[] Aether Stun Jacks Defiler... (4B Crucible 9m 23s)

First time posting so why not start with a weird one.

A strange build to be sure, but thats generally what I aim for. – The Build

Edit: In game stats are a little better than GT’s, crafted stuff for slow res/% physique.

It has good shotgun damage and massive res reduction, (183!) but is squishy, has no direct life leech, very low CC res, a whopping 9% physical resist and is terrified of most of the enemies in the game.

I have quite a hard time staying alive long enough to kill anything, which leads to a lot of kiting, but im sure a better player, and with some lucky combinations, could get the time much lower.

It’s not great, but I thought it was unique enough to be worth sharing.


@Gilric Very creative build! This is what GD is all about IMO - you can make just about any build you want and get it to work pretty well.

Thanks! By far my favourite part of the game is making weird builds and optimising them so they can actually do well.

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Yesterday I was searching and idea of “how use Stun Jack’s”, you give me a very creative way ! Thanks a lot for this fun build !

Congrats, that’s a pretty sick result for this concept.

Some suggestions. Temper for da alone is a waste of points beyond 1 point. Similarly, returns on investment in Siphon Souls after 12/12 are diminishing (better take Blood Boil for oa shred). Taking Flashbang (and using it sensibly not spamming it every second) would surely improve both your clear times and survivability especially since you already got 6-6 for 2 points so fully fledged Flashbang just costs you just 8 points. Flashbang’s DA shred would allow you to give up on Albrecht Duality which does nothing there except for its OA. Screams of the Aether might be better since your build has no racial against Aetherials.

Also, I’m not sure if using Obliteration just for flar rr is the way to go here since this off-hand has nothing to do with aether but anyway it’s a nice creative idea. But it has no AoE and it doesn’t spread so you gotta zzap every single enemy before you start spamming Stun Jacks…

Another suggestion is to check out Imp on this devo setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25oe8PZ

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That’s quite the accomplishment, to beat Crucible with this concept. Well done making and posting this creative build!

This is my same thought process :smile:

Some really good suggestions here thanks, I’ll definitely give it a try.