[] Cold Lol The Nerftaking Blademaster, Gladiator 7+ minutes


Who am I? I have been nerfed more times than the quality of The big bang theory, I was once a fierce lion, now am pitiful kitty. Yes I am the one and only Cold Lol The Nerftaking Deathmarked Blademaster.

My namesake for the build is Khan Krum the fearless Warrior, who beheaded the Emperor of Byzantine and after that order the making of drinking cup from his skill. So after the Byzantine diplomats came
after the war, they were forced to drink from the Skull cup.

Today’s build have new patron though, Hello Kitty!

So what’s nerfed here. It’s hard to say all of them, but:

  • AdctH mods

  • Physical resistance

  • Damage

  • Flat pierce on head

  • RR to proc

  • RR to Night’s embrace

  • flat from LA

  • Ultos proc

  • Mod to Execution

  • Racial damage

  • Crucible for DW builds :blush:



  • perma buffs including DM and LA

GRIM TOOLS- https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZwJBqjV

I have tested quite few version of devotions, items were same. Other than standard, I made some controversial selection. Kuba pants for DM and LA, used stashed affixes Stonehide of Kings. Also Judgment for amulet, is still trash, but Nights’chill and DM bonuses are somewhat useful, Serenity for relic is much needed :frowning_face:

Devotions, tested 6 different routes, this one gives best times, but is squishy. It’s similar to route from DM Infiltrator by @mad_lee

Veretragna original route is slower than that. Most stable version is this with DG, Ultos and Amatok. GRIM TOOLS- https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXWGRgZ


Crucible with Yugol and Leviathan can do 7 minutes or slightly faster, but have problems with bad mutators. DG version do 7.10-7.20 all the times and is safer. Other versions are not worth it, at least in my test.

Video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtsoE5e8xSE&feature=youtu.be


I think DM needs to be buff. In current status of the game DW melee is not overpowered and certainly DM taken some hits. I think some of the changes needs to be reversed. Also this amulet needs - RR not unusable flat.



Good job tweaking this poor old horse so it could walk its last few miles with at least some amount of pride, though…

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Well done. I can see the culprit here :slight_smile:

So did you test Night’s Embrace vs. Executioner’s Judgment? Is Executioner stronger at this point?

I would drop Markovian’s advantage and maybe invest into Decorated Soldier. Or with Night’s Embrace scrape the bottom of the barrel for skill points and cap Fighting Spirit.

Wait a second, so which version is better, one with proper devotions like DG + Ultos or glassy one with Yugol and Leviathan??

Yugol and Leviathan have better fastest time, DG version is more consistent. First have better DPS, AoE, but no Ghoul or Ultos/Viper RR proc, so against bad Nemesis combos and mutators struggle. DG and Ulots times are always the same. Have done 3x times with all runs in the time frame of ~5 seconds :smile:

Night’s embrace might be still better, but 4 RR is against +4 DM and attack speed. Idk maybe is better, but I want Judgment on purpose. But tough to justify this amulet’s idea, no - RR or flat cold.

I would say get Night’s Embrace with DG setup, make a bigger Cunning dump (2950 DA would be more than fine), find points to cap Fighting spirit.

But then what’s the usage of this amulet? :smile:

I got the idea, probably can do 6.50-7.00 minute runs. But still the point of DM being overnerfed remains :nerd_face:

This title and presentation is all vanilla post 0.6 nostalgia. Thanks for the laughs :smiley:

You are welcome! I can’t help myself, but write this as irony to Vere’s BM build, which was really strong in both late AoM and early FG days.