Good ultos build? final got full set

Final dropped 5 pieces of ultos and with help of tranmute got final bonus, been checking forum and most of the build seems pretty old. Gues none play ultos.

I preffer tanky’er with less keys to play(lazy, played to many of maya’s pet builds)
something somewhat eazy to pilot.
got plenty of the other items on my mules, like storm shephard, stormtitans etc.

I dont farm anything specifik, think i am at sr 50 or so, so i might try push there for farming instead of always crucible. Or maybe see some of the rogue dungeons. Never farmed to spawn a world nemesis either. lvled 10 chars to 100 tho.

Tnx for idea’s

Nice! Gratz on the Ultos set dude :slight_smile:
here are some pretty up to date builds I would say






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Tnx, that was fast reply man.
what build do you think is most eazy for lazy Dad.
and most eazy to pilot to the finish line of crucible reliable.

I can say something about pros and cons regarding each build, from my understanding, regarding “easy to play”

Warder +: few buttons, you can even remove blitz if you think one movement skill is enough

Vindicator +: have passive RR thanks to aura of censure.
-: you have to reapply word of renewal and you have to cast inq seal and make sure you stand on it (you need to do that with wendigo totem anyway so perhaps this is just a minor thing)

Druid: + : also few buttons. One button you need to time well and that is mirror of erectoes.

Elementalist: - :you need to cast mines to get RR
+: panic “button” is a passive in blast shield

Conjurer: -: you need to reapply blood of dreeg and cast your RR skill curse of frailty

Tnx. Think warder it is.
Bw. think i saw a vindicator build some time ago but without Seal for some reason. Just dont remember who made it.

Maybe will try Druid at somepoint, its a class combo i dint lvl yet either.

Tnx for respond

I am doing a warder too but I do not have full ultos set yet (I restarted GD like a week ago so I deleted everything I had :stuck_out_tongue: its fun to build up stash again) this is how he is right now

Nice, i dont use addons/mods so i got alot of mules there aint sorted. Only sort set items.
Dont think i could make my self reset stash :smiley:

How much do i “nerf” my self by removing savagery and put the points elsewere? Can live with a dmg loss proberly, got an old vindicator i lvled only with primal.
Gues its maybe a bit too lazy.

You will loose some nice attack speed, OA/DA phys res and slow res. OA/DA and slow res you can get on gear but attack speed and phys res is tricker to get.

yea i figured, my old build running totem but no savagery else its pretty much semilar. Will test, just know i never will remember to use savagery until after i died :smiley:

there is a nice pair of pants called feralmane see link below that gives slow res and light dmg and + primal strike. That means you can change boots too. And you can lower physique a bit to get more OA that way. Skills you can get more scars of battle and field command and oak skin etc :slight_smile: for “casual” play, no need in getting savagery stacks I think

you can also change a ring to another coven storm seal for attack speed etc.

I got the chausses of barbaros pants.
I lag the other ring and medal, apart from that i got all items.
I do wonder why that warder build dont use feral hunger and upheavel.
My current devotion setup use hand of ultos and elemtal storm instead of hungering void and raise the dead. think i preffer it tthat way tho.

I meant even if you have barbaros pants you can change them and boots to get better CC resistances if you dont use savagery stacks.

primal strike is not a default attack replacer hence upheaval etc will not proc from it

Did you get the 4 first nodes in dying god? They are very sweet for OA and DA. I guess you already had a warder char right?

Yea got an old warder there has never seen FG content.
Forgot about the primal strike not being primary attacker. Tnx

All of these builds use savagery as a buff. I hate to do that when playing. I have a warder that is good and does not use savagery. Will post it sometime in the near future.

Didn’t read whole discussion but since my build has been linked here I will chime in a bit. After recent nerfs to Thunderous Strike all Ultos builds except Vindicator and Druid have become somewhat unreliable in endgame. So I wouldn’t recommend anything but Druid or Vindicator here. Warder is especially glassy.

Warder with War Cry and Wendigo Totem?

You are never gonna have enough points for War Cry and Wendigo Totem, mate.

As madlee replied, its gonna be hard to get both to soft cap. Though if you strip away some other skills points here and there (will result in less dmg of course) it is totally doable. But is most likely not worth it

I meant 1p/1p Totem (+skill bonus) and 12p War Cry but after checking some build I agree there aren’t many points to spare.

I think I had a build without Savagery (not recommend it, just out of laziness and for main campaign where it’s not as useful and practical as in Crucible) and that’s the reason I could afford it I think.

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I would say Vindicator because of Censure is premier option, but in previous patch I dropped Seal and that was great idea for Crucible, won few points and make the build lite version, not sure anymore.

Warder will have the best stats and you can take Stormcaller but I think it’s not good enough now and also corruption was stripped of RR. Druid with Maiven, Mirror and spirit is also appealing. Elementalist or Conjurer with defensive routes should still be OK. Conjurers have monster physical resistance, Elementalist have Blast Shield.