[] EXPLOSION Caster Purifier Crucible 150-170(3+1) 6m 6s [NO GREENS] [c+][sr]


That my first build on this forum. My English is not very good. But I hope you understand what I'm trying to tell. I love Demo , I love mines and I very happy for their rework. That rework did mines a GREAT skill for damage and RR.

:boom: ------>Grimtools<------ :boom:

With permanent buffs and Deadly Aim

About build

—3.3k OA—
—163 RR for lightning—
—FULL fire to lightning conversion—
—224 DA shred—
—2.4k % lightning damage with all procs—

—2.8k DA—
—200 OA shred—
—15% Incoming damage reduction—
—Blast shield—
—Inquisitor seal—
—23% phys res—
—2k armor—

Thanks Anton Wojciechowski ( I hope I translated correctly) from Safarel Discord Community for this run. Great job Comrade !

Shattered Realm

I have a very bad computer, which prevents me from recording videos when I play. Therefore, I only have a screenshot. This build is comfortable enough to farm 65-66 shards. 75-76 Harder , but if you have an above the average piloting-skill that build can farm it.

A lot of thanks for help all Safarel Discord Community


Good job. The mines in this patch are just gorgeous :+1:

Good build, comrade! Mines in this patch are so much better. Want to play with them lot more!

Guys if people get mad once Cyclone gets inevitably nerfed next patch we now have a list of people to blame

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I still need to update my Cyclone Purifier and create Elementalist. Than will say, why you nerf it for God’s sake?

Love this picture :joy:

I love the picture! Good job!

I guess the BD is fine too :wink:

Would you rather keep its power a secret so you can play GD in godmode forever? I think, in a weird way, I prefer if stuff like this gets nerfed.

After all, part of the fun of playing with something that’s broken is the knowledge of it being temporary (at least it is for me, in any case) :wink:

@Tararihen I love to see an even more mine-focused build with Cyclone! This really how strong they can be now as primary dmg skill. Good job!

Fissure is an interesting choice with full conversion. Have you tried going for Ultos instead? Or is that one just not quite available devo point wise?

I don’t mind really. I get sad whenever something i like gets nerfed but I play the game and try to figure it out at the state it’s in. Nerfed or not.

I trying another setup with ultos , damage was ± the same , but survability was lower. with fissure lacks 1 devo point for ultos+spear+revenant.

Thanks !

I don’t understand this position . I want to use cyclon and i used it .

Great job, tovarish, our discord ur proud of your build
I give this build 8 bees from 10

That’s a Bee? Jesus Christ, it’s abominable! :joy:

Damn, that’s unfortunate. How much does Korvaak contribute to dmg/survivability? I assume Korvaak & Magi together are just better than just Ultos + something like Fiend?

Yeap, from old comedic show

A good one?

One of the best from 90’th, “village of fools”
you could check some series with bees like this one https://youtu.be/_VpzCQKQPR8

:joy::joy::joy: That is one horrible bee…

Been farming gladiator with something in similar vein, but without cyclone set . Purifier is tremendously strong current patch.

i was trying this variant https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2mlDw0N
Dmg ± same , may be a little higher . but survability lower.
Korvaak a good defence-setup devotion . Petrify on proc help with non-boss mobs , with boss help OA & DA shred (but some bosses have around 70% total dmg reduction making useless this shred) and some WD help with life-leach (little , but help)

Yeah, I figured something like that…
I actually kind of like that Korvaak found a home somewhere like this because most builds just can’t find a use for it/have way better options available. Which is why I was suspicious of it, at first :wink:

Btw, I have to mention that, on second thought, Fiend looks absolutely terrible here and it is totally not worth considering. I think I might just have an irrational liking for the damn thing :sweat_smile: