[ -] (2H melee) High Voltage - Primal Strike Warder [c+] [sr]

Hi @Nery

Thank you for sharing so detailed guide, it will be very helpful in my road towards Ultimate :slight_smile:.

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Can someone tell me why we are going for hungering void? (fallen god devotion)

I chose Hungering Void for %crit and %as, and due to set’s cdr we have almost 100% uptime of it.
You can go for Ultos instead of it, that doesn’t matter much.

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is the Crit dmg and total speed worth it over % lightning and electrocute?

It’s interesting if you used them both :thinking:

DG 10% speed is essential to 2H attacker but flat damage to Ultos is pretty cool(and sparkling) too. UPDATE: added a lightning-fast 5:49 run made by @Slev1n!


i have tried to copy your build, but i cant reach 200k dps. is that 200k dps included buffs from crucible?

No, it’s with Hungering Void and Savagery stacks active.

I think the relic Absolution is quite better than Honor when climbing higher shards, it gives 100% block chance and block recovery when used.

i see, but i can seem to reach that dps right now. only reach around 100k. tbh i havent copy your build exactly because i lacked certain attachment. Thanks for answering

Did you take Thunderous Strike transmuter and put it on the left key?

wow. thanks a lot. i thought that left and right key would be different

Thank you for the build! This is the first build ever where I have all the items, hurray for getting the Ultos helmet blueprint :smiley: It’s pretty flashy and fun.

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Hope you have good time playing the build!

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One thing I’m not sure about, since I haven’t played SR beyond 25 so far. Is the non-overcapped pierce resistance relevant? I usually only notice pierce resistance in Arkovia Undercity if it’s too low. I know you usually wanna be overcapped in your own damage type (this build feels like it can almost ignore reflective mobs due to that 94% resist :smiley: ) and in the resistances of certain enemies, like fire for Ancient Grove boss.

Is pierce resistance a freebie in that regard?

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There aren’t many enemies that hit with Pierce and lower pierce resist (except Fabius) so you can afford yourself having it at 75-80, imo.

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Awesome, thank you very much! :smiley:

Pierce resistance is mostly needed against Cronley gang members and mostly against Fabius.

You have some end game builds without caping it, since in Crucible Ulo buff got you covered, in SR only Fabius is thread and in campaign it’s rare. For act 2 in Ultimate though, I recommend 80% though.

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Thank you very much for the info! :smiley: I do remember a build maybe 2-3 years ago that also had lower pierce resistance now. I’ll keep note of this and just relax except in act2.

When it comes to PS+Savagery: That´s again a perfect opportunity for using a script. Attack with PS, and have an automated savagery attack - always shortly before cooldown.
See here:

or contact @tqFan or myself.