[] RE of Doom

Hi, I’m looking for a little help rounding out my cabalist build. First a link to my basic build, https://www.grimtools.com/calc/L2JOrAaV
Also, I intentionally left out my devotions because I’m pretty sure I screwed them up. Skill point distribution is also most likely not optimal. I’m not set on the points in solael’s. Generally, I hate kiteing and would prefer to get in the middle of the fight. Any help or suggestions on how I can make my build stronger would be great, still looking for better gear. I have been running level 50+ SR veteran in hopes of getting recipes and gear. I have about 600 hours in the game so far. Thanks for any help

Looks like a mess, where you just put on random legendaries that you find. Also you can upload char to grim tools, now you have no augments or components.

Do you have the dark one’s set?
Even though you have 600h I still think you can learn a lot from my beginner guide here Beginner Cabalist
it also contains a step-up verion of the basic build with the Dark Ones set, that Nery did.

Thanks. I think I had originally went off of Nightmare’s Vit build and then kind of went off on my own.
Here is my complete build and setup as is right now: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2ml990N
I looked and I do not have any of the dark ones pieces.
I reworked my skills and devotions in grimtools and am now looking at the following:
The boots, medal and chest armor I use because my char seemed a bit squishy. I could be convinced to drop points in solaels or maybe bone harvest, but I like the way bone harvest plays. Though if it really isn’t helping me kill or survive then maybe I should move those points as well. I haven’t filled out my augments or components either, kind of looking for some help there.
Char kills ok, a bit slow at times, and I can survive almost all encounters except for grava’thul (sp?), but that might be that I am a bit careless of a player and charge head on into most battles.
I appreciate all feedback, thanks.

Awful DA,man.You need 2.7k effective not to be critted.Also take wasting from bloody pox line for OA shred.Dark One set is farmable,check here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1172507753

Thanks so much for the tips. I was able to farm the dark ones set in a couple hours. The kill speed and thus survivability is much much better now. I will post an updated build in a couple days once I do some more SR runs and upgrade the other slots. Thanks again

Yes,keep us informed,maybe will can help you,if you have questions.

I really appreciate that. Here is my build and equipment now: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4VxL49eV
I have beat 75-76 SR on elite, I’d say maybe half the time, sometimes losing interest if the boss roll is bad. Really haven’t tried much in ultimate yet, and Kuba and Grava are the most annoying.
Onto some questions I had:
Is that shield any good? 19% physical seems high, though it says 24% in game, but I’m not sure if that is providing as much benefit as an offhand might.
I have run the deeps some for bonespikes but no rolls that blew me away so far, a couple 300% vit and vit decay ones.
Do the devotions look right?
What are your thoughts on my open component and augment slots, or even one’s I have put in, would I be better off making some changes?
What in your opinion might be BiS gear?
Lastly, where should my last 3 skill points go?

You need better DA and OA, look at Blood Boil, Augments in your gear,

You need better armor absorb, look at your armor components. You do not need more health, so ditch mutated scales.

You have the wrong shield, you do not have the one that gives bonus to spectral binding.
Though at this point, you could use off-hand since you have so much phys res from gear.

You do not have Spectral Wrath maxed.

+300% vit dmg bonspike is dope, I would use that. And then grab Lantern devotion.

Why do you have Spectral binding on RMB? It is a toggle skill.

I made some changes here with bonespike, augments, components and skills (also took faction boots and caster-offhand) https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2BppGjZ

I would change left ring for something that has OA, also change to faction Amulet that gives OA and bonuses to Ravenous Earth (the one in my guide). Though the flat chaos damage will get converted with Dark One so its kinda good. But if you can crit more you get more damage that way too.

The faster you can cast RE, the more projectiles in the air and more potential shotguns. That is why Bonespike and Basilisk medal are so great.

Newest update: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNk8J0q2
I was able to remove a couple skill points to add in blood boil, with plus skills I think it’s viable.
I tried moving around devotions, honestly, I’m not loving Scales of Ulcama. I don’t feel that tip the scales is procing enough to be worthwhile. I was thinking either solael’s witchblade or the wendigo or…?
I will fill in the rest of components and augments, once I replenish ugdenblooms etc…
Still looking at possibly replacing/upgrading ammy, rings and off-hand.
I have a couple 350% bonespikes,+1 spectral binding I’m currently using or one of those?

Bone Spike looks ok.

I can not sustain Energy without Scales and its extra rr on single targets, but for RR revenant is better.
You have good energy regen, so try Revenant.

