( witchblade "Dragoon" Rah'Zin

my witchblade build, have you advice pls?


https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b28j0YqZ maybe it should look like this.
can’t open your devotions for some reason but u should take Dying God+Abom there.

^ I’d be watchful of energy. With that recommended build - 3.5 energy regen - you will be sucking energy drinks even with plain cadence and limited other abilities. So OP’s build is more viable in that respect.

Rah’zin needs attention to energy. Items, components and/or devotions.

My main recommendation for you devotions would be to move the one blue point from crossroads to the Raise the Dead (Revenant) for a bonus of 25 to reduced RR when they are active. Then spend the 3 points from Terrify (Soldier) on something else. (witchfire and second rite, maybe?)

How about some armor augments and level 90 ring/weapon augments?