[] Completion of Holy Trinity - Dark One Cabalist -150-170 / SR 75 viable


After recent posted builds with Dark One set-Conjurer and Ritualist, now time for the the last member of Holy Trinity to emerges the Cabalist. And I know my religious knowledge is little vague but Cabalist sounds like a cool name. And is cool class without a doubt.

Credit for previous Dark One build authors for the inspiration- @sir_spanksalot and @mad_lee, also to @x1x1x1x2. Update

Build is updated to the latest patch. Some differences are made, including Voidwalker Pads, freshly buffed. Also 1x Morgoneth Ring for pierce to vitality conversion and more points in spirit for better energy regen and damage. Affixes on green MI items are still with yellow (magic) suffixes.

  • pic with permanent buffs and Soul Harvest.

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZeRkpEN

Build is still very good in Crucible, although not immortal like Conjurer but fast and reliable. In SR 75 is easy against most combinations.

Video from monster Crucible run of 5:41!


GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26qLW7N

Cabalist vs Ritualist vs Conjurer

Cabalist was the initial combo for Dark One and is definetely more flexible and easy for gearing. But in terms of damage Occultist offers very little of it. Wendigo Totem is nice both offensively and defensively. So Ritualist is the best class in offense, Cabalist and Conjurer have similar performance. Cabalist have monster flat damage though. Defensively all classes are strong. Maybe Cabalist is the one that requires more skills than the other two. So all three classes have something to offer :slightly_smiling_face:


Key is Dark One set, one of the two target farmable sets in the game also two green items with cheapest possible affixes. Others:

  • Weapon. I used Pandemic. One of the two weapons with mods to Ravenous Earth. Well rolled Bonespike can be better.
  • Off hand. Craftable Blood Orb. Conversion+cast speed is so good!
  • Belt. Used for the sweet conversion and +1 to Necro. Any affixes can do the trick, but if you rolled spirit is so nice.
  • Medal. Irreplaceable for RE mod, again any affixes can do the job, look for valuable resistances.
  • Jewels. Used Soulcatcher amulet, cheaper alternative is Venomfire, rings are BiS for their RR procs.
  • Others. boots+pants offer lots of necessary stats. Boots also offer slow.
  • Relic is Eldritch Pact for +1 Occultist and nice proc skill.

Crafting bonus is open for personal preference. I choose slow resistance.


You can play this build as piano or have spamming skill. I choose the second and use biting blades from component. The advantage of it vs Oblivion is that for Oblivion(also nice skill) you have to give up the relic slot, while BBlades is costing just one component slot. Also this is skill which have weapon damage compartment, so it’s using our big weapon damage stat. I decided to skip entirely Sigil and Siphon Souls.

Devotions: Key is to get Dying God+Rattosh for any vitality build. Bat+Ghoul combo for sustain, also Revenant for flat RR. Guardians Gaze works very fine in combination with BBlades. Also we convert all the damage from it to pure vitality.

NOTE: You can have some minor energy problems. They can be solved by putting components like Soul Shard or Prismatic Diamond for energy absorb, energy affixes on belt/medal or using Royal jelly extract like me. Also is good to have respectable number for DA/OA, which isn’t easy on this build!


In Crucible build is really solid, it have almost 100% clear rate. In my playing times are between 6:20 and 6:50. Here’s video from 150-170

In SR build can safely farm SR 75-76. Unlike Conjurer with low health pool build can’t go over 81 or so. Video from the full SR 75 run.

Leveling and Budget build

Check this guide by @malawiglenn here ☄ Collection of malawiglenn's Beginner Friendly builds

Also check my budget build with even more cheap items!




What an awesome deathmachine, so many cool mechanics and conversions that it got my head stuck for a while, cool to see there is some budget guide to it as well. I farmed dark ones items for a while from these rift-claimed adherent but i hadn’t much luck and/or patience for it. Maybe i should get this set and do something like this with it.

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Playing Dark One now is like being rock star :smile:

I personally farmed the set for around 2 hours. But it depends of RNG. Also zone is packed with heroes and ground damage, so you need do be careful. Oh and rolling stones that can’t be harmed :thinking:

Conversions really push the build to the next level, full chaos and acid to vitality is nice!

lol i farmed it damn that was easy.

Nice. Because this set is easy to farm and I’m sure it appeals to many players. And both offhand versions will do the job.

The hardest part to put together for a newer player is likely the relic and finding some agreeable affixes on the greens . Although I think you can juggle augments to get away with most any affixes…it just feels better to have something in there that adds to the build.

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Well I didn’t use expensive greens, because different people will find different affixes. As whole build is relatively cheap and the only irreplaceable legendary item is the off hand. Having the relic or amulet is nice but they are not mandatory. So this build is really great despite it have farmable set. So I hope lot of players find my post useful! :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice build! Those pants look sexy on Vitality necro since they were buffed with %Vitality damage.

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These pants gives nice OA and DA and also nice bonus to spectral wrath. Cursebearer and pants have to compensate for the smaller RR skills value compared to Devouring Swarm.

Didn’t you test spanks BiS version only? Bonespikes should only be compared to bonespikes imo.

You are right, but I tested my build with same dagger and can’t perform to the levels to the Ritualist. But with budget setups should be pretty similar actually.

Anyway what’s your opinion on dropping pox line to 1 pointer and maxing bone harvest instead?

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really like this mister Nery, looks fabulous. vit blades+eyeballs doin gr8 work here

the sound on your video gives me aids btw, thanks <3

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Sorry, sound is blurry on my build it in speakers made in Idk what year. Good thing is sound isn’t required. But then again my video quality sucks too :sweat:

@x1x1x1x2, I like insant damage reduction against enemies in range+wasting have monster OA shred and my DA is low. BH can utilize my CD and big WD, but still will not be major damage dealer. Could someone’s offer advise about best prefixes for belt and medal?

Really nice Nery! And good choice in amulet. As we are now, chaos RE is not possible to make.

Now I want to remake my cabalist dark one too. BTW, how would you compare pandemic vs good old bonespike?

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Great build!
personally I would recommend/use these devotion binds…https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZROrPvN

edit: also the memes of dw bonespikes is fun times https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZy9gXrZ (something like this was my main farmer not too long after AoM launch)

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my chaos re deceiver says otherwise

don’t ever make this build btw :rofl:

I think it should still be good. I will use beronath’s fury for sustain though.

Deceiver don’t have RE… :crazy_face:
Anyway, it doesn’t have any support other than fiend’s resolve anyway. Crate should omit that and normalize RE only for vitality, acid, and fire IMO.

Probably meant apostate.

I agree about the chaos mods. Strange considering there are zero other items for chaos Necro mod


Yes, these devotion bindings looks good too. Although I never tested Bone Harvest on Revenant, but I trust they can be proced often.


Dark One is indeed cool, it was one of my first characters and now the return of the love for it!

Pandemic vs Bonespike?

I think you need good affixes on Bonespike to beat Pandemic. Pandemic have spirit, DA both extremely important. also global CD. Demonic Bonespike of annihalation is gonna be leaps ahead of though.

Man I hate to ask such a blunt question but… (un)Holy Trinity done, which one to build for SR 75? Ritualist? Cabalist? Conjurer?
I made the Conjurer variant and I got carpal tunnel already, there are 7 damn abilities plus Blood of Dreeg. It feels tanky but its more button mashing for me at this point than it is a carefully planned piloting strategy. I just smash whatever’s off cooldown so far.
Any tips? Also addressing this to the other 2 build makers that contributed with the other variants.