

Thanks for reading and giving your feedback. (be gentle :wink: )

Mad_Lee actually had a build like this in AoM. I myself run the build as well (yea the korvan weapon is a total upgrade btw) but here is his guide [] Crimson Soviet: 2H Blood Knight, 4buffs/no banners Cruc. 150-170 in 10 min. (Death Knight)

here is my current build of it right now (still working on getting a few components) https://www.grimtools.com/calc/Q2zmn04N

I am also working on doing a DW variant of it that I think will look like https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4VxLlqpV

The good thing about the Korvan 2 hander is when the 2 hand weapon pass happens, its probably going to be one of the only weapons for this type of build to benefit from it, as the current mad lee build weapon will not. Oh and one special note, I am NOT great at building or manipulating builds, and hopefully someone with better knowledge steps in to help =)

Thanks for your reply, actually I did see that build back in the day (when you posted it I remembered). I guess there isn’t much wiggling room in how to do this setup :wink:

Seems like people who read the topic didn’t find anything fundamentally wrong with the planned build.
I’m currently finishing the main campaign (after starting in Elite it took me until Homestead to hit 94) before I will check out how far (if at all) he can go in SR.
Will update the original post if needed.

yea, the campaign was pretty easy with the class honestly. once you get the BK set you really start noticing it shine a lot more. I run SR in multiplayer with my character and we do 70-75 runs pretty well, but I dont know how well he does solo. As for bosses, I have killed every nemesis I have at least once (some a bit more challenging than others) as well as clone of bourbon and Lokarr. Have been unable to kill Ravager of souls though. pretty much get wrecked by that one lol, but I dunno if its how I pilot it or not.