[] Vanilla Ice: 9s Mad Queen, 7 minute Cruc. Glad. 150-170, no greens Trozan Spellbreaker

Thanks, it’s extremely fun to play, one of my favourites tbh (I have 7 characters).

Added a video of Grava kill (25 seconds).

I think the biggest advantage offered by the breaker combo vs. druid combo is better defense:

  1. BB/Mirror chaining
  2. PB
  3. Dodge + Fumble
  4. Phys res if you decide to go DW

Furthermore, DW allows you to get some much needed phys res.

I suppose it boils down to a matter of pilot preference. I wouldn’t rely so much on dodge as I would on kiting. In my experience, the DW TSS breaker is meant to be a cast and run-for-your-life toon.

Don’t get me wrong though, I really like speaker of the dead here.

Would be very interesting to see a DW TSS magehunter. I can’t imagine the sheer stopping power of RoH + TSS.

I would say Trozan Mage Hunter with a good off-hand for cdr, because you gonna have to take Censure instead of Star Pact.

Getting ready to post a build that your’s kind inspired me to try out. Been testing for a bit now and its a beast! Its nice to finally have some days off work to get back to playing more GD :smiley:

I don’t know if the CDR is necessary I’d you DW with a mage hunter. I would assume the massive DPS is more than enough to make up for a lack of CD. Besides. You can use the belg carnage relic to DW and for -1s cooldown.

But this is purely speculation on my part.

Somehow I’ve never thought of doing RoH with TSS. I tooled up a mishmash of silver sent, trozan, eastern, with starfury ammy and farath thrown in. Actually looks pretty nice =o

Made it after the thread. Seriously thought it’s SS before I opened it.

I honestly believe it’s better than SS overall because of its massive aoe. Or at least can rival it. But definitely 100x easier to gear.

Heh farming alkamos for weeks is sooooo much fun :cry::cry:

At least they actually can drop now… I did well over a hundred runs back when they first added them in, only to find out the drop was bugged initially

Added a video of Kubacabra fight. Sloppy affair and dirty ape manages to leech of us despite overcapped leech resistance but overall even that hp does go down low quite a lot it’s actually not a dangerous fight if you play it safe. Mirror + Ghoul can save us indefinitely since Kuba can’t burst like Grava can.

TSS breaker is definitely better than SS breaker. Hands down.

Sure, its single target DPS is lower, but it’s so much safer and consistent. I don’t need to zip into a crowd of pissed off monsters and go toe to toe with them.

Lol. If Kuba farts at a SS breaker without mirror, he’s pretty much dead.

@Valinov: Plenty of other great rings to use if you can’t find the alkamos. Using the epic ones, or allagast’s gem works too.

P.S: Nice piloting in that kuba video. Was really impressive.

Wow, I didn’t expect that Kuba fight was that hard for gladiator build. Indeed, what a dangerous creature

Funny thing is MQ kill time is faster on this breaker than on my Soulrend fully decked out one (10 sec vs 12 sec), but it’s cuz the old arachnid bitch is fat and eats all the sky shards. I would say this breaker kills big single targets faster but Soulrend breaker kills human sized targets faster. Surely DW SS breaker with sick Chillstrife/Loxmere combo is gonna excel in single target damage even against fat targets, but DW SS breakers became irrelevant imo.

It’s not hard, it lasts that long because Kuba is a cold resistant ape. I should’ve uploaded a video where I am not dropping down that low so many times, just cba recording it. Kuba still can’t kill us, because yes, he procs Ghoul or brings us down to 10-20% hp with his breath, but he can’t finish the job (unlike Grava) so we always have time to heal/mirror.

If you look at Grava video, it looks safe and fast all right, but actually I died first time I was recording a fight because I lingered too long in one place and he jumped me and landed a hit “on the other side of 54% dodge”. I would say Grava is much more dangerous fight for this build, he is the only one in Main Campaign (besides Ravager ovc) who can shit on our parade (Gargabol can technically too if we choose to stand on his Fissures).

I mean, you can also go DW TSS.

One extra meteor = 20% more damage.

Ignoring single target DPS, I’m wouldn’t be surprised if both have similar crucy clear times, with the TSS breaker having a MUCH better clear rate.

I told you man, I have tested DW TSS and it does not do well in Crucible. 15% more cdr is roughly the same damage as one more TSS projectile and a huge increase in survivability, but 15% CDR + steroided PB leaves DW TSS in the dust.

Not disagreeing with you at all.

Just my personal preference, is all. ^^

Added a video of 12:04 150-170 4 banners run where I actually don’t die at the end. Although could make it 11:30, didn’t see that one of the mages survived at 160 so Alexander got healed to full hp few times (ye, still suck in Crucible).

Adding alink for an offensive setup with Easter pants/gloves for rich one percenters who have stonehide stoneplate greaves of kings (I am over 4k crafts and still don’t have them, but tested it with Rampage of Featherstep boots). Surprisingly, MQ kill timer was the same and Crucible also felt more or less the same, so not sure if it’s better really.

wooh it looks really fun to play.
Want to try it but I don’t have any gear like Trojan set now.
Can I play this build without them? or should I get at least some of them?

Unfortunately, you need full Trozan Set, and Speaker for the Dead off-hand, no way around it. I would say everything here is set in stone except gloves/boots/pants.

If you trade on these forums, all those gear pieces are easy to acquire, Trozan/off-hand/other stuff are all pretty common legendaries. I think I have few pieces laying around and can hook you up for a moderate price of some iron bits/ugdenblooms/scavenged platings.

EDIT: And build is very fun to play, out of 8 characters/builds I have, this is the most fun exciting one.