[] Ritualist, Vita Caster, Dark one set - worksheet

This is my Hero right now:


  • First: This is not a finished Guide. More or less my Status quo.

  • I post this, cause no other dark one ritualist is out there and I want to share my experience with this kind of dark one build. And maybe you can give me some more input

  • Played SSF beside the dark one set

  • Set was farmed with a char based of this guide: ☄ Collection of malawiglenn's Beginner Friendly builds thx again @malawiglenn and the other guys that are making the guides for newer players – helped a lot.

  • Me missing a lot of theorycrafting knowledge and experience, I dont know what items would be best in slot. With this setup I run and posted here right now I can do every Content in the game till now and facetank most of the stuff. So its more or less good enough for what I do.

Crucible 100 – 150 gladiator with 3buffs need 20min, 130 to 150, 10min again and again.

150 – 170 gladiator with 3 buffs and 1 banner need 10min. But I die sometimes.

Right now i am pushing SR and test how far I can go. Level 20 is finished.

All dungeons are easy done. Nemesis, dont know, dont have the status to test it.

  • What different to the cabalist / oppressor dark one builds?


With devouring swarm you can reduce the resistance to -60%, twice as much as occultist or oathkeeper can do it.

With the Wendigo Totem you can facetank a lot of stuff. Every tick heals me 8%+1350 of my max live and you can place 2 .

You get a bigger life pool


My stun resistance is not high. In a big mob of monster or against stun mobs I need to push sometimes buttons twice so the spell will be casted.

Its Piano playstyle. Rotation is 5 spells big, all with different cds. And all are needed. 2XRR spell, Wendigo totem, 1 selfbuff and 1 nuke.

Some stuff is still open:

What is Best? Some stuff is still not clear:

Bone harvest is not maxed.

Storm totem can be played as Vita damage spell.

You can put the points out of siphon soul, take a other offhand (maybe a shield?) and go max boneharvest or max storm totem.

You can go master of death and no harbringer of souls.

Devotion build is not min/maxed. I did not spend one minute about it. If Iam honest: I just copy the route from this build: [] [Caster] Beginner's/budget vitality RE Oppressor,leveling guide inside,Cabalist version added – thx again for the new player guide writer :))

All Item slots are SSF stuff or quick crafted with the new search function at the crafter. So maybe someone can find a best in slot item or know inside his min/max brain instant a better item that i use.

Overall the Hero is fun, feels powerfull. Can facetank till today everything beside some gladiator 150+ waves. Can be leveld with the same build as the endgame build. Is a tanky caster with a cd/nuke playstyle. His Set can be targed farmed.

That`s it from my side.

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Hey you make the most of my and Malawiglenn guides :smile:

Nice to see Dark One Ritualist posted. Definitely is good, that the set supports Shaman class!

this is my version… definitely clears near the 6:30 or under mark for 170 with very good consistency.
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV9z0ojZ I doubt ill get around to making a post for it as I still have ones to update.

the orb i have too. in my stash. Dont know. You lose the -rr from siphon soul than. And siphon soul is a nice big aoe

(I have a lot of reading time on my hands today… :/)

Well, RR has to be taken in context. It is often preferable, but not always.

At low levels of available RR, the tiniest RR increase could give 100 of %damage increase. But as you get up to a combined RR of >50% or more, a small RR increase is slightly more than the actual numeric %RR damage increase (with a few extreme resist boss exceptions).

So in this case Valinov’s overall WD damage (and some due to acid convert) is 100% more vitality than the OP at an existing RR of 130-ish(?). That’s a lot of extra single-target damage to consider. Compared to maybe 10% damage increase from that -8%RR.

Maybe it is possible to juggle things to get both advantages, idk.

Edit: He’s probably GD stash and you are probably not, though. So ymmv.

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I’d use a sky effigy and transmuted storm totems :slight_smile: also lower foul erruption

if you have that off-hand that is GG though.

Get a sky effigy with defenisve stats and/or +%vit dmg

also get a better bonespike, aim for at least +300% vit dmg

Also you have no flat RR devotion, I’d get revenent

ok here is what I would do: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YNn4BldV

this should also give you some more energy regen

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I will try this these days :slight_smile:

I do have a sketch for vitality caster Ritualist in my collection thread if you need some more ideas