[ -] (2H melee) High Voltage - Primal Strike Warder [c+] [sr]




Good, old, simple as board Ultos Warder, adapted to modern reality.



  • Huge damage and %crit, can obliterate bosses and nemesis’ very quickly.
  • Pretty fast crucible and SR farmer.
  • Rather easy to level-up and play build, without many buttons.


  • Grava is a piece of sh… genial gamedesign, so be very careful with him in both Cruci and SR. Also enemies with high lightning resistance take some time to kill.
  • Seemed a bit squishy to me, so don’t charge mindlessly in a horde of mobs (this refers mostly to SR).
  • No healing ability, so we rely only on our lifesteal and killing speed.




Special thanks to @mad_lee for helping with min-maxing the build, Anton Wojscehovsky for making Crucible runs and all Safarel Discord community.

All my builds are available here: Afanasenkov26’s Build collection


Nice to see your Warder posted! Soldier is interesting class here since it doesn’t have RR, but have so many valuable skills.

If it’s not secret, what’s your Crucible time? That guy Anton is crazy good pilot.

The best I achieved without recording was sth about 7:30, and with recording, even slower so I didn’t even post it here :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s not that bad time. So Warder is good for Ultos :thinking:

Upd: added video of Lokarr’s kill.

In the end, that was close :sweat_smile:

Finally, something for that leopold guy to farm high nemssis with.

But I’m a cheater … I used components :frowning:
Jokes aside, I’ve sent him hy setup and he said his was sth like perfectly balanced :smile:

When it comes to getting to 1000 deaths, sure, its balanced.

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I’ve never played Shaman class, could you explain how Savagery works?
I’m supposed to spam Primal Strike right? So when do I use Savagery? Do I need to keep the stacks at max constantly?

edit: basically, I want to know why do we use Savagery, I must be missing something.

You need to keep 3-4 stacks of savagery active, as the skill gives you bonuses like 8% phys res, oa, da and AS.
And even with only 1 stack of Savagery your damage and stats will be boosted very nicely.

So the stacks make the stats in Tenacity of the Boar go up?
1 stack isn’t enough?

1 stack lasts for only 2 secs as I remember so it’s better to have 3-4 of them in order not to use it super-consistently.

how do you solve the attack converted to health? I feel like there is not enough leech to go beyond SR65

I’ve beaten SR75-76 multiple times with this build. You can invest 1-1 points in Wendigo Totem to get some more ADctH or use Seal of Blades. And don’t forget about healing potions.

Hey! Can you tell me what is the tool you use that shows all the informations to the left of your screen please ?


Hi @afanasenkov26

Thank you for sharing you build! It helps me a lot with my first character in Grim Dawn.

While your discussion above is mostly focused on end game, I have some questions regarding leveling and skill priorities.

Currently I am around level 30, playing on normal in campaign mode.

So far I got my Shaman mastery to level 25 and Soldier mastery to level 10 (just to get mobility with Blitz).

I was able to max out Brutal Force (12), Primal Strike (16), Torrent (12), Storm Surge (12).

Aside from that I have single point in every ability from your build.

I wonder if I should prioritize leveling Soldier and getting Field Command plus passives. Or maybe it is better idea to focus on Shaman and maxing out Raging Tempest and Stormcaller’s Pact first.

Kind regards,

your main goal in leveling until lvl 50 is to get Stormcaller’s Pact asap and invest into your main damaging skill.
After getting the Exclusive ability to 12/12 you can proceed to other skills, investing in what you need and step by step maxing all of them.

Thank you for your feedback!

I have managed to respec all points in Soldier and some points in Shaman in order to get Stormcaller’s Pact 6/12. Doing great dmg with this set up.

Similarly, are there any Constalations to be proritized? So far I got Ghoul, Sailor’s Guide and Quill with the plan to go for Kraken asap.

Kraken is very good for any 2h builds. But what’s going to push you builds to the next level is resistances reduction. But since end game and leveling are different terms check out this guide!

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