[] Not The Build You Are Looking For - A Totally Normal Dervish (c)(sr+)

Seriously this is a build that no one was looking for or needed… But here it is none the less just because I like weird/quirky builds.

Want a DW melee build that also focuses on retaliation damage? I mean why would anyone want this is the real question. There are better DW melee builds, and there are better retaliation builds. No one looking for pure performance would do this; hence the name. What it does do is offer very safe/consistent play while offering pretty average offensive numbers. With good use of aeon to reset ascension and messenger of war CDs the damage isn’t terrible… But screwing up your cooldown resets will hurt your dps.

High armor, decent adcth + bat, good physical resist, and good uptime on ascension lead to the build feeling very safe. It isnt immortal, but death generally will only come from being inflicted with fumble. (Or doing something really dumb) You can see in the video I facetank madqueen and take alek meteors with contempt.

Crucible clear time can be near 8 minutes in good case scenarios, or a bit under. The video I post below has some things working against it. Bad play on a couple waves leads to adding of at least 20seconds, kuba on 153/60, while alek isnt really a threat he slows clear time, 170 = x2 alek x2 zantarin so no retal damage from being attacked, and last of course my computer (although it has been quite as bad since I dropped some settings) I don’t have much experience piloting this build, and this was only the second run I tried. Best case scenarios would be a combo of fabius /iron maiden / kaisan / reaper / benjahr / moosi as these nemesis are the easiest for the build to kill. Kuba and grava definitely negatively effect clear speed the most, followed closely by the caster nems.

The Build:
Pretty straight forward on the gearing side. Devotions are a bit different that might be expected. I actually found Vire to be useful on a build finally.

You can go greenless by taking Mythical Mark of Kalastor --> https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/7816 or Mythical Markovian’s Stratagem --> https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/8956 Resist augments would need to be adjusted of course.

I probably should test this setup without lethal assault… probably will result in better clear times.




That’s a really weird but somewhat cool one. Should abuse Blade Barrier for that sweet phys retal damage (no). :slight_smile:

Muhaha totally the build I wasn’t looking for. I totally missed it, probably is from early new forum days but definitely creative concept!