[] Saryn - the bloody thicc witch (Crucible farmer)

Who is Saryn?
Saryn is a thicc cyborg caster from Warframe.
Build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NODyye2


  • thicc armor and resistances;
  • good OA and DA;
  • lots of damage and resistance reduction$
  • lots of lifesteal.


  • bad protection against CC effects.


  • spam waves of vitality-sapping energy and put sigils at enemies’ feet;
  • if enemies do not want to die, curse them;
  • against bosses use ill omen to weaken their attacks;
  • if the situation is dire, use mark of torment or teleport away;
  • it is a bad idea to fight several Nemesises at the same time - use displacement to divide them;
  • blood of Dreeg must always provide you with its buff. Also, it is a good source of healing in dire situations.

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nice build but u have poison 5%… V_v

he forgot to turn on Blood of Dreeg for the screenshot

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yep i noticed that

Looking forward to seeing your Rhino and Wisp builds. :inquisitorseal:

I love your comments man keep up the good work!

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thank you <3

Well, Rhino is going to be easy, as well as Vauban, Mesa and Valkyr.

But Wisp is tricky (Druid with non-aether AAR).