[] MIKE TYSON (Crucible Mega, SR+)

Are You Ready To BOX ???

(with Deadly Aim)

No changes in Performance only slightly worse: 5:14 with Shattered mutator and retarded nem combos. Can’t beat the Box.

GT https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkOgKBN (crafted with one slow res and the rest physique)

Crucible 5:01 https://youtu.be/obclx2OwSe0 (5:20 average)

Shattered Roquefort 75 https://youtu.be/nmJqpeeOvXM

(both vids done before I realized I hadn’t changed the helmet component, was Sacred Plating by mistake)

What to say?

Build as straightforward as it gets. Allagast’s Storm Box oupie. 2pc LD for some more Box love and the Totems. Off-hand and Amulet for 4 Totems with 100% uptime. Pants and medal debatable but I’m an oa whore so this is what it is. Chain Lightning over Stormfire because aether matters (1400% with 68rr), and Allagast weapon converts CL’s cold. Alternative options would include Aetherbolt Pendant (number one competitor for the conduit on vindi totem builds), Stormcage pants, Korvaak medal or Gildiam Arcanum medal. Not tested because my hands are shaking when oa goes below 3k.

I didn’t have time for a solid grind but by my feel it can do maybe 4:50 max in my hands. Maybe better than the Cyclone elementalist in the hands of the best. Speedrunning this is VERY skill-dependent, and I have little experience with Allagast boxing.

Feedback more than welcome.

For beginners: Build is g5 (has an impossible green) but it can be easily played with any affixes. %elemental and %lightning are best stats. It’s a kiting caster so you can’t facetank everything. You get most damage when you do facetank everything so you wanna do that when you can but you gotta know exactly when to disengage. Mash the summons (especially the Devils as you’ll only have 3 with 100% uptime if you don’t lag with it), hit-the-mole with the Box, hold LMB to squeeze in some Chain Lightnings.

Questions more than welcome.

Thanks for reading.


Not an unarmed build 0/10

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Boxing Helena if your character is female. Jack and the box if you’re using Stun Jacks etc.

So build is crazy fast. Recently I played lots of lightning builds and definitely they are very versatile.

Im so behind this game and I want to try storm box for good as I dont like the new visuals of stun jacks they look cartoony now, so is this build a much better performer than say a, stun jack spammer elementalist?

This is definitely tankier. And that’s the only problem for elementalist. It’s so fucking squishy. Dps wiss a similar elementalist build always has the chance go edge out a vindicator.

thanks for your input. Another vanilla build going to the trash… I will try to study this build moar instead and its qol seems better than a mementalist. Dps is useless when ur dead.

Good job! Just watched the vid and this looks so unfair :smiley:.
P. S. Nice spirit :kappa

You’ve been out of commission for a while, Critico, so maybe you don’t know but a mementalist holds the crucible record of all times. But yeah, it’s that one build (Cyclone) and then long nothing.

Stunjacks are okay but the problem is 1) no adcth 2) you lose a lot of dps when you kite. Here, the spammable Chain Lightning is a drop in an ocean so I can use it or not. I can kite and lose little dps.

Box is crazy good but it’s no AAR. You still need a second (and ideally a third and a fourth) source of dmg. With Allagast it’s also quite skill-dependent because it’s like hit-the-mole. You gotta have very good APM (Actions Per Minute) and precision.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, BTW, I didn’t mention in op. I also took this chance to test Korvaak to see if it’s any good on lightning as someone somewhere claimed. Nope. Spear rules.

I hate you bro. You made me search your build and Im so going to kill my sj elementalist for that meme of a build. I guess another no sleeping night. :pensive:

by the way how are you related to MaYa the birb lover…? :sweat_smile:

Yup, amazing love it…!

Why the hell you want to try korvaak in a build with so little WD like this? Spear is unbeatable especially if you convert aether>lightning…

BTW, this is a very offensive setup. I will surely use bane in a build like this…

Thanks a lot.

Just out of curiosity. Also, Korvaak opens way to DG in this setup.

I’m not sure… You lose like 200% lightning, 150% electrocute for 5% adcth (I already got 22%) and the proc for which I have no conversions. I like Bane on cold with Chillhearts where you get the whole proc as cold.

Yeah, it’s the proc that matter. Other possible option is shaman’s MI belt for more leeching bat, but losing aether conversion is huge. Non MH allagast always hard to fortify defensively.

Well, as long as you don’t have a problem surviving, doesn’t matter I guess… :wink:

Have you tried Imp? Or is there just not enough conversion to make it shine?

That is absolutely disgusting! Here come the Cyclone nerfs Vindicator nerfs Lightning nerfs Storm Box nerfs second round of Storm Box nerfs and Allagast nerf.


Poor allagast…poor, sweet allagast…


There goes all of Inquisitor’s attacking skill… :skull:

Word of Pain will rise up and lead the way.


Do you actually need slow res on this spec? Because that maelstrom pants looks mighty tasty