[] The Green Sage - GDStasher's All Green Box/Devil Vindicator - 6min 151-170

Dervish, maybe since it’s got natural item support through numerous MIs. Why tactician tho?

I mean DW Cadence can used Bargol MI with -RR to WoP. Also pants with DM bonus. So if your key items are green, you can always choose other to complement. Like belt with aether-elemental conversion, Living rings, etc.

Good point. And the rest of the MIs can be simply thought of as something of a realm set but green

I’d be worried if this insanely expensive gearing wont give you good results. To be fair im even slightly disappointed that with the itemization that will likely take until the end of the universe amount of farming to complete it cant cut into 5min like previous OP builds cough cyclone.

Was just browsing here to link the build to a thread and I just noticed I wasn’t able to reply here. Actually, this vindicator is one of the only few builds that can perform this well without legendaries. In theory at least. While greens might look premium due to the impossibility of farming them legit, in actuality, legendaries give you the best mods, +1 to all skills, and some synergistic stats between sets like the ubiquitous 120% [insert damage type here], which is great since no one wants the best builds to be locked behind gdstash.

Sorry for the necro, just really felt like replying.

Build thread + Your thread = you’re allowed to necro it 20 years from now if it floats yer boat :scorv:

@zantai will you support this game for 20 years? :rofl:

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i never saw this before… but aether fire not being bound to storm box is a crime.

IIRC that was a mistake from revisions. Can’t really remember now.

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you did it! Amazing man. Take that green haters