[] Budget Lightning DW Ranged Purifier


Purifier (Inquisitor+Demolitionist) is one of the classes that exists, since AoM expanison. Both classes supports ranged playstyle and deal elemental damage.

Demo have the auto attack replacer-Fire Strike, while Inquisitor posses Weapon pool skills.Both classes have attack speed. Defensively Inquisitor should be the important class, since Demo doesn’t have much to offer. Inquisitor contrary is support class, with skills like Censure, Renewal and Seal.

My guide is natural continuation to build diary posted by @x1x1x1x2 DW Firestrike Purifier: A build diary from Normal to 170 Glad



GRIM TOOLS LINK :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NOD08a2

Here’s even cheaper version by @malawiglenn https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NOD04O2

Ranged Playstyle ?

Ranged playstyle is not very popular at the moment and one can argue is weakest. As whole idea is to shoot enemies in distance and kill them before they come. In reality, especially late game with high density, you’re basically melee shooter, you shotgun them in close range. Also ranged weapons roll lower damage. Unlike melee, where DW is better, here DW pistols is not, compared to 2h Guns.

Lightning Fire Strike is more versatile than fire version, pistols are easily crafted and Lightning devotion route offers more stats and RR.


Fire Strike :arrow_right: Our main damage dealer.It is auto attack replacer,it scales with attack speed and triggers WPS(weapon pool skills) Should invest as many points as possible, other modifiers are according to personal taste. Static Strike deals tons of damage, but is random proc.

Flashbang :arrow_right: It’s used utility skill. First nod is very good for the DA shred, but don’t have points to use it more generous

Storm Box :arrow_right: Used as devotion procer mainly

Termite Mines :arrow_right: Elemental RR, super irritating, but will be changed probably in next patch :slight_smile:

Inquisitor Seal :arrow_right: Our defensive main skill.Damage absorb is nice,also have offensive element

Words of Renewal :arrow_right: Our healing skill,defensive ability is also important,since the build doesn’t have many sources for it


Put FS on right mouse key and move to left. Cast seal beneath you and shoot enemies. Use Box+Flashbang for debuff and mines for RR. Don’t leave seal, unless is super necessary. Heal with Renewal.

Video with gameplay- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmAFblUQNow&feature=youtu.be

Decide to play against Vala, super nasty boss. She have high lightning resistance and can absorb damage.


Majority is faction gear:

  • Rings- Coven
  • Shoulders- Bysmiel
  • Chest -Bysmiel
  • Relic-Malmouth resistance
  • Medal- recipe from Bysmiel reputation

Crafted gear are the yellow items:

  • weapons,look for attack speed suffix, Alacrity is cheapest
  • belt
  • amulet,just excellent,+1 all skills and attack speed


  • Helmet, guaranteed drop,also +1 all skills
  • Gloves,random blue,craft random greens with attack speed, if you don’t have better
  • Feet,random blue.If you don’t have them,look foe physical resistance
  • Pants,Solael green, there base resistances and Life steal is the key

Stats to aim for:

  • at least 2.7k OA
  • at least 2.8k DA
  • at least 10k Health
  • all resistances (Pierce,not needed) capped, overcaps are welcomed
  • 2k armor
  • more than 10 % physical resistance
  • 170 % attack speed minimum
  • More damage will improve clear speed

Attributes : cunning to equip pistols, everything else in Physique


I wanted to test devotion map with some weird route using Tempest.
Also Ultos as T3 constellation. Used Revenant for utility.Mandatory constellations are:

  • Hawk
  • Hydra
  • Ghoul
  • Ultos
  • Widow
  • Sailor’s guide
  • One source of flat RR

Devotion route :

  • Green
  • Quill
  • Hawk
  • red
  • Viper
  • Sailor’s guide
  • Ghoul
  • Hydra
  • Revenant,remove red
  • Widow
  • Wraith
  • Tempest,remove green
  • Ultos to the proc
  • 1st node in Dying God

You can go full Dying God,if you want. For leveling you need damage proc early on, like Tsunami or Elemental Storm. Also super good is Bat.


Since AoM not many things have changed,so stick to guide by x1x1x1x2. Fire strike allows you to use the same skill efficiently both for leveling and end game.

Just remember to keep resistances high and DA number, that are not crittable by bosses.

You can select fire version, but many enemies are crazy resistant to it and Bastion of Chaos is excellent place for speed leveling.

End Game Build

Here’s GT link for Dagallon Purifier by @AKDONG :arrows_counterclockwise:

Or you can choose from compendium. Not a lot of DW Purifiers are posted in FG, so most are sadly outdated :cry:

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Also if you are in doubt,check my guide,how to select a build! https://forums.crateentertainment.com/t/guide-for-helping-how-to-choose-your-build/83484


Ez updates :wink:

With extensive build like yours it’s easy to do it :wink:

Why not maxing static strike if you are going down the lightning road? :slight_smile:
Nice work with the guide

I don’t like RNG of attacks, but yes is solid advise. Maybe is better to swap the points from Explosive Strike to Static ?


Well you already have lots of RNG in attacks. Crit chance, spread in weapon damage, chance to proc WPS & devotions…

At rank 17/12 you have 75% chance to get extra 186 flat lightning. You can calculate this as average 140 flat per attack.

OK, middle ground. Static at 12, scaling past is awful btw and 8 in explosive, otherwise flat damage isn’t utilize.

Scaling is not terrible.
At 12/12 average flat is 95.2
At 17/12 average flat is 139.5
That is 46.5% increase in average flat damage.
in terms of skill points invested, 17 divided by 12 is 41.7% increase of number of skill points.

So the gain of the skill is greater than the investment :slight_smile:

Did you try with arcane sparks for energy leech btw?

I tried spark, both methods have flaws and require some energy potions sadly. Ectoplasm increase energy pool, which is low for auto attackers.

My math was different :blush:

In your version I gain around 40 flat damage in the expense of 11% WD. Since my WD is decent, thought that is worth it. Also not sure of mechanics, but is Static Strike proc affect Exposive ? If it does, than this spread of the points is optimal.

Static strikes adds that damage to regular Fire Strike, it is not a separate skill like Explosive strike.

You can try some set-ups on Dummies and compare kill time

any updates?

I guess the new +1 mastery skills on the MI belts might be useful alternatives to the crafted stoneplate belt :slight_smile:

Perhaps Stormserpent chest can be good for pierce to lightnign damage conversion but that has nothing for patch to do…

Nery, any updates to this? Especially a nonbudget Dagallon’s build?

Not sure what weapons to used outside of these yellows from the budget build or Dagallon :thinking: Fire have more options, like Dual Deviltongue or Desolator. Perhaps dual Barrelsmith?

About this build it could be made little differently for example Empowered Essence needs to be removed.

Thanks for the reply! I think you may have misunderstand me. I’m asking if this will be the same in patch :slight_smile:

Hi Nery! Can I use this build for start and eventually get a transition into mad_lee’s purifier end-game build?([] Top Gun - 6,5 seconds Mad Queen, 5:45m Crucible, SR 75-76 resilient no greens Valdun's Purifier)

Welcome to the forum!

If you want to level ranged, Purifier is the right class for it. This guide is little outdated but still you could probably find something useful.

just wanna ask why do we need the first node in dying god? it adds vitality damage, does a purifier need that?

I don’t quite remember. But if your route have 54 out of 55 points and you have one spare point, you can take something providing OA or DA. Dying God’s first node have some OA.


ist this build already playable or outdated?