Sentinel DEE with Dark One set

Hello everybody!

unless overlooked i can’t remember somebody posting similar concept.

Madlee created Dark One DEE Witch Hunter several patches ago and somebody suggested Oathkeeper would come to the rescue :slight_smile: as Witch Hunter struggled a lot as far as i understood from Madlee opinion.

So i decided to swtich Nightblade with Oathkeeper (as Resilience, Presence of Virtue, Ascension and Guardians/Sentinels fit almost in any build and Path of the Three seems better than Possession here), boots/amulet/off-hand/relic and here what i come up with:


I considering going for Yugol or Revenant, but if you don’t take Manticore in Poison and Acid build, where else would you need it? :slight_smile:
Can’t see a way to implement Guardian’s Gaze here, unfo as build already has a lot of buttons and skills to use.
Ulzuin’s Torch is taken as more than 50% of both Fire and Physical is converted to Acid and Familliar - for Elemental resist + proccing Meteor Shower

Run speed is slow, so perhaps Mark of the Mogdrogen in the boots is needed.
Did not put the Rune, perhaps Displacement should do.

Ideas, thoughts?

you can definitely take mark of traveler/mogdrogen in boots, you have plenty of DA (and OA shred), bleed and acid res.
1 point in Vire and each modifier also give you a free movement skill. The fire trail can proc devotions pretty good.

You can remove one point from Bloody pox,

Your bird will not survive so do not rely on it for elemental resists.

Right, so will need to add one Kymon’s Blessing for 15 Fire Res and Vire’s Might could be used for proccing Meteor Shower instead.

Wondering if devotions pathing may be/is needed to be improved.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV9zzglZ dropping Behemoth, Viper and Sailor’s Guide (the most hurting due to Freeze/Slow res) to get Lizard, Hawk, Vulture and Eel