[] Completion of Holy Trinity - Dark One Cabalist -150-170 / SR 75 viable

You know Conjurer gives me wrist tendonitis. :smile: I just hit whatever is on CD. But Conjurer is tankiest of them all and it’s the best build for SR. Ritualist and Cabalist have similar performance with similar setups. You can’t go deep in realms with my build but SR 75/76 farming should be safe.

You can’t go wrong with any of the 3. The decision making process would be an entirely practical one for me:

  • For which of the builds do I already have most of the items?
  • Do I already have a levelled conjurer/ritualist/cabalist?

Yes, yes and yes Sir. I gottem all. I got like 12 Dark One items just today to make sure my stuff is up to the best possible rolls. I just don’t know IF I can efficiently play Nery’s Cabalist route. I might… macro some shit in… my Logitech mouse. I don’t even know anymore xD
Thanks for the input but I am a “if I dont got it imma get it” kinda guy. I leveled a NEW Conjurer just for this and I need at least 1 more to make another one of @Maya summoner b o i s.

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There aren’t that many actives on the cabalist. Did you mean mad_lee’s conjurer?

Yup, I like to keep my skills to minimum. Even am not using Siphon souls.

PS, after my so successful steal of your build, you not going to comment it? :smile:

IMO, ritualist is the best for crucible, conjurer the undeniable champ of SR, cabalist is a mix of both.

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Ritualist is definitely the winner in dark one as dark one have no strengthening modifier for RE and its bloody pox modifier is sucks (except gloves).

If you want to make a long term commitment though, do cabalist because it has much more build variation.

Do conjurer if you also want the most powerful pet build.

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I love your choice of weapons!

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Loving the build. My second to 100 and I am in love. Just farming out the dark one set now.

Question for you @Nery. With the change to Guardians Gaze , is it worth actually attaching to something now?

Ok I lied, two questions. Second is gear. Granted that GT hasn’t been updated yet, but how did the recent update affect the epic items in the build? Any of then need to be swapped?


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Thanks for your interest in my build!

  1. Guardians gaze should be binded to Biting blades. If GT don’t show it it’s probably mistake. This constellation with full conversion and fresh buff will be nice!

  2. I use only one epic(blue) the ring. It’s unchanged I think. If you mean rare(green) will wait to see GT if required changes. Basically my 2 green items are with achievable common affixes.

Now budget link is more complicated since it’s full of greens&blues :smile:

Funny. I ended up binding it to biting blades for now. Cool.

I wonder if GT doesnt show it properly cause it’s an item ability vs a standard ability? Maybe something to add a note about.

And thanks. Haven’t found that ring yet. So will have to see.

Per the relic, by the way, is the completion bonus random or dictated by whom builds it like other craftable? (Might be a noob question, but didnt know)

I noticed that when you put GT from save folder sometimes component skills are not binded. Idk it’s coincidence but I should double or triple check them from now on.

There’s list of possible completion bonuses and game random selects one. Only way you can craft relic with exact bonus is to cheat it…

In your grimtools Devotion page, I notice you have 8 of the red affinity. But actually you can only get 7 with what you have, which doesn’t let you reach Revenant (which in turn rewards 1 more red. think that’s where your total of 8 is coming from)

I’m new to Grim Dawn so not sure if i’m missing something, but with the constellation choices i don’t think you can reach Revenant.

Devotions can sustain their cost. So you can take something like Jackal to get more red points, then take Revenant and remove Jackal. This way you’ll have exactly 8 red affinity points.

It’s good advice to leave the constellations that don’t grant affinity for last (Dying God here) so you can have space to maneuver if you need to take/remove constellation for affinity. Hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

Some questions/potential feedback for ya @Nery

  1. Movement Rune: Why Rune of Displacement instead of Rune of Dreegs Wounds? I started using the Dreeg’s Wounds recently (as I didnt have Displacement BP at the time) and am loving it. The Burst of Acid+Vit is very nice and frequently just Koopa Stomps trash groups into oblivion and takes chunks out of bosses.

  2. Had you ever considered using Mythical Contagion as an offhand instead? From what I can tell, you loose that +1 to Occultist and +2 to BPox and 30% Slow Res (Thanks to’s changes). While Contagion gives you +2 to RE and +3 to Foul Erruption. Also Contagion has Acid/Vit instead of Chaos/Vit. Thinking that might matter.

Just wanted to get your input/thoughts on those two things. Thanks again for a fantastic build.

Thanks for your appreciation!

  1. I need the medal strictly for movement and to get out of trouble situations. But that’s personal opinion.

  2. I used this off hand because of the conversion. Acid to vitality converts Biting blades, Blood of Dreeg and Guardians damage to pure vitality.

Oooo. So youre running Blood Rite constantly?

I think it didnt translate in the upload (its not show on skill bar).

Didnt even think of that. Thats kinda major now that you point that out.

If I turn off Blood Rite, shows over 40% less sheet DPS(Biting Blades) :smile:

Imo skill bar on GT shows you the first bar AKA active skills you put. Passive are usually on second bar.

Blood rite consumes health but build have plenty of sustain to compensate for it.

Woah! That’s neat, I wouldn’t of thought to try that.

Thanks for the kind and well explained response!!

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Vitality to chaos conversion on the belt is 50% on average, so rolls are random from 40% to 60%. It’s hard to find belt with 60% or close, so don’t worry.

About Ritualist, there’s posted one actually. I played it and liked it a lot, so kinda took some of it’s ideas. :sweat_smile:

Skills - main one you should max is Wendigo totem. It’s excellent skill for sustain and support but with Dark one set deals some damage. Ofc max devouring swarm for RR. Other passive skills should be taken as well.

PS, Welcome to the forum!