Did you try the faction amulet that gives more crit dmg to Ravenous?

Yea, I don’t normally have troubles with energy, but when I do, either I pot or die pretty quickly.
Haven’t had a chance on the Venomfire, I need to farm rep with cult of dreeg first, which could be a while. I think I still need like 9k rep with them to up my status. Will try to go back to questing and see where that gets me.
I have some tonics of clarity from SR runs, so I will keep trying different combos until I find something I like. Trying revenant next. Will those skellies from revenant draw threat away from me? Generally the SR levels I have trouble with are the small ones or one or more boss spawns has some sort of entrapment/movement slowing. Then I have to find a way to kill one boss quickly before I die, respawn and repeat. So maybe that will be remedied if my skellies aren’t right on top of me.
I will continue to swap gear in and out as it drops, or if I get new blueprints, to see if there is any noticeable survival or killing speed changes.

If you have Writs, you should be revered when finishing FG campaigns on all difficulties, even if you did not do quests for them.

The skellies from Revenant are not very good a aggro

Try chaning boots to something with slow res if that is a problem for you. You could also try these pants Mythical Legwraps of the Tranquil Mind

You do not need respec potions to change just a few devotions.

Nice build, have some advises.

Aspect of Guardian is useless past 12 points. I will put more points in Specrtal Wrath and Decay. Siphon souls isn’t doing much damage anyway, Blood boil us better.

Devotions are good, it’s true that Revenant is better source of RR, but scales are solid defensively and fit vitality theme. I will replace the first two nodes in Ultos with bottom row of Menhir, 10% armor and 5% Defensive ability.

Damn I missed that Spectral Wrath was not maxed, good catch :slight_smile:

I just bought the writs, but hadn’t even gone through FG on elite, I only went far enough into it on elite and ultimate so I could run the corresponding SR. I think I do have those pants will try them, will have to change some augments I think to get res maxed again.
Hmm, thought I had spectral wrath maxed, might have lost some +skills when I changed out gears, do I want to hard or soft cap spectal? Would you say taking siphon down to 1 and moving those points over to blood boil?
The following off hand just dropped: https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/9361
or I have a +2 RE off hand with almost exact same stats as the uroburuuks but it doesn’t have +cast speed. Either way I think I can save some skill points. Am I correct that possession maxes at 18? so I effectively have +3 to it with the orb and could move those points. That and the black mark on it seems right in line with what I want.
Am I looking at this right?
Thanks again Nery and malawiglenn. Probably won’t be responsive the next week, out on vacay.

those pants are craftable so look in your blacksmith too

Try to get as much vit rr as possible, so yeah try to get Spectral Wrath as high as possible. That off hand is pretty good for that due to its proc.

Try getting siphon soul as low as possible, basically get it higher just to get larger radius. Try what fits your need most.

If you do not need BoneHarvest for proccing, you can insteaed invest in solael withcfire, since you do not benefit basically anything from soul harvest flat damage. You can proc with Doom Bolt instead.

all skills maxes as +10 above their soft cap. So max rank of Possession is 22/12. Try get Possession at 18, 20, 21 or 22 since then you get breakpoints for dmg absorption.

I’d do something like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2p8EDa2
require FG augments and amulet, and cursebearer ring, and ugdenbog in belt and tainted heart in medal and seal of annihilation in amulet. Also another seal of might in bonespike.

Haven’t had much time to farm or play around with the build recently. Here’s where I am right now: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2EbYevV
I was looking at small slot improvements:
ring - don’t have cursebearer so I will keep an eye out
ammy - I haven’t seen a noticeable difference between venomfire and soulcatcher, will try to gather components to make another seal of anni so it’s a fair comparison
pants - I see some better MI option, grava legguards have aether and +3 spectral wrath,
reapers legguards give +3 soul harvest and pierce. changing to either of those would make some of my other slot choices more flexible, thoughts?
belt - is ok but I feel there are plenty better out there, lunal’valgoth MI a better choice?,stuck to this one because of stun and aether res on it, other options I currently have: mythical crimson lotus, mythical boneweave girdle, and mythical girdle of stolen dreams
Medal - currently trying to farm better but this one takes care of almost all of my pierce res
boots - not overly loving this pair but it does the job
Bone harvest-I like using even tho I understand it’s probably not killing anything, will try removing those points and placing elsewhere and see if kill speed, survivability changes any, or if he plays much differently