[] Korvaak's (ab)user. Ultos 2H Lightning Conjurer


Ultos family is quite large. That’s Shaman exclusive set allowing you to choose different second mastery, each with different perks. Conjurer have for example attack speed, passive attack speed boost and healing skill, also boosting physical resistance. It’s one of the better options for the class.

Ultos’s Catalog

Check these threads for reference.

Vindicator by me
Druid by Mad Lee
Warder by Afanasenkov26
Warder by Slev1n
Elementalist by me


  • pick with permanent buffs and ring proc


  • page number two with Primal Strike damage breakdown, attack speed and crit damage actual numbers

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Most of Ultos gear is set in stone like full set, Shaman belt and relic. Decided to use some unorthodox items like medal for Storm Surge bonus, ring of Astral ruminations and also spirit boosting gloves and boots. Pants are Barbaros, they have nice proc.

One item needs to be crafted with slow res, others with Angrim for physique or armor both good.


I actually have problems surviving with my initial map and Conjurer class lacks damage reduction and absorb, so you need something extra to survive. So adding Bat to the mix is good but actually Korvaak over Spear is working better, surprise. Also thread by @Drytchnath for non devotion meta was a reason I tried it in first place.

Also Revenant for speed and flat RR.


Build is very strong and safe in Crucible but still times are in shocking range, my second fastest run is 30 seconds slower than my best. Perhaps average is like 6:15-6:20 Mutators and heavy lightning resistant mobs may screw you.Videos:

Inexpiable 5:28 fast run:

Very good 6:04 run:

For SR you need different devotions. Also Wendigo might help. @John_Smith did in some previous patch amazing SR run. Check his video including GT link!

SR Conjurer:


This set just lives on :smile:
I like how you can build up to 8 chars with a dedicated set, and hardly any of them will suck. Some sets supporting two masteries on paper, on the other hand, don’t have that option.

The only problem with Ultos is too much of it’s power lies within 5-piece bonus. So it’s basically all or nothing. Compare it to Runebinder which can take any weapon really.


I ran out of classes to pick with Ultos :smile:

Yes 5 pieces is must, unless you want to go ranged PS, then 4 pieces.

Ultos weapon alone can be used for other purposes too, CDR stat is really nice.

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When you look at it you think you can. But then during the building process you just can’t seem to justify some equipment choices. And in the end you pick the whole set anyway… And you use the strongest skill, PS. And trust me, i tried really hard to make it work with dual Stormheart which is perfect for it on paper. But the set itself outside of PS is just weak.

Which is actually not that good for the game because PS itself feels fairly weak now (and builds with its conversion are just abysmal). So this set alone 1) forces you to use it whole for an optmal build 2) prevents an underwhelming AA skill from buffing (and we already don’t have many AAs to begin with).

I wish the whole bonus disribution was reworked so that the set would be untouched, but you’d be able to do smth else with it.

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Yay, another Ultos build. PS has always been my fav AA since the beginning of GD. Idk, but who doesn’t like 2handed + lightning strike?
I prefer your Vindicator build though. Cheers


I prefer my Vindicator too to be honest :sweat_smile:

But Conjurer is shockingly versatile option. Maybe can compete against Warder or Druid.


I played a ranged PS conjurer before and quit upon clearing elite. I guess it’s not that fun for me, casting CoF before every PS.

Aura of Censure FTW! :smiley:

Apologies for the lack of constructive comment, tho. I just suck at all these theory-crafting stuff and come here just to chill (lurk) and pry at others’ builds.

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No need for apologize at all, I like your comment and share the love for Ultos :slightly_smiling_face:

For ranged version you could try Sparkthrower, nice weapon.


I just played around with this concept and Korvaak is indeed slightly better here than Spear. But I think that is only because it needs just 18 blue instead of 20, and it’s so much easier to fit in Solemn Watcher which is needed for the Ultos da problem.

Yeah, casting that CoF is a pain. Which makes me wonder why you keep it so low.