[] Ultos 2H Primal Strike Vindicator speed of light approved


Hi there,I haven’t seen Ultos builds posted since FG expansion adn wanted to try some,cause they are some cool new features.As whole decided not to look any old builds on purpose,but credit to all people posting Ultos builds in the past. What I have done is not groundbreaking,just simple build idea. Update

Changed my rings to faction ones, medal to Shadow Queen, boots also are different, slight touch on devotion map. Also build ‘‘loss some weight’’ no more Inquisitor Seal for Crucible, no aether corruption. And nice movement rune.

GRIM TOOLS - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RVvxMgpN

Video 5:14!

Also video from Mad Lee of 5:19! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmod7Qe6JL4

And also 4:59 by Plasmodermic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoKfreDpmZU

Original Build

*pic with permanent buffs and Savagery charges


Gear choices:

Ultos set is key of course.I decided to use rings Zoth+new Storm Witch combo.Both have value and flat damage.Both lack sadly attack speed.Pants are unpopular,but I liked them here,Feralmane gives good resistances,some minor DA and slow,also Lightning damage bonus and PS +skill.Boots are Storm Titan for stun resistance.New belt is magnificen,aether conversion is gonna help to deal more damage with Spear proc.Medal can be tempest sigil,if you want no greens version.


Decide to skip storm,Revenant for flat RR,also attack speed and racial damage bonus.T3 constellations are standard for lightning-Spear+Ultos.

Gameplay:PS(transmuted) on spam,but also have to charge Savagery.As whole biggest problem is low attack speed.If you have different parts of same gear,take the ones with higher speed.


My times actually are pretty similar.From 6.35 to 6.55.Even bad mutators should not lead to times slower than 7 munutes.Biggest nemesis is Grava Thul fumble and fumble in genral.Kaisan is pretty nasty as well,Valdaran is easy,but slow,because of insane lightning resistance.Double Reaper leads to faster times :smiley:

Video- 6.40 Crucible video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdIftNwJpbQ&feature=youtu.be


nice! did you try with Coven Storm seal rings instead for more attack speed btw? Perhaps dread skull in medal, seems you do not need that much aether and vit overcapped resistance?

Imo storm witch is only worth it if you go full conversion, so it’s either double glyph or double witch.

Interested idea,but since I have lighning bonus,I go with flat damage instead of speed.Aether and vitality overcaps are most important resistances in Crucible,especially aether,because of wave 169.

@x1x1x1x2,I disagree about rings.Tested some ring combos,but with good rolls you can get almost full aether conversion from Storm witch+Belt and still utilize Zoth.But is matter of personal preference

Main question.
How did fight the desire to use all that usefull buff devotions: harp, chariot and :crab: having so huge cdr? :nerd_face:

Easy,they don’t fit in my route to take Ultos+Spear :stuck_out_tongue:

But did you think any of this will be improvement?I think this Vindi is pretty solid defensively,I have yet to die in Crucible with it.

Who knows. Maybe yes, maybe no.:thinking:
If seriosly, I don’t think that pants, medal and rings are optimal for the build.
And also I doubt about component in weapon. Seal of skies is pure dmg without additional buttons.
Smth like that should be a bit better.


Interesting version.But Idk about rings.For Conjurer these devotions makes more sense,probably.But for Vindicator I think Spear is pretty good with conversion.Anyway thanks for your input!

Nice buidl Nery!

How about Sr? As x1x1x1x2 mentiond 2 glyph is king here.

Btw the reason is that without savagery it feels like u don’t use all the potential. With it hard to piloting and ultos is not that good nowdays. We need more test in SR.


I have to admit,that I play SR extremely rare,so this build haven’t been tested there.But I can try it and see if I can beat SR75.

Savagery,one can build full Savagery and use PS as nuke with massive CD,but Vindicator don’t have enough skill points,Conjurer maybe.

As for rings,maybe.X1 and John have different ideas than mine,but I suspect the difference is really small.

Just testet conjurer specs and found that https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23JADEN optimal.
Tried some devotions routes, glyphs and korvaak’s medal.
In crucible I really don’t see the difference in dmg. ALL test were between 6.15-6.45. I even tried spec Spear+Empirion(for dmg reduction) without crown/revenant, and it also showed ~6.25
Why I preffer this spec? Because it’s maximal tanky and comfortable in crucible. Also factional rings and medal easy to get.And rings are easy to buy with perfect rolls.
Really don’t see any extra dmg from glyphs, korvaak’s medal or ultos’ devo, justs ruin oa/da/resistances balance.


Three faction items John Smith, now this is a beginner friendly build!

This version looks tanky.The main problem of Conjurer compared to Vindicator is the completion rate,but you find way to correct it.

@malawiglenn ,Yes beginners build,it has full Ultos set after all.

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which is better to combine the shaman are the set of ultos, oathkeeper, occultist, inquisitor or arcanist?

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Welcome to the forum!

Without doubt first is Inquisitor.

Question is ranking afterwards,to me Occultist is second,after that Soldier and Demo.Arcanist and Oathkeeper are undesired combos for secondary mastery.

I like your vindicator, but the stun resistance seems a little low

It’s made for Crucible.In Cruci you have Ulo blessing,which increases all CC resistances,except slow.So Stun is good there.For SR or campaign you can change setup little bit to increase it.

Made some researches in SR for conjurer. MadLee advised to use Runesighned Handguards.
And this spec shows nice results in SR. I made 50%+ 75-76 runs without deathes, recorded 75-80 run with 1 death, and reached 83 SR till my GD crashed.
I also tried Cindertouch, it shows serious dmg, but less comfortable and dies more often.

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@John_Smith,that’s serious performance,well done! And it’s Conjurer and 2h on top of that :astonished:

If you have experience in this game, will you have a purifier build that uses the ulzuin set?