[] The Lightning Hammer- Ultos 2h melee Elementalist, Gladiator in 6:45 on average

  • Prepare for the vengeance of Thor! Not a meme.


Recently Ultos set was slightly buffed so decided to take another go at it. Since mines are instant, I wanted to try Elementalist. Definitely a strong option, since Demo have lightning RR and no exclusive skill, so Stormcaller is available. And Blast Shield is nice defensively with all that extra CD, so Elementalist for the win!

Credit to @John_Smith for his Conjurer tests.



  • Permanent buffs and Savagery charged, DPS for Thunderous Strike.

GRIM TOOLS- https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25JzamV


Full Ultos set is the key here, also other gear to cover to boost lightning and to cover weaknesses. Eye of Storm+Storm Shepherd supports so well the build.

  • Rings are budget form Coven rep, DA, Attack speed and good resistances.

  • Pants are interesting decision, options are Barbaros. But being 2h build, make you vulnerable to CC effects, so disrupt res ease that pain. Also spirit, DA and total damage.

  • Boots are here for lightning damage, both DA and OA. Proc is nice barrier type of skill. And also skill bonus boost to Mines.

  • Medal is Cyclone, this build every drop of DA and OA.

  • Gloves, LD gives attack speed and acid resistance. You can go with blue ones with elemental damage, spirit and DA.

  • NOTE, since slow resistance is low, craft one or two items with slow.


Decided to skip Spear and take Harp for stats and energy regen, as well as Chariot, both nice boost to builds with high CDR. Also Revenant and Ghoul for defense. Decided to skip Bat, since am tired of constantly using it in every single build :slightly_smiling_face:


I love to play Crucible and that’s my measuring stick. Build have good but not close to 100% success rate, probably around 75-80%. Toughest enemies are Grava and maybe Kaisan. Maiden and Valdaran slows you down a bit, but are not dangerous. Times are between 6:25 and 7-7:05 minutes.

I play usually like Kamikadze, so that puts in tough spots sometimes, but passive defense from Ghoul and Blast Shield can save you.

Video form Gladiator 150-170- 6:24!


You can level a Elementalist with help from this guide by @Stupid_Dragon , little outdated but should help.


Nice use of an elementalist! Very reminiscent of jajaja’s spec.

Why not use storm titans for 26/16 primal strike though?


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Yeah I agree. . The scaling on the flat damage for those last couple points is huge

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Nice idea, but my OA and DA are already tight.

Just drop points from maelstrom for flashbang. You also get damage reduction which is big

Your DA in my setup is also 2.8k which isn’t bad!

Flashbang is good idea, but I use it only in Nemesis waves, since confuse is very unpleasant effect and I don’t have gap closer.

EDIT, yeah damage reduction is good, no Censure here.

Ok. Just think about it though. It seems worth imo.

EDIT: Also, 12/12 blastshield isn’t worth. 10/12 and 14/12 are the breakpoints for +1% max res, and in my experience, the survivability of 12/12 isn’t noticeably greater than 10/12.

Ultos Elementalist is a long forgotten classic from Vanilla. Good job, Nery. I don’t necessarily agree with those devotions but if they work they work. I would probably go for transmuted BWC instead of a Flashbang and defintely overcap mines/raging tempest.

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Thanks! Indeed a forgotten “God”.

John Smith tests in the past shows that offensive devotions didn’t improve the times. So decided to use the ones that gives me solid stats. More RR is never redundant, although Warder is fine with very minimal, so not that important here.

Flashbang is just at one point and it’s used against bosses but I totally forgot about physical damage reduction from BwC :sweat_smile:

Hey Nery, I’ve played GD a stupid amount of hours but don’t do much buildcrafting. I wanted to follow this because I happen to have the full Ultos set. I don’t understand the intended use of two primary attacks though. Do you alternate them or is the second one there mostly for the buffs?

Savagery is charged only for buffs. Big increase of stats- OA, DA, physical resistance, slow, really the whole gamma of stats. Main attack is Thunderous Strike, that’s the damaging skill.

If you skip Savagery you’ll lack stats, if you pick Savagery as main skill and Primal strike as nuke(without Thunderous strike transmuter ) it will be worse. So this version is little bit awkward but it’s the optimal usage of the skills.

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Ah I get it now that I look at the skills. Have been spending time playing other classes and just jumped back to this elementalist who still needs leveling from a couple years ago. Should have figured that out on my own but thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

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How is this build lately?

I was trying out some devotions maps, so not sure what’s optimal, build should still be decent though. But I don’t personally likes Termite mines on melee builds and like Vindicator better but Elementalist is still decent.

I am currently intending to follow this build. Could you give me a tldr of changes I should make? I am pretty new. Currently level 80 and will be adapting to this build real soon :slight_smile:

Do you have full Ultos set? If you do you can try to squeeze more offense in campaign and Crucible. Same devotions/items will be good in SR and for campaign undergeared.

Primal Strike is still good way for leveling, I think you’re doing well right now?

Yeah I am still leveling with Primal Strike! I am going to farm Ultos set, got two pieces so far!

can this build clear SR75 easily?

I don’t know this patch, Thunderous Strike was nerfed but before that every major class combo was possible to complete, yes. Still I would answer, safely for SR 65/66.

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Did you check out madlee’s recently update on his ultos druid